Executive Summary

Project Briefing: An installation of a Luna Park is going to be set in Victoria Falls-Zimbabwe to establish more entertainment facilities for both the citizens of Zimbabwe and its tourists. The Luna Park is going to handle many different entertainment facilities and sections for different ages to cover most of people's preferable amusement ways. The entertainment facilities are the Luna park games, the Soccer field, the Tennis Coat, The swimming pool, the King Cattle, the Barbecue area, and the restaurant. The project mostly depends on the relations it creates with the ministry of sport and tourism, the local actors in the area (municipality of Victoria Falls) and all the suppliers and customers for the benefit of people of Zimbabwe (more entertainment facilities and find available vacancies in the Luna Park) and the tourists as well. Most of the supplied equipments that Zimbabwe can't offer are going to be sourced from different countries to provide the Park with major tools and enhance the Luna Park through advertisement collaboration from both the Luna Park and the suppliers. The other goods and services are going to be provided inside Zimbabwe. After the installation of the project, a launch plan is going to access through different advertising techniques basically from a website designed for the purpose of the Luna Park to reach the maximum numbers of citizens and tourists from different regions around the world. Suitable plans are to be set up by expert managers to handle all the sections and to create new ways and missions to develop the quality and the quantity of the Park (Communication with ministry of tourism, maintenance, advertising, high quality services, security, recruitment, management, etc…) Aim: The aim of this business plan is to see the degree to which the project is going to be affective or not and the degree to how much it is going to nourish the life in the area of intervention. Objectives: • To give citizens of Zimbabwe and visitors of the might Victoria Falls another big relaxing moment. • To design the Park to clutch all age groups in the society. • To provide more sporting facilities that gives a chance to individuals to perform on the games of their own choices. • To furnish people with more joyous time to spend it with their families and friends.

• • • •

To provide unemployed Zimbabweans with vacancies available to cover their livelihoods. To promote and coordinate sports and tourism activities in Zimbabwe. To create a world-class urban parkland. To achieve sustainable high quality development outcomes.

Keys to Success: • • • • • • • • • Environmental features of the area. Demography Cheap labor Government support Good service from the suppliers of spares. Good high quality and layout of infrastructure. Best customer service provided during the entire visit to the park. Always operate along the government rules. Provide affordable prices to the customers without running at a lose.

Table of Contents: • Victoria Falls: a) Briefing about Victoria Falls b) Victoria Falls a strategic area c) Tourism condition in Victoria Falls d) Activities Held The Company: a) Company Summary b) Company Ownership c) Start-up Summary d) Luna Park Inclusions Management: a) Management Summary b) Tree Management Dimensions(TMD) c) Personnel Plan d) Management TMD section The Service: a) Services Description b) Services Development c) Sourcing d) Future services Market Analysis: a) Market Analysis Summary b) Market Segmentation Strategy & Implementation a) Strategy and implementation Summary b) Sales Strategy c) Sales Forecast Milestones Strategic Plan Marketing Strategy: a) Pricing Strategy b) Promotion Strategy

• • •

Victoria Falls A briefing about Victoria Falls:
The Victoria Falls constitutes one of the most spectacular natural wonders of the world. The Local people call it "Mosi-oa-Tunya" -- the smoke that thunders and the Falls are remarkable. Victoria Falls is one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World.[1] Victoria Falls was so named by Scottish explorer David Livingstone (see pre-colonial history, below), and this is the name in use in Zimbabwe. The older, indigenous name of Mosi-oaTunya is the name in official use in Zambia. The World Heritage List recognizes both names. While it is neither the highest nor the widest waterfall in the world, it is claimed to be the largest. This claim is based on a width of 1.7 kilometers (1 mi) and height of 108 meters (360 ft), forming the largest sheet of falling water in the world. The falls' maximum flow rate compares well with that of other major waterfalls. By the end of the 1990s, almost 300,000 people were visiting the falls annually, and this was expected to rise to over a million in the next decade. Unlike the game parks, Victoria Falls has more Zimbabwean and Zambian visitors than international tourists as they are accessible by bus and train and therefore comparatively inexpensive to reach.

Victoria Falls-A Strategic Area
i) It shall be located at a walking distance to most of the residents and easily accessible by road.
ii) Its location shall be viewed by pass-bys on the main Bulawayo- Victoria

Falls high way this will course a lot of publicity to the nation as whole.
iii) People would like to see something new in Victoria Falls; the

establishment of the immovable Luna Park will be most welcomed its existence shall be echoed by citizens of Zambia across the border which is 3km away. iv) Closer to the LUNA PARK there shall be a string of souvenir shops of which after long day of shopping people will come to the park to take a breath by taking a sip from the restaurant.

v) 100KM to the south along Bulawayo- Victoria Falls road there is another

tourist resort place this is the Hwange National Park which is a home to thousand of the wild life animals. Traditionally tourist visiting Hwange National Park combines their visit by touring the Victoria Falls; this will give a boost to the people who will land up visiting the the Luna park.
vi) Most of the developed countries, Luna Park is considered a thing of the

back yard, however after touring Africa it will serve as a reminder of back home as there come to a Zimbabwean Luna Park with a different atmosphere.
vii) South Africa; Botswana and Zambia share border and all of them are

tourist destinations. Zimbabwe is the only country with one of the Seven Wonders of the World the Falls. Having the Luna Park stationed in Victoria Falls will not only bring the nationals with their families but also the regional members who do not require any visor process to come to Zimbabwe.
viii)In Vic-Falls many currencies are used without going through the Bauru De

Change Centre that will change commissions. All if not most of the shops accept the use of Different major currencies with no restriction from the government. ix) There is a lot of public security provided by the government to safe guard the tourists who visit the country at all times.
x) A lot of people in Victoria Falls work for Private Companies with

Hwange Power Station 100km from the Falls taking the most.

Tourism Now:
The numbers of visitors to the Zimbabwean side of the falls has historically been much higher than the number visiting the Zambia side, due to the greater development of the visitor facilities there. However, the number of tourists visiting Zimbabwe began to decline in the early 2000s as political tensions between supporters and opponents of the ruling party increased. In 2006, hotel occupancy on the Zimbabwean side hovered at around 30%, However after the recent signing of the government of national unity which saw the joining together of the ruling party and a pro-western backed opposition, Victoria Falls has started to receive the glimmers of hope with visitors flocking again. Victoria Falls is always made popular by its frequent hosting of major events like the important government meeting; regional and international meetings. The tourist resort centre is also attracting a lot of celebrates who most of the times use the centre for shooting their movies.

Activities Held:

A number of activities can be undertaken. The 'Flight of Angels' provides a fabulous vista of the falls, the upstream river and its many islands and for the more adventurous there is micro lighting with stunning views of the fall. Rafting the wild rapids below the Falls is a very popular adventure. Visitors can also kayak, canoe, fish, go on guided walking safaris, and ride on horseback and lunch on Livingstone's Island. Game viewing via boat or open vehicles is a popular activity above the falls or in Chobe in Botswana.

The Company
Samsmack Luna Park: The Luna Park shall be designed to clutch all age groups in the society with various ways. To achieve our target, it is suitable for this Park to have the necessary resources that enables any business to advance. These resources are as follows: 1- An area of approximately 30,000m². 2- Water and sewage connections 3- An electric connection. 4- Access roads.

Who we are
Samsmack, a private limited company that has been formed recently to carry out business projects in Zimbabwe. One of the main objectives of Samsmack is to nourish Zimbabwean economics through enhancing tourism by creating entertainment facilities to both citizens and tourists where most wonderful places lack.

The founding member Mr. Sikhawuliso Sibanda has recently developed interest in making up a Business of entertainment to be stationed in Victoria Falls. Knowing that the place mentioned above is a tourist place whom all around the world are amazed and interested to visit due to its wonderful environmental views, but some how lacks the entertainment features to allow high tourist number visit it.

One of these entertainments is a Luna park where it gathers most of the entertainment tools targeting different majors of Zimbabwean citizens and foreigners.

Start Up Summary:
The Luna Park costs are estimated to start up with around $1,314,600 divided into two ways. $150,000 cash on the two buses costing $100,000 and a $50,000 cash on the Gazon. The other $1,164,600 is a loan from a bank with an interest rate of 10% to be covered within 5 years.

The Luna Park will include: • Luna Park Games • Play Grounds • A Restaurant • Parking Area • Security section • Reserve Trust • Office building

A-Luna Park Games: Each kind of these electric games needs an area to fit. And each of these needs a specific age and for specific people a) b) c) d) e) f) g) h) Venetian Carousels Swing Carousels Major Rides Bumper cars Pavillions Track Rides Rodeo Dark Rides Kart

B- Play Grounds: Play grounds are additional with the Luna Park. The play grounds are included as to entertain people who are interested in other entertainment ways. These play grounds are: a) The Soccer field. b) The Tennis Coat. c) The Swimming Pool. d) The King Cattle. e) Green fields.

C- Restaurant: The restaurant is a very important service that the Luna Park provides where people can rest, eat or celebrate. The restaurant is going to include: a) Kitchen with all necessary tools (fridges, ovens…) b) Tables and chairs for both infants and adults. c) A bar. d) Section to provide sweets e) Section to deliver foods f) Section for smokers. g) A hall for occasions (birthdays, parities…) h) Bath rooms D- Parking: The parking area is also a very important sect of Luna Park where people are able to park their cars or buses. The parking area is going to be divided into two sections. a) An area for parking cars b) An area for parking buses E- Security section: This section is one of our major important sections that we must take care of for the safety of our employees and our customers. The security section has to be positioned all over the Luna Park to avoid any unexpected incidents or troubles with the collaboration of Red Cross and fire fighters for emergency. The section has to include: a) professional employees b) cameras all over the site c) Emergency tool kits d) Ambulances… F- Reserve Trust: Store rooms are important to preserve all needed additional resources to be used for future or to preserve used resources to be maintained or sold. The store rooms are areas are mainly for: a) Restaurant where all food, kitchen, hall, and bar tools are preserved to be used while necessary b) Luna Park Games where good machines are to be used or bad machines to be maintained. c) Play grounds where chairs, tables, and other tools are stocked. G- Office Building: The office building is one of the major sections that the Luna Park depends on where all business starts from, where all logistic, financial, managerial, and monitoring and evaluation, and advertising goes through. The office building is going to include: a) Chief Executives Office

b) c) d) e) f) g) h)

Human Resources Office Financial and logistic office Managerial strategies and plans office Media office Meeting Room Bathrooms Etc…

Management Management Summary:
Management plays an important role in planning, organizing, leading, and controlling (POLC) of human and other resources to achieve organizational goals effectively and efficiently. In the Luna Park managers will play an important role in managing the different sections and services that it provides on the basis of A-Z with the assistant of other managers, supervisors, team leaders and Labors. The management of the Samsmack Luna Park takes the Tree Management Dimensions-a set of branches having each different management role for different sectors that meet at the main branch CEO where all managers collaborate and coordinate to best bring up successful results for the company- that will POLC the quality and quantity of the Luna Park to best provide services, goods, and amusement tools to customers from different socio-economic backgrounds.

Tree Management Dimensions

Personnel Policy: The personnel policy is very important for the success of an organization. It is advisable to develop a written context of the organization coming to know what it right or wrong in the workplace and doing what's right -- this is in regard to effects of products/services and in relationships with stakeholders. • The objective and moral code • Regularity, promotion • Training policies, Recruiting policies • Wages and salary policies and procedure • Policies as to participation of employees in decisions affecting the organization • Provision for insurance against injury, sickness and old age Union organization Personnel Plan: Minimum 3 years of management experience in service and retail environment (SRE). A highly motivated and energetic approach to work, with professionalism, creativity and an eye for detail. Enjoyment for maximizing and driving results demonstrated through achieving successful outcomes in past retail/hospitality environments.

Good innovative coupled with a strong ability to proactively identify, prioritize and manage multiple tasks, and successfully accomplish objectives in a busy and challenging workplace conditions. Excellent communication skills with a strong ability to develop cooperative working relationships with a variety of stakeholders. i.e. guests, management, team members. A well developed knowledge of point of sale systems and computer literacy Availability to work weekends and evenings Qualifications in Hospitality or Management and Training, plus an SRE certificate. To be successful in this role you realize that to achieve your goals you need to be living this role on the retail, service and public relations floor.

Section 1- Restaurant: Restaurant Manager's Responsibility: Ensures quality standards for Food Production (appearance, taste, size) with the Chef Ensures quality standards for Beverages Ensures quality standards for Service Ensures quality standards for Cleanliness Develops budgets with department heads Designs and improves restaurant cash security Meets with guest for special events (catering, banqueting) Coordinate and plan with the marketing and advertisement management to best achieve the marketing and advertising activities Coordinate with the HR manager to Hire / Fire, Supervises, Schedules, Train the F&B Controller, the Chef, Dining Room mgr, F&B Assistant mgr Handle relations with suppliers Knows the industry trends Conduct regular department meeting Maintain positive employee relations Must be able to operate all the equipment in restaurant Ensure good safety and emergency practices Plans the menus (with Chef) which means define the menu items, name and describe the items, price the menu, design the menu with pictures, paper, translate the menu… Management process Kitchen Staff: Executive Chef / Chef: His responsibility is to supervise a number of chefs, he is also responsible for Planning Menus, responsible for Recipe standardization, overall food quality, food served to the guest he is also responsible for the Distributes / Organize the Guest Food order, Hygiene, be aware of new trends and costs, and responsible for a Food Purchase specification. He should has Knowledge and experience in International and local cuisine.

Sous Chef : Principal assistant of the Executive Chef / Chef In small and medium operation, responsible for the meal of the staff Chef saucier : Responsible for cooking meat & chicken (except grilled)Responsible for cooking meat sauces, Replaces the sous chef when absent Chef Grillardin : He is responsible for grilling food, Responsible for griddling food, Responsible for frying food. Chef Potager (Soup): Responsible for cooking soups Chef Garde-Manger : Responsible for cold food production (salads, hors d’oeuvres, salad sauces), Butcher (cuts meat, chicken, fish) Chef Entremetier : Responsible for cooking vegetables, Responsible for cooking rice, spaghetti’s, potatoes Chef Poissonnier : Responsible for cooking Fish (except grilled) Chef Patissier (pastry) : Responsible for cooking pastry, Baker Commis (cooks): Assists chefs (saucier, patissier…), Make Mise-en-Place (preparation, cleaning, washing) Chef Steward & Stewards : Chef Stewards oversees stewards, who perform cleaning tasks in a kitchen, and in charge of purchasing in small operation, Stewards in charge of the dishwashing, pot washing Receiving and Storeroom Employees : Help supplier to unload food, Verify the quality, size, quantity and price of food delivered, Store food Service Staff: Dining Room Manager / Maitre D / Somelier, Responsibilities before service : Hire and train the Dining Room Staff, Supervises and coordinates activities of dining room staff, Checking the physical condition of the dining room before it opens, complete the “Mise en Place”, Taking and Managing Reservations, Purchases and stores beverages (restaurant mgr) , Organise table and seat settings. If necessary rearrange, Prepare the staff schedule and make sure enough service personnel will be on hand, Make sure the menus are in good condition, Turn on lights, heating or cooling units. Dining Room Manager / Maitre D / Somelier Responsibilities during service : Welcome the guest, Seat the guest, Give the menu to the guest, Discuss menu specials, Take the F&B Order (Captain, Chef de Rang), Open and serve wine (somelier), Observe the job performances of service employees, Make sure the guest is satisfied and follow up guest complaints Detect dishonest servers and guests, Deal with unhappy or difficult guest in a discreet and appropriate manner, Provide special service (flambé), Check regularly the cleanness of the toilets, Maintain a pleasant

atmosphere in the dining room, Prepare and present the guest bill / check(cashier), Take guest money / credit card (cashier, restaurant mgr) Dining Room Manager / Maitre D / Sommelier Responsibilities after service: Turn off lights, heating or cooling units, Provide reports and statistics for management (sales per day, lunch, dinner, items, number of guests per day, lunch, dinner, average guest check) Food Servers (5): These employees serve food and beverage to guests, Clean the table and make the Mise en Place (busperson) Buspersons(5) : Clean the table, deserve, carry dirty dishes to the kitchen, Change the ashtray, Serve bred, Pour water, Buy stuff for the guest (cigarettes) Deliver Food, Make the Mise en Place (linen, tableware, candles), Clean the dining room (Vacuum, Polish, Take the dust) Other Service Personnel Cashier: reservation, prepare guest check, collect money, beverages directly to guest Service Bartender : Serve beverages to Servers/Captain. Public Bartender: Serve

Section 2- Luna Park Luna Park General Manager Responsibilities: Coordinate with the HR manager to Hire / Fire, Supervises, Schedules, Train the-1 employees on Public Relations Handle relations with suppliers Conduct regular department meeting-2 Maintain positive employee relations-3 Must be able to operate all the equipments in the Luna Park-4 Ensure good safety and emergency practices-5 Monitor grantee worthiness, assuring fair and transparent procurement processes-6 .Assist with annual reports and ensures that it is done in a timely and exact format-7 .Create as needed templates and systems to ensure program efficiency-8 .Ensure that all trackers and systems are in place-9 .Ensure Customer Satisfaction-10 .Ensure more effective communication between firm and local customers -11 .Ensure mechanics for maintenance are well doing their jobs -12 Coordinate with the HR manager to motivate, enhance, and provide training -13 .sessions by professional mechanicals to best maintain Luna Park Games 14- Provide immediate and cost-effective solutions for problems arising during works and advice and instruct the mechanicals on the best alternatives and solutions locally available (materials, resources…)

Luna Park Assistant Manager:

1- Carry out continuous inspection of works such as maintenance and ticket selling in order to ensure that the quality and specifications are fully respected 2- Train, Develop and motivate employees to best perform jobs. 3- Ensure flexibility and creativity. 4- Report regularly all the information and problems collected to the Operations manager. 5- Ensure that all trackers and systems are in place. 6- Assist the Operations manager on overseeing the running of day to day operations of the Luna Park. 7- Develop new strategies of developing the luna park. 8- Be in a position to carry out duties of operations manager when asked to do so. 9- Be in a position to undertake the duties of the operators during their absence. 10- Make sure that all the components of the park are fully functional. Report and send to repair any broken parts. Make sure you sent your entire requirement in time in order not to delay deliveries. Section 3- Finance: Financial Manager Responsibilities: 1- Develop, administer and monitor the financial system in order to ensure that the municipal finances are maintained in an accurate and timely manner 2- Maintain the accounts payable and accounts receivable systems in order to ensure complete and accurate records of all moneys 3- Administer employee files and records in order to ensure accurate payment of benefits and allowances in an accurate and timely manner 4- Ensuring all financial regulations are adhered to 5- Provide efficient and effective office management 6- Providing financial advice and information to the Executive Director 7- Controlling budgets 8- Develop and maintain an efficient office management system and services 9- Orient and train employees on office management system 10- Maintain office records (filing system, records security, confidentiality, etc.) 11- Perform other related duties as required Qualifications and skills required are 12- Commitment to creating positive environmental, social and cultural change 13- Generally accepted accounting principles 14- Preparation of financial statements 15- Preparation of financial reports

16- Supervisory skills 17- Accounting and bookkeeping skills 18- Analytical and problem solving skills Section 4- Sales Manager: Sales Manager Duties: 1. Sales, Account Management. 2. Optimizing income from current revenue streams and developing new markets/customers 3. Development and execution of the sales strategy accounting for the organizations strengths, weaknesses and opportunities. 4. Development of sales leads, leads are not provided by the organization 5. Participate in establishing product pricing, ensuring profitability and competitiveness. 6. Attend workshops, trade shows and local professional associations, gaining access to potential customers and establishing the organization’s presence in the marketplace. 7. Perform initial and ongoing market research to validate existing strategies, adjusting as necessary. 8. Submit and Review with the Director a bi-weekly activity report. 9. Maintain compliance with all standards, controls, policies and practices as an active participant in the Company’s Information Privacy and Security Program. Requirements: Bachelor’s degree in Business or Marketing. Five or more years’ related work experience in Direct Marketing Sales. Established member of the Direct Marketing community. Firm understanding of production processes.

Section 5- Operations Manager The operations function is about producing the right amount of a good or service, at the right time, of the right quality and at the right cost to meet customer requirements. The operations manager is responsible for managing activities that are part of the production of goods and services. His direct responsibilities include managing the operations process, embracing design, planning, control, performance improvement, and operations strategy. His indirect responsibilities include interacting with those managers in other functional areas within the organization whose roles have an impact on operations. Such areas include marketing, finance, accounting and personnel.

Operations managers' responsibilities include: Decision making is a central role of all operations managers. Decisions need to be made in:
• •

designing the operations system

managing the operations system Improving the operations system. The five main kinds of decision in each of these relate to: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. The processes by which goods and services are produced The quality of goods or services The quantity of goods or services (the capacity of operations) The stock of materials (inventory) needed to produce goods or services The management of human resources.

Section 6- Security Manager: The security manager shall be responsible for the security conditions in the Luna Park to abandon and recover any strike or harassment of any kind to any of the customers, clients and employees. His main responsibility is to watch up day-night security for the safety of the Luna Park shareholders and stakeholders and its properties through different security processes-cameras, security men and other tools. A security Manager has to be honest, trust worthy and has no previous illegal record. Section 7- Industrial Relations Manager: The Industrial Relations Manager responsibilities is to observe the market changing conditions and to bring up the best sourcing offers with the coordination of the operations manager with the financial manager to best liaise and create a well being relations with the market to come with the best quality and quantity quotations to start up and develop the Luna Park SamSamck. He is also responsible for planning, organizing, and conducting meetings between suppliers in the market share and the Luna Park managers…

The services:
The Luna Park services are mainly to be presented in Victoria Falls to give Zimbabweans and tourists the best relaxing and joyful moment. The Luna Park services are as follows: 1. 2. 3. 4. Luna Park Games. Restaurant A Hall Occasions Bar

5. A Barbeque Area 6. Sports: Swimming Pool, Soccer Field and Tennis Coat 7. Bus transportation Services Development: 1- Another Luna Park Games will be added to the Luna Park Area. 2- Chalets are going to be installed beside the Luna Park to give more relaxing moments for our customers. 3- Other new sports are to be presented such as Basketball and Volleyball areas. 4- Our stores are to be the second station for our customers' products or stuffs to other areas as like from and to Zambia. 5- Another swimming Pool to be installed beside the Olympic Pool. 6- Buses are to make trips within 2 weeks for our customers to see Zimbabwean best cultural and natural visions.

Sourcing: Suppliers: Suppliers are the companies that are going to provide the Luna Park with the input resources that it needs to exert its plans and actions. Knowing that suppliers for the Luna Park play the second hand of the Park's sustainability, they are treated as partnerships. Due to the different sects that Samsmack Luna Park is going to hold, Suppliers are coming from different areas: Area Italy Turkey Zimbabwe Zimbabwe Zimbabwe Zimbabwe Zimbabwe Zimbabwe Company's name Bertazzon Company Carousels Company Fresh Foods Supplies Makro Funitures United Builder Merchant B.E.C Safe Guard Security In Spot Business Luna Park Games Luna Park Games Food supplies Furniture supplies Building supplies Office equipments Security equipments Sporting equipments

Market Analysis:
Market Analysis Summary: In the early 2000s as political tensions started between supporters and opponents of the ruling party, the number of tourists visiting Zimbabwe began to decline un till 2006 when hotel occupancy hovered at around 30%. However after the recent signing of the government of national unity which saw the joining together of the ruling party and a pro-western backed opposition, Victoria Falls starts to nourish again through its wonderful nature but still lacks other major entertainment facilities. Market Segmentation: Our market segmentation is going to target all age groups in the society. It is going to target family groups, friends, teams, different sport fans, business men and even politicians.

Strategy and Implementation Summary Sales Strategy:
The sales strategy is going to be implemented through different ways. a) Each Luna Park Game turn for adults is going to be priced for $2 but going to be sold as a ticket cards. Each ticket has 8 cards costing $18 including taxes. b) Each Luna Park Game turn for children is going to be priced for $1.5 but going to be sold as a ticket cards. Each ticket has 12 cards costing 20$ including taxes. c) To attend the pool, each ticket per person costs $10 and for each membership in this pool is having a ticket costing $5. d) To attend the Tennis Coat each game performed for 2 hours is going to be priced $10 and for membership, teams or others who registered, the game is going to cost $5. The registration is going to be made 3 days a week for each team. e) To attend the Soccer field, each game is going to cost $30 per 1.5 hour. For teams that registered in the Soccer field, each game is going to cost $15 per 1.5 hour. The registration is going to be made 4 days a week for each team. f) The estimation price per each meal in the restaurant is $10. g) The estimation price per each person in the Bar is $10. h) The bus transportation to far places is priced $50 each.

i) Other activities such as Barbecue area, business meetings, parties and other occasions ranges according to the service that customers recommended.

Sales Forecast:
After the installation of the project, it is expected that the occupancy rate of customers in all services is around 40% and increases within the second year to reach 70%-80% at the end of the year 5. Note: The expected occupancy rate to the Luna Park has lowered intentionally to see the neutral case study of the project and what best procedures and plans to undertake as plan B. However the true expected customer rate is around 60% and more. (After regional research about Victoria Falls the number of tourists/ year is around 250,000-300,000 a year/ per month = 25,000)

To implement the Luna Park project there are many steps to follow as to conduct you to the mainstream of right actions: 1- A written proposal should be written and delivered to the government to accept funding the land of 30,000m² sizes in Victoria Falls. 2- Search for quotations from different suppliers to supply the Luna Park with the appropriate tools and equipments, the appropriate quality and quantity with the appropriate prices. 3- Choose and select the best supplier that calls our demands. 4- Search for a contractor to best construct buildings of the Luna Park efficiently and effectively. 5- Only employ qualified managers with a previous proven clean record. 6- Make a business plan to know where to start, when and how and to follow up strategies that are successful to the implementation of the project. 7- After budget estimation, ask for loan to be accounts payable along 5 years from the banks to start up implementation. 8- Hire managers to best plan and implement the project. 9- Hire with the help of managers and the HRM to select labors to work permanently or temporarily.

10- Start up preparing the Pool, the tennis Goat, the barbecue area and the soccer field which are the least expenses with good returning to start the business. 11- Make a big advert by putting large posters around town and in other cities. 12- Invite some famous faces to visit the park from time to time. 13- Pay workers in time all the time.

Strategic Plan:
The company should hold the necessary actions to succeed. These actions are: • • • • • • •

Set up the maintenance of the parkland and its infrastructure. Managing car park operations, advertising, hospitality, events management and environmental management Monitoring all actions. Find low-cost advertising methods. Develop long-term relationships with suppliers and customers. Establish a sustainable relation with the Ministry of Tourism. Openness to the continuum of development and change of world's last entertainment modes. Create new events and ways to improve stability with the collaboration of the stakeholders and shareholders.

Marketing Strategy:
Pricing Strategy Most of our membership customers who registered at the Luna Park get the half amount of the initial price. This is a strategy to encourage other customers to visit the Luna Park. Another pricing strategy is to our staff work and their families who receive a discount of 20% on each product or service we sell as to enhance and encourage them to best perform their duties for more productivity. Promotion Strategy One of the main plans that the Luna Park is going to depend on is its advertising campaign through different ways. The first and foremost plan is to create a website for the SamSmack Luna Park owns to present its services, promotions, benefits and to present the latest services including job advertising vacancies.

This will help the Luna Park to be visible to the whole world to attract customers from different regions, it will help us contact our suppliers and get new sources, and will help customers to register to our services or to become members of the Luna Park.

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