Assignment III “INSIDER” Analysis and reflections

Abhilash G Nambudiri


Analysis of different protagonists as in the movie in different contexts and circumstances
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The Fired VP Research of B&W Producer of 60 minutes

SWOT Analysis on the Ethical Dilemma Handling Capability of the two main protagonists Corporate Ethics Policy Framework’s point of view

Protagonist #1

Dr. Wigand, VP Research - B&W (Russell Crowe)

Personal Codes

Man who honors contracts and words Driven by emotional feelings

Which ultimately made him to quit the job Evident from his willingness to reveal things at the risk of his own career and family relations Was 100% confident in refuting what his superiors says about nicotine because of his sound understanding of subject and faith in himself

A man of great courage & determination

A man with perfect faith in himself

Family Codes

Caring towards family and kids He believes in the need of healthy family in nurturing his kids well He is kind of skeptical about the stand of his wife in his professional matter or he doesn’t want her to get involved in his professional issues

The fact that he did not revealed about the interview at the first place to his wife is an indication to this

Professional Codes

From the film he seems to be highly dedicated to what ever organization he was associated with

His unwillingness to break the confidentiality agreement with the company is an example

He is a man of professional integrity Respect to other’s professional integrity

Organizational Codes

He has a perfect sense of the internal systems of the organization His personal codes seems to complement organizational codes

The loyalty towards organization in not revealing some facts which can work against the good will of the company

Commercial Codes

He cares for money to support his family and kids At this later juncture of life he is more concerned about the financial implications of being fired from the job

This gives an idea that he is been driven by money

But still there seems to be a conflict of interest between his personal and

Public Codes

Believes in doing good for the public

The drive behind revealing insider information to the public

He don’t care for the publicity Believes in doing the job perfectly and not for the sake of publicity

Protagonist #2

Producer, “60 minutes”, Mr. Bergman (Al Pacino)

Personal Codes

Believes in making the truth available to public Person of determination and perseverance

Evident from the efforts he make to get Dr. Wigand before the camera and also the Interview with Muslim fundamental leader The kind of risks he is taking to get the story published in NY Times at the end

Risk taking attitude is there in him

Man of principle and commitment to others

Professional Codes

True to his profession

Believes in the truthfulness of news he airs Always tries to increase popularity of his show by getting breaking news

Goal oriented

Goes out of the framework to get things done

Approach to NY times for getting the interview published Argument with his bosses in order to air the interview and the subsequent events is the proof

Very firm believer of what ho does

Organizational Codes

He seems to be much more concerned about his own work rather than organization

Even though he cares not to overrule the boss’s decision not to air the programme, he searches and finds out alternate ways to let the truth see the light

He follows hierarchy prevailing in the organization Believes in democratic ways of solving

Public Codes

He is a publicity person

Being a media person he needs to be. Also he boasts about the viewer ship of his programme

He also believes in public’s rights for information

Conflict of interest
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Dr. Wigand (Russell Crowe) Whether or not to disclose insider information to public

Personal codes insist on disclosing but he is tied up by a confidentiality agreement with the company Here two codes within him personal and organizational are in conflict He has either option not to disclose information and lead a peaceful life or to go ahead and disclose the information and go through troubles as been threatened by the company (B&W) Here the tussle is between personal code of conduct and organizational code of conduct

Conflict of interest

(Dr. Wigand,

Here the personal code overshadows the organizational one and he went on to give the public interview This presents the strength of the character he possesses which is strong enough to do something which may even hinder his future life

Conflict of interests
 

Mr. Bergman (Al Pacino) He also faces some sort of same stand off between his personal code and organizational codes

In his as well as public interest he wanted to air the interview with Dr. Wigand. But his organizational interests were different, air it without the important whistle blowing part, interview

Conflict of interest

(Mr. Bergman,

He also had an option not to work for letting the truth out and lead a peaceful life Here also personal code overpower the organizational codes The difference between these two protagonists is that Russell Crowe does it because of a much more broader objective and his public conscience whereas Al pacino’s deed was more like a retaliation to the organization (CBS) which controlled him from doing what he thought correct

SWOT analysis on ‘ethical dilemma handling ability’

Dr. Wigand (Russell Crowe)


This attitude will fetch lots of good will Emotions attached to it will have negative effect in practicality Opportunity to gain public mileage Threat from former supporters financially, physically and psychologically




SWOT analysis on ‘ethical dilemma handling ability’  Mr. Bergman (Al Pacino) (Contd..)


Based on an inner core strength, courage May not be applicable in another situation In a profession like journalism, media this is an opportunity to get noticed in the peer circle May get stamped as “NOT FIT FOR ORGANIZATION”




Corporate Ethics Policy Framework - Guidelines

Any organization has to have a national interest towards its public which forces them to be accountable to the public Organizations should deliver what it promises Certain expectations has to be met by every organizations in their respective spheres Organizations should give room for personal codes of conduct to be

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