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Brain Rules: A Connection

Xenia Yelovich
Mr. David Zlockie Connections 18 September 2013

 (Page 94) .  Usually.Rule #4: Attention  What is the attention rule?  No multitasking – The brain is not wired that way.  Emotions reinforce learning. but can be brought back to attention when their emotions are heightened. people can only focus for about 10 minutes.

 Music is only 50% technique. .How Does Attention Relate to Me?  I am a music performance major:  Much of my education requires hours of repeating scales. and other passages. the rest is all emotional. phrases. The 10 minute-at-a-time method ensures that I actually think about what I am playing.

I really listen for details and maintain a specific focus towards the notes.How Does Knowing This Rule Affect my Education?  I am more aware of why I practice the way I do. .  I chunk difficult passages into 10 or 15 minute segments of practicing. I intersperse several of these segments throughout my overall time practicing.  Instead of blindly repeating passages.

.  I get the chance to find connections between unrelated studies and my chosen major.How do the Liberal Arts Give my Brain a Workout?  The Liberal Arts expose me to a variety of different disciplines. music.

. the information will hold my attention the entire time and I will get an overall better education.How Can I Supplement my Education to Keep my Brain Active?  I can take electives in areas outside of my major.  By keeping studying controlled into short segments.

The End .