SEPTEMBER, 22nd 2013

Government statement of the Nairobi, Kenya terrorist attack
The Government of Uganda strongly condemns the cowardly attacks that took place in Nairobi's Westgate Mall yesterday, by the Alshabab who have claimed responsibility. We stand with the Government and people of Kenya and will provide whatever assistance possible to help resolve the situation and triumph over terrorism. Uganda remains steadfast in its commitment with the AU through the AMISOM and will not yield to any blackmail. At this point we offer condolences to all those who have lost loved ones during this tragedy, and call upon all reasonable people in Kenya to support the efforts to treat the injured and provide solace to the bereaved. We urge Ugandan nationals resident in Nairobi to join the blood donation drive as part of the support to the efforts at saving the lives of our brothers and sisters. The Uganda High Commission in Nairobi is establishing the whereabouts of Ugandan nationals who may have been close to or in the Mall during the incident, and will provide periodical updates during the course of the day. The Chancery will remain open today, Sunday September 22, 2013 to handle reports and provide whatever support it can to the general efforts countrywide. We call upon Ugandans in Kenya to confirm their safety by contacting the High Commission at: THE CHANCERY: Riverside Paddocks Off Riverside Drive. Tel. No: +254 20 4445420 / 4449096 Fax. No: +254 20 4443772 Email : or Ofwono Opondo Executive Director Uganda Media Centre

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