From the lesson about the presentation that I have heard and saw from my fellow friends yesterday

is a about choosing the best topic for our project. The project topic selection is should be related in the field of civil engineering. but the project topics recommended should be the creation of new innovations or to upgrade existing technology to become better than before. The purpose of choose the best topic is : Can make our work easier. Can create new innovation is in line with current technology Can make student more understand about the field in civil engineering.

Second lesson that I have learn yesterday is about planning the project. There many ways to plan before you carry out the work.Plan before we start the project is important this is because we can detect any defects or deficiencies before the work carried out. The purpose of planning the project is : Can correct any defect of the our idea. Can do the project with the correct phase follows step by step. Can count budget of our project.

Reflection From the presentation yesterday, I’m agreed that finding or selecting the best topic is very important as a preliminary work. There are several type of general topic in civil engineering such environment engineering(air pollution),highway safety, soil mechanic ,building construction. everybody has their own selected topic to choose but finding the best topic will create the new innovation to us and others. Besides that, planning the project before carried out the project is also important. Its not easy to drafting the plan but the plan will be make our project is easy to do. Best planning will make our project more economical because will avoid wasting and know the cost of our project. While,Any defects and weakness can be correct before carried out the project.

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