Broken Telephone (Whispering Game

This is a little game used to help students with their listening practice and it develops pronunciation awareness.

Preparation: 1. The Class will divided into small groups (each small groups consist of 5 members) 2. Then all the groups will divide into two big groups (2-3 small groups for each big group) After the group divides into 2 big groups, there will be elimination round 3. In elimination round the groups that belong to the first big group will play the game first then the second big group. 4. In elimination round each group will get 3 sentences that they need to pass on 5. The ‘small’ group that earns the most point will play again in the final round. Rule: 1. Each group will get in the line, and one person will get the sentence from miss sonya and miss lintang. 2. The person that gets the sentence must memorize the sentence and pass on to the next members by whispering. 3. The next person will pass the sentence down the line to the next and so on until it finally gets to the last person in the group. 4. That person in the group (last person) will then have to say what the sentence is (Raise your hands/stick toanswer) 5. When each member pass on the sentence to the next member. They need to pass it within 2,5 minutes (maximum). 6. The fastest groups with correct sentences will get 2 points.

10. so the room looks very clean. This morning I ate two pieces of cake. The plane was late and the passengers were waiting at the airport all morning. we went to the Town Hall and a large crowd of people had gathered under it. Somebody cleans the room everyday. On Wednesday morning.Sentences… 1. one glass of milk and three candies. The letter has been mailed by Jack. Dave fell down the stairs this morning and hurt his leg. 4. 7. 8. 5. this morning 6. Some friends of mine are building their own house. Yesterday I ran into an old friend who I had not seen for years . We had a lot of fun playing games in English Club. 9. 3. The boy drew pictures of people who was waiting for the planes. 2.

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