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NASA Gemini 8 Press Kit

NASA Gemini 8 Press Kit

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NASA Press Kit for the Gemini 8 manned spaceflight. Published by NASA in 1966.
NASA Press Kit for the Gemini 8 manned spaceflight. Published by NASA in 1966.

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Published by: Orion2015 on Jul 01, 2009
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NASA operates the Manned Space Flight Tracking Network

by using its own facilities and those of the Department of

Defense for mission information and control.

For Gemini 8 the network will provide flight controllers:

(i) Continuous tracking, command and telemetry data from

launch through orbital insertion of the Agena Target Vehicle

and the Gemini spacecraft.

(2) Verification

of the proper operation of the systems

onboard the Gemini and Agena target.

The network also will update via the control center,

the spacecraft computer to provide ephemeris (computed space

position) and reentry displays for the astronauts.

Immediate computing support will be provided from launch

through impact by the Real-Time Computer Complex (RTCC) at the

Manned Spacecraft Center. During powered flight, the RTCC will

receive launch trajectory data from Bermuda and Air Force

Eastern Test Range (AFETR) radars via the Cape Kennedy CDC-3600

computing complex.


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