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RECON Getting Started

RECON Getting Started

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Getting started
Mass and Energy Balancing with Data Reconciliation and Validation


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Getting started
Trying demo examples Setting up a new task Drawing a flow-sheet RECON’s documents


The Lite version is free and can be downloaded from the Internet RECON Lite RECON.Glossary Contents x RECON Software for Mass.Adjustment of data to obey natural laws. DR also servers for detection and elimination of gross errors Data Validation Improvement of the overall quality of process data (protection against random and gross errors) 3 .DLL DR RECON in the form of ActiveX object that can be called from other software Data Reconciliation . Reconciled data is more precise than the directly measured ones. Energy and Momentum balancing with Data Reconciliation and Validation Version of RECON which is restricted as concerns a size of solved tasks.

streams and components. A user in the Lite version is anonymous 4 . It enables one to create and solve small tasks limited by number of nodes.Getting started: Basic screen of the Lite version(1) Contents x The Lite version is a limited version of the full version.

creating databases of historical data. In the beginning the only registered is ADMIN (password = admin) which can later define other users. 5 .) At the Full version the user must register himself/herself.Getting started: Basic screen of the Full version (2) Registration button License label Contents x The Full version enables one to create large flowsheets and to use further RECON’s functions (connectivity to databases. etc.

Getting started: Log in to RECON (3) Contents x 6 .

Mass and Component balance E .Energy balance UDE .User Defined Equations 7 .Trying demo examples: Open files (1) The open task button Contents x There are 20+ solved examples described in accompanied documents. Their names start by MC .

Trying demo examples: A flowsheet (2) Contents x Press the Calculate . 8 .Run menu item Running tasks and interpretation of results is described in the on-line help and in accompanied documents.

Setting up a new task: Basics (1) Press this button Enter a name of your new task Contents x 9 .

Setting up a new task: Basics (2) Contents x Fill the description (header of your task) 10 .

Mass or Molar.Setting up a new task: Basics (3) Contents x Here you can modify units of measurement. Important is selection of mode of balancing . 11 .

Setting up a new task: Basics (4) Here you can add or remove components Contents x Enter/modify components ID and Descriptions (long names) 12 .

Setting up a new task: Drawing a flowsheet (5) Contents x Click on the screen by the Right mouse button Click on the New node menu item You can also start drawing from the menu line Drawing of a flow-sheet is started usually by creating nodes 13 .

Setting up a new task: Drawing a node (6) Contents x Click on the screen by the Left mouse button Hold it and drag to the Right bottom corner of the node After releasing the Left button fill the node ID 14 .

Setting up a new task: Drawing a node (7) Fill a node’s description (a long name) Contents x After pressing the OK button a node’s definition is completed 15 .

Setting up a new task: Drawing a node (8) You can see now the node Contents x 16 .

You can also switch on a grid to make your flow-sheet more regular.Fonts and lines.Setting up a new task: Drawing a node (9) Select a size of graphical objects Contents x It is now time to modify graphics according to the size of your task. 17 . Use menu Settings .

Gridlines.Setting up a new task: Drawing a node (10) Contents x The Grid is activated by the menu item Settings . 18 . This is achieved by clicking on a node by the Right mouse button. It is recommended to draw all nodes and to correct their placement before drawing streams.

Setting up a new task: Drawing a node (11) Contents x Select the Move/Resize item and Move/Resize (drag or stretch) by the Left mouse button 19 .

Setting up a new task: Drawing a stream (12) Start drawing a stream by clicking on New stream item Contents x In general. streams can start or end either outside of nodes (environment) or on the border of nodes (inside a double line of a border) 20 .

Setting up a new task: Drawing a stream (13) Contents x Left click on the starting point of the stream Move the cursor to the end point of the stream and left click Stream connecting 1 node with environment Stream connecting 2 nodes 21 .

Nonmeasured or Fixed) Enter a stream value Enter a stream uncertainty (For Measured type) 22 .Setting up a new task: Drawing a stream (14) Enter the stream ID (short name) Enter a stream description (long name) Contents x Enter a type of stream (Measured.

A green dot shows that this stream starts in Environment 23 .Setting up a new task: Drawing a stream (15) Contents x After pressing the OK button the definition of a stream is completed.

the ending of a stream in the Environment is done by the Right click Note 2: By holding the Ctrl key you can create stream breaks which are not rectangular 24 .Setting up a new task: Drawing a stream (16) Breaking stream lines Contents x During drawing a stream move the cursor aside of the line and Left click Note 1: As the Left click is reserved for breaking the line.

A comprehensive monograph covering both the DR theory and practical implementation of DR by RECON with many solved examples 3. Process Data Validation in Practice.RECON’s documents Contents x This presentation helps user to start with RECON. The qualified use of DR requires more information which is presented in other ChemPlant’s documents. Balancing and Data Reconciliation Minibook (available free on www. A comprehensive monograph targeted at balancing and DR in the Power industry including Nuclear Power Plants 4. RECON’s on-line help 2. Process Data Validation in the Power Industry. 1.cz) 25 .chemplant.

Other books about DR Contents x 26 .

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