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All About Airplanes

All About Airplanes

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Speaking activity for ESL classes
Speaking activity for ESL classes

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Published by: buggerboy on Jul 01, 2009
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1. When and where was the first successful airplane flight?

a) Germany, 1895 c) France, 1899

b) USA, 1903 d) UK, 1911

2. Match the three most common causes of accidents with their percentage: Pilot error 11% Mechanical failure 21% Weather 53% 3. You are safer sitting in the: a) back of the plane

b) first class

c) sofa

4. Which of these airlines would most you prefer to fly with? And least? Why? a) Turkish Air c) Air France b) Air Mozambique d) Iberia

5. Can you explain how it is possible for something as heavy as an airplane to fly?

Discussion Questions: 1. How often do you fly? 2. Do you feel nervous when you fly? Do you enjoy flying? 3. How old were you when you took your first flight? Where did you go? 4. Have you ever flown on a very small plane? Did you feel safe? 5. What was the longest flight you have ever taken? The shortest? 6. What seat do you prefer: window, center or aisle? Why? 7. Have you ever flown in first class? lost a bag? missed a flight? been a victim of “overbooking”? had a flight canceled? spent the night in an airport? felt sick during the flight?

8. How do you pass the time during a flight? Are you able to sleep? 9. If you had the opportunity (and the money), would you like to learn how to fly a plane? 10. Would you like to be a flight attendant? What are some good/bad things about being a flight attendant?

Label the parts of the aircraft:

aileron door Nose wheel

nose Landing gear rudder

cockpit Jet engines windows

wing fin

tail fuselage

For the Teacher http://science.howstuffworks.com/airplane1.htm Some vocab: Check-in (counter) Check your bags Depart/take off/land Overbook Baggage/luggage claim Gate Security checkpoint Passport control customs

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