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Lucky Gnoblars

While on maneuvers, your scouts have captured a strange creature. With every forced step, he jangles with coin, spilling a trail of riches as he is marched before your general. He describes a wondrous, hidden treasure trove, promising to lead your forces to great wealth in return for his freedom. Meanwhile, at the enemy's camp, another such creature tells a similar tale to the enemy general... What are these gnoblars playing at?

Deployment: This Scenario uses the uses the Meeting Engagement rules found on p.149 of the Warhammer Fantasy Battles Rulebook. Two Banner Markers representing the Lucky Gnoblars' Treasure Troves are placed prior to deployment 24' apart by the Tournament Organizers, one in each player's deployment zone. These are treated as impassible terrain. Each player places a Lucky Gnoblar when he deploys his characters. The Lucky Gnoblar cannot be placed in units.

Special Rules: The Lucky Gnoblar is a character with the following profile: M-5 WS-4 BS-3 S-4 T-4 W-2 I-3 Ld-8

Unbreakable, Magic Resistance 2, 4+ armor save, 5+ ward save. The Lucky Gnoblar may not join units. He may use a Lookout Sir! of 5+ if within 3' of a friendly unit.

Bonus Points: +1 Point is awarded if your opponent’s Lucky Gnoblar is removed as a casualty. +1 Point if your Lucky Gnoblar is in your opponent’s deployment zone at the end of the game. +1 Point if you have a unit 1' away from your opponent's Treasure Trove at the end of the game. +2 Points if your Lucky Gnoblar is 1' away from your opponent's Treasure Trove at the end of the game.