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*** U Unknown or Mixed Substances
AAA C Alkyl(C8+)amine, alkenyl (C12+) acid ester mixture
AAC C Acetic acid
AAD C Acetaldehyde
AAE C See code: EMX
AAH C Alkenyl(C16-C20) succinic anhydride
AAI C Amyl alcohol (iso-, n-, sec-, primary)
AAM C Acrylamide solution (50% or less)
AAN C n-Amyl alcohol
AAP C Alkyl acrylate-Vinyl pyridine copolymer in Toluene
AAS C sec-Amyl acetate
AAT C Ammonium acetate
ABC C Ammonium bicarbonate
ABF C Ammonium bifluoride
ABM C Acetyl bromide
ABR C Allyl bromide
ABS C Alkylbenzenesulfonic acid (greater than 4%)
ABT C Alkylbenzenesulfonic acid, sodium salt solution
ABU C See code: ABT
ABX C Ammonium bisulfite solution (70% or less)
ABZ C Ammonium benzoate
ACA C Acetic anhydride
ACB C Ammonium carbonate
ACC C Acetyl chloride
ACD C Acridine
ACE C Acetylene
ACF C Allyl chloroformate
ACG C Acetochlor
ACH C Ammonium chromate
ACI C Ammonium citrate, dibasic
ACL C Aluminum chloride
ACM C Ammonium carbamate
ACN C Acrylonitrile
ACO C Aluminum chloride solution
ACP C Acetophenone
ACR C Acrylic acid
ACS C Ammonium thiocyanate (25% or less), Ammonium thiosulfate (20% or less) solution
ACT C Acetone
ACU P Asphalt, cutback
ACY C Acetone cyanohydrin
ACZ C Acetone, cyclohexane, alcohol, ether mixture
ADA C Adipic acid
ADC C C-6 Aldehydes
ADN C Adiponitrile
ADS C Aluminum processing by-products
ADT C Alkyl dithiothiadiazole (C6-C24)
AEA C Alcohol(C6-C17)(secondary) poly(3-6)ethoxylates
AEB C Alcohol(C6-C17)(secondary) poly(7-12)ethoxylates
AEC C Amyl acetate (all isomers)
AEE C Aminoethylethanolamine
AEL C Acetal
AEP C N-Aminoethylpiperazine
AER C See code: DCM
AES C Alkyl ester copolymer (C6-C18)
AET C Alcohol(C9-C11) poly(2.5-9) ethoxylate
AEX C 2-(2-Aminoethoxy)ethanol
AFA C Animal and fish acids oils and distillates, n.o.s.
AFB C Ammonium fluoborate
AFM C Ammonium formate
AFN O Animal and Fish oils, n.o.s.
AFO C Aluminum ferrosilicon
AFR C Ammonium fluoride
AFS C Ammonium fluoride solution (36% or less)
AGC C Ammonium gluconate
AGE C Allyl glycidyl ether
AHL C 2-Amino-2-hydroxymethyl-1,3-propanediol solution (40% or less)
AHO O Anthracene oil (Coal tar fraction)
AHP C Ammonium hypophosphite
AHS C Aluminum chloride (30% or less), Hydrochloric acid (20% or less) solution
AID C Ammonium iodide
AIH C Alkylbenzene, Alkylindane, Alkylindene mixture (each C12-C17)
AII C Chemical deleted
AKA C Alkane (C14-C17) sulfonic acid, sodium salt solution (65% or less)
AKB C Alkyl(C9+)benzenes
AKC C Alkyl(C3-C4)benzene
AKD C Alkyl(C5-C8)benzene
AKI C iso- & cyclo-Alkanes (C10-C11)
AKL C Alkyl(C10-C20, saturated and unsaturated) phosphite
AKM C Alkenyl (C11+) amide
AKN C Alkyl(C7-C9) nitrates
AKO O Asphalt, kerosene, and other components
AKP C Alkaryl polyether (C9-C20)
AKS C Alkyl phenol sulfide (C8-C40)
ALA C Allyl alcohol
ALC C Allyl chloride
ALD C Aldrin
ALE C Acrylonitrile-Styrene copolymer dispersion in polyether polyol
ALF C Aluminum fluoride
ALH C Alachlor
ALJ C n-Alkanes (C10+)
ALK C Alkanes (C6-C9)
ALM C Aluminum sulfate
ALN C Aluminum nitrate
ALO C Aluminum oxide
ALP C Alkyl(C8-C9) phenylamine
ALS C Ammonium lauryl sulfate
ALT C Ammonium lactate
ALU C See code: ASX
ALW C See code: ASX
ALY C Alcohols (C13+)
AMA C Ammonia, anhydrous
AMB C Ammonium molybdate
AMC C Ammonium chloride
AMD C Ammonium dichromate
AME C Ammonium sulfate solution (20% or less)
AMF C Ammonium sulfite
AMH C Ammonium hydroxide (28% or less NH3)
AMI C Ammonium hydrogen phosphate solution
AMK C n-Amyl methyl ketone
AML C n-Amyl acetate
AMM C n-Amyl mercaptan
AMN C Ammonium nitrate
AMO C Ammonium polyphosphate solution
AMP C Ammonium perchlorate
AMR C Ammonium stearate
AMS C Ammonium sulfate
AMT C Ammonium thiocyanate
AMY C n-Amyl chloride
AMZ C tert-Amylenes
ANB C Ammonium bromide
AND C Ammonium nitrate solution (45% or less)
ANF C Ammonium nitrate fertilizer (UN2067)
ANG C Ammonium nitrate fertilizer (with ammonium sulfate)
ANH C Ammonium nitrate fertilizer (with calcium carbonate)
ANI C iso-Amyl nitrite
ANJ C n-Amyl nitrite
ANL C Aniline
ANM C Ammonium nitrate fertilizer (NA2072)
ANN C Ammonium nitrate fertilizer (Nitrogen/Phosphate/Potash) (UN2070)
ANO C Ammonium nitrate fertilizer (Nitrogen/Phosphate/Potash) (UN2071)
ANP C Ammonium nitrate - phosphate mixture
ANR C Ammonium nitrate solution (greater than 45% and less than 93%)
ANS C Ammonium nitrate - sulfate mixture
ANT C n-Amyl nitrate
ANU C Ammonium nitrate, Urea solution
ANV C iso-Amyl nitrate
AOL C Ammonium oleate
AOX C Ammonium oxalate
APB C Ammonium pentaborate
APC C Antimony pentachloride
APE C Ammonium persulfate
APF C Antimony pentafluoride
APH C Aluminum phosphide
API C Ammonium picrate
APK C See code: APU
APL C See code: APU or APV
APM C Amyl alcohol, primary
APN C Alkyl(C7-C12)phenol poly(4-12)ethoxylate
APO C Arsenic pentaoxide
APP C Ammonium phosphate
APQ C 2-Amino-2-methyl-1-propanol (95% or less)
APR C 2-Amino-2-methyl-1-propanol (90% or less)
APS C Acetyl peroxide solution
APT C Antimony potassium tartrate
APU C Alcohol(C12-C15) poly(1-6)ethoxylates
APV C Alcohol(C12-C15) poly(7-19)ethoxylates
APW C Alcohol(C12-C15) poly(20+)ethoxylates
APX C Alcohol(C12-C15) poly(1-3)ethoxylates
APY C 4-Aminopyridine
ARD C Arsenic disulfide
ARF P Asphalt blending stocks: Roofers flux
ARG C Argon
ARL C Acrolein
ARN C Arsine
ARO P Aromatic tar S-2
ARS C Aromatic resin feedstock
ART C Arsenic trisulfide
ARX C Arsenic
ASA C Arsenic acid
ASB C Asbestos
ASC C Anisoyl chloride
ASE C sec-Amyl alcohol
ASF C Ammonium sulfide
ASI C Aluminum silicon
ASL C Ammonium silicofluoride
ASM C Ammonium sulfamate
ASN C Ammonium phosphate solution
ASO C Ammonium sulfite solution (15% or more)
ASP P Asphalt
ASQ P Asphalt emulsion
ASR P Asphalt blending stocks: Straight run residue
ASS C Ammonium sulfide solution (45% or less)
AST C Arsenic trichloride
ASU C Ammonium bisulfite
ASX C Aluminum sulfate solution
ATA C Acetylacetone
ATB C Antimony tribromide
ATC C Allyl trichlorosilane
ATD C Acetamide
ATF C Ammonium thiosulfate
ATH C Anthracene
ATL C Amyl phthalate
ATM C Antimony trichloride
ATN C Acetonitrile
ATO C Arsenic trioxide
ATR C Ammonium tartrate
ATS C n-Amyltrichlorosilane
ATT C Antimony trifluoride
ATV C Ammonium thiosulfate solution (60% or less)
ATX C Antimony trioxide
ATZ C Atrazine
AVA C Aviation alkylates (C8 paraffins and iso-paraffins b. pt. 95-120 deg. C)
AYA C tert-Amyl acetate
AYE C tert-Amyl methyl ether
AYF C Aryl polyolefin (C11-C50)
AZM C Azinphos methyl
BAB C Bromoacetyl bromide
BAC C Boric acid
BAD C iso-Butyraldehyde
BAE C Butyraldehyde (all isomers)
BAF C See code: BFA
BAI C iso-Butyl acrylate
BAL C Benzyl alcohol
BAM C n-Butylamine
BAN C n-Butyl alcohol
BAR C Butyl acrylate (all isomers)
BAS C sec-Butyl alcohol
BAT C tert-Butyl alcohol
BAX C Butyl acetate (all isomers)
BAY C Butyl alcohol (all isomers)
BBA C Butyl butyrate (all isomers)
BBE C Butyl benzene (all isomers)
BBM C Butadiene, Butylene mixtures (containing Acetylenes)
BBP C See code: BPH
BBR C Benzyl bromide
BBT C 2-Bromobutane
BBU C 1-Bromobutane
BBX C Butadiene, Butylene mixtures (Acetylene free)
BBZ C Bromobenzene
BCA C Barium long chain (C11-C50) alkaryl sulfonate
BCF C Benzyl chloroformate
BCH C Barium long chain alkyl (C8-C14) phenate sulfide
BCL C Benzyl chloride
BCM C Bromochloromethane
BCN C n-Butyl acetate
BCP C Boiler compound, liquid
BCR C Barium chlorate
BCS C Butyltrichlorosilane
BCY C Barium cyanide
BDC C See code: BDI
BDE C Diglycidyl ether of Bisphenol A
BDI C Butadiene
BDM C Benzyl dimethylamine
BDO C 1,4-Butanediol
BEC C Beryllium chloride
BEF C Beryllium fluoride
BEM C Beryllium
BEN C Beryllium nitrate
BEO C Beryllium oxide
BES C Beryllium sulfate
BFA C (crude)Butyraldehyde
BFI C iso-Butyl formate
BFN C n-Butyl formate
BFO C n-Butylchloroformate
BFX C Brake fluid base mixtures
BGE C n-Butyl glycidyl ether
BGS C Basagran solution
BHA C Benzene hydrocarbon mixtures (containing Acetylenes) (having 10% Benzene or more)
BHB C Benzene hydrocarbon mixtures (having 10% Benzene or more)
BHC C gamma-Benzene hexachloride
BHK C Butyl heptyl ketone
BHP C tert-Butyl hydroperoxide
BIB C iso-Butyl isobutyrate
BLA C gamma-Butyrolactone
BLE C Butyl lactate
BLP C n-Butyl phthalate
BMA C Benzyltrimethylammonium chloride
BMH C Butyl methacrylate
BMI C iso-Butyl methacrylate
BMM C See code: DER
BMN C n-Butyl methacrylate
BMX C Butane (iso-, n-)
BNI C Butyronitrile
BNP C 2-Butanone peroxide
BNT C Barium nitrate
BNZ C Benzene
BOC C Bismuth oxychloride
BOL C Butene oligomer
BOR C Borax
BPA C Bisphenol A
BPC C Barium perchlorate
BPD C Benzene phosphorus dichloride
BPE C 2-Bromopentane
BPF C Bromine pentafluoride
BPH C Butyl benzyl phthalate
BPM C Barium permanganate
BPN C n-Butyl propionate
BPO C Barium peroxide
BPR C 1-Bromopropane
BPT C Benzene phosphorus thiodichloride
BRA C Butyric acid
BRC C Barium carbonate
BRE C Bromoacetone
BRO C Bromoform
BRT C Boron trichloride
BRU C Brucine
BRX C Bromine
BSC C Benzenesulfonyl chloride
BSS P Bilge slops (Examples: bilge oil, bilge waste, bilge water, bilge waste oil, bilge slop oil, etc.)
BTA C sec-Butyl acetate
BTB C Boron tribromide
BTC C n-Butyl acrylate
BTD C 1,4-Butynediol
BTE C n-Butyl ether
BTF C Bromine trifluoride
BTL C sec-Butylamine
BTM C n-Butyl mercaptan
BTN C Butylene
BTO C 1,2-Butylene oxide
BTP C p-tert-Butylphenol
BTR C n-Butyraldehyde
BTX C Benzene, Toluene, Xylene mixtures (having 10% Benzene or more)
BTY C Butylamine (all isomers)
BUA C tert-Butylamine
BUB C n-Butyl butyrate
BUC C Butyryl chloride
BUD C 1,4-Butenediol
BUE C Butyl toluene
BUF C n-Butyl formal
BUG C Butylene glycol
BUT C Butane
BYA C tert-Butyl acetate
BYC C Butyl chloride
BZA C Benzoic acid
BZC C Benzoyl chloride
BZD C Benzaldehyde
BZE C Benzylacetate
BZI C Benzidine
BZL C Benzal chloride
BZM C Benzylamine
BZN C Benzonitrile
BZO C Benzyldimethyloctadecylammonium chloride
BZP C Benzophenone
BZQ C p-Benzoquinone
BZT C Benzenethiol
CAA C Copper acetoarsenite (ic)
CAC C Chloroacetyl chloride
CAD C Cresylic acid, dephenolized
CAF C Calcium fluoride
CAH C Calcium hydroxide
CAK C Calcium long chain alkyl salicylate (C13+)
CAL C Calcium phosphate
CAM C Calcium
CAN C Calcium long chain alkyl phenate (C8-C40)
CAO C Calcium oxide
CAP C p-Chloroaniline
CAR C Carene
CAS C Calcium arsenite
CAT C Cadmium acetate
CAU C Calcium long chain alkyl(C5-C10) phenate
CAV C Calcium long chain alkyl(C5-C20) phenate
CAW C Calcium long chain alkyl(C11-C40) phenate
CAY C Calcium long chain alkaryl sulfonate (C11-C50)
CBA C Cobalt acetate (ous)
CBB C Carbon disulfide
CBC C Cobalt chloride (ous)
CBD C Copper bromide (ous)
CBE C Castor beans
CBF C Carbofuran
CBM C C-4 mixtures
CBN C 4-Chlorobutyronitrile
CBO O Carbolic oil
CBR C Cyanogen bromide
CBS C Cobalt sulfate (ous)
CBT C Carbon tetrachloride
CBY C Carbaryl
CCA C Calcium arsenate
CCB C Calcium carbide
CCC C Calcium chlorate
CCH C Cyclohexanone
CCL C Cyanogen chloride
CCN C Calcium cyanide
CCO C Choline chloride solutions
CCP C Calcium peroxide
CCR C Calcium chromate
CCS C Calcium chloride solution
CCT O Creosote (Coal tar)
CCW O Creosote (all isomers)
CCX C Cyclohexane, Cyclohexanol mixture
CCY C Copper cyanide (ous)
CDA C Cacodylic acid
CDC C Cadmium chloride
CDM C 4-Chloro-2-methylphenoxyacetic acid, dimethylamine salt solution
CDN C Chlordane
CDO C Carbon dioxide
CEM C Cetyl-Eicosyl methacrylate mixture
CES C Cupriethylenediamine solution
CFA O Coconut oil, fatty acid
CFB C Cadmium fluoborate
CFI C C-5 mixture (containing 4% or less 1,3-Pentadiene)
CFM C Cobalt formate (ous)
CFP C Cresols (containing more than 5% Phenol)
CFS C Chlorpyrifos
CFT C Copper long chain(C3-C16)fatty acid
CFV C C-5 mixtures
CFX C C-5 mixture (15% or more Benzene, Isoprene, 1,3-Pentadiene)
CFY O Cottonseed oil, fatty acid
CGE C Cresyl glycidyl ether
CHA C Cyclohexylamine
CHC C Charcoal
CHD C Chlorohydrins (crude)
CHE C See code: CHG
CHF C See code: CHG
CHG P Crude hydrocarbon feedstock (containing Butyraldehydes and Ethylpropyl acrolein)
CHI C Chlorotoluenes (mixed isomers)
CHL C Chloroacetic acid
CHM C Chloroacetic acid (80% or less)
CHN C Cyclohexanol
CHO C Chloroacetaldehyde
CHP C Cyclohexanone peroxide
CHS C Chromic sulfate
CHT C Cyclohexenyltrichlorosilane
CHU C Calcium hypochlorite solution (15% or less)
CHX C Cyclohexane
CHY C Calcium hypochlorite
CHZ C Calcium hypochlorite solution (more than 15%)
CID C Copper iodide (ous)
CIS C Citric acid (70% or less)
CIT C Citric acid
CLA C 2-Chloropropionic acid
CLC C Calcium chloride
CLD C Collodion
CLF C Chlorinated hydrocarbons
CLG C Chlorinated paraffins (C18+) with any level of chlorine
CLH C Chlorinated paraffins (C10-C13)
CLP C 3-Chloropropionic acid
CLS C Caprolactam solution
CLT C Copper lactate (ic)
CLX C Chlorine
CMA C Chromic anhydride
CMB C Cadmium bromide
CMC C Chromyl chloride
CME C Chloromethyl methyl ether
CMH C Cumene hydroperoxide
CMN C Cadmium nitrate
CMO C Carbon monoxide
CMP C p-Cymene
CMS C Cadmium sulfate
CNE C 1-Chloro-1-nitropropane
CNI C Copper nitrate (ic)
CNM P Calcium naphthenate in Mineral oil
CNN C Copper napthenate (ic)
CNO C o-Chloronitrobenzene
CNP C p-Chloronitrobenzene
CNR C C9 Resinfeed (DSM)
CNS C Cobalt naphthenate in Solvent naphtha
CNT C Calcium nitrate
CNU C Calcium nitrate solution
COA C Coal
COB C Cobalt bromide (ous)
COF C Cobalt fluoride (ous)
COH C Calcium hydroxide slurry
COL C Copper oxalate (ic)
CON C Cobalt nitrate (ous)
COP C Copper acetate (ic)
COR O Coal tar
COS C Cobalt sulfamate (ous)
COU C Coumaphos
COX C Cadmium oxide
COY C Copra
CPA C Copper arsenite (ic)
CPB C Copper bromide (ic)
CPC C Copper chloride (ic)
CPD C 1,3-Cyclopentadiene dimer (molten)
CPE C Cyclopentene
CPF C Copper fluoborate (ic)
CPG C Copper glycinate
CPH C Camphene
CPI C Calcium long chain alkyl phenate sulfide (C8-C40)
CPL C Chloropicrin, liquid
CPM C 2- or 3-Chloropropionic acid
CPN C p-Chlorophenol
CPO O Camphor oil
CPP C Calcium phosphide
CPR C Cyclopropane
CPS C Caustic potash solution
CPT C Captan
CPX C Calcium alkyl (C9) phenol sulfide, polyolefin phosphorosulfide mixture
CPY C Calcined pyrites
CRA C Chloroacetophenone
CRB C Chlorobenzene
CRC C Chromous chloride
CRE C Calcium resinate
CRF C Chloroform
CRH C o-Chlorophenol
CRI C Chromic acid
CRL C m-Cresol
CRN C p-Chlorotoluene
CRP C Chloroprene
CRS C Cresols
CRT C Chromic acetate
CRW C Contaminated rainwater
CRX C Cresylic acid tar
CRY C Cresylic acid
CSA C Chlorosulfonic acid
CSB C Cyclopentadiene, Styrene, Benzene mixture
CSC C Cresylate spent caustic
CSF C Copper sulfate (ic)
CSL C o-Cresol
CSN C Copper sulfate (ic) ammoniated
CSO C p-Cresol
CSS C Caustic soda solution
CST C Copper subacetate (ic)
CSY C Corn syrup
CTA C Crotonaldehyde
CTC C Catechol
CTD C 4-Chloro-o-toluidine
CTF C Chlorine trifluoride
CTM C m-Chlorotoluene
CTO C o-Chlorotoluene
CTP O Coal tar pitch (molten)
CTT C Copper tartrate (ic)
CUF C Copper formate (ic)
CUM C Cumene
CWC C Chemical deleted
CWD O Creosote (Wood)
CXY C Carbon oxyfluoride
CYA C Cyanoacetic acid
CYC C Cyclohexyl acetate
CYE C Cycloheptane
CYG C Cyanogen
CYH C Cyclohexene
CYP C Cyclopentane
CYT C 1,5,9-Cyclododecatriene
CYX C Cyclohexanone, Cyclohexanol mixture
CZB C See code: DZB
DAA C Diacetone alcohol
DAB C Dialkyl(C10-C14) benzenes
DAC C N,N-Dimethylacetamide
DAD C 2,4-Dichlorophenoxyacetic acid, dimethylamine salt solution
DAE C Diethylethanolamine
DAG C Diphenylamine (molten)
DAH C Dialkyl(C7-C13) phthalates
DAI C Dodecylbenzenesulfonic acid, isopropylamine salt
DAJ C Diphenylamines, alkylated
DAK C Diphenylamine, reaction product with 2,2,4-trimethyl-pentene
DAL C n-Decaldehyde
DAM C Diphenylamine
DAN C n-Decyl alcohol
DAP C Di-n-amyl phthalate
DAR C n-Decyl acrylate
DAS C Dodecylbenzenesulfonic acid, sodium salt
DAT C Decyl acrylate (iso-, n-)
DAX C Decyl alcohol (all isomers)
DBA C Dibutylamine
DBC C Diisobutylcarbinol
DBE C See code: BTE
DBG C Dipropylene glycol butyl ether
DBH C Dibromomethane
DBK C Di-n-butyl ketone
DBL C Diisobutylene
DBM C m-Dichlorobenzene
DBN C Dibenzyl ether
DBO C o-Dichlorobenzene
DBP C p-Dichlorobenzene
DBR C Decaborane
DBS C Dodecylbenzenesulfonic acid, triethanolamine salt
DBT C Dibutylphenol
DBU C Diisobutylamine
DBV C 2,4-Di-tert-butylphenol
DBW C 2,6-Di-tert-butylphenol
DBX C Dichlorobenzenes (all isomers)
DBZ C n-Decylbenzene
DCA C 2,4-Dichlorophenoxyacetic acid
DCB C Dichlorobutene
DCC C Decane
DCD C 3,4-Dichloro-1-butene
DCE C Decene
DCF C Dichlorodifluoromethane
DCH C 1,1-Dichloroethane
DCI C 2,2'-Dichloroisopropyl ether
DCL C Dichlone
DCM C Dichloromethane
DCN C 2,2-Dichloropropionic acid
DCO C Decanoic acid
DCP C 2,4-Dichlorophenol
DCR C Dimethylcarbamoyl chloride
DCS C Dodecylbenzenesulfonic acid, calcium salt
DCT C 1,1-Dichloro-1-nitroethane
DCV C Dichlorvos
DCY C 4,6-Dinitro-o-cyclohexylphenol
DDA C 2,4-Dichlorophenoxyacetic acid, dimethylamine salt solution (70% or less)
DDB C Dodecylbenzene
DDC C 1-Dodecene
DDE C 2,4-Dichlorophenoxyacetic acid, diethanolamine salt solution
DDH C 1,4-Dihydro-9,10-dihydroxyanthracene, disodium salt solution
DDI C 2,2-Dimethylpropane-1,3-diol
DDM C Dodecyl methacrylate
DDN C Dodecanol
DDO C Diphenyl, Diphenyl ether mixtures
DDP C Dodecyl-Pentadecyl methacrylate mixture
DDS C Dodecyl sulfate, sodium salt
DDW C Dimethylhexane dihydroperoxide, wet
DDX C Didecyl dimethyl ammonium chloride, Ethanol mixture solution
DDY C N,N-Dimethyldodecylamine
DEA C Diethanolamine
DEB C Diethylbenzene
DEC C Diethyl carbonate
DED C Dieldrin
DEE C 2,2'-Dichloroethyl ether
DEF C See code: DEE
DEG C Diethylene glycol
DEH C Di-(2-ethylhexyl)adipate
DEK C Diethyl ketone
DEL C 1,2-Dichloroethylene
DEM C Diethylene glycol butyl ether acetate
DEN C Diethylamine
DEP C Di-(2-ethylhexyl)phosphoric acid
DER C Butyl, Decyl, Cetyl-Eicosyl methacrylate mixture
DES C 2,4-D esters
DET C Diethylenetriamine
DEZ C Diethylzinc
DFA C Difluorophosphoric acid, anhydrous
DFE C 1,1-Difluoroethane
DFF P Distillates: Flashed feed stocks
DFL C Dicofol
DFM C Dichloromonofluoromethane
DGA C Diethylene glycol ethyl ether acetate
DGD C Diethylene glycol dimethyl ether
DGE C Diethylene glycol ethyl ether
DGF C Diglycidyl ether of Bisphenol F
DGL C Diethylene glycol phthalate
DGM C Diethylene glycol methyl ether
DGO C Diethylene glycol propyl ether
DGP C Diethylene glycol phenyl ether
DGR C Diethylene glycol methyl ether acetate
DGT C Dimethyl glutarate
DGY C Dipropylene glycol dibenzoate
DGZ C Diethylene glycol dibenzoate
DHA C Di-n-hexyl adipate
DHD C Dibutyl hydrogen phosphonate
DHE C Diethylene glycol n-hexyl ether
DHN C Decahydronaphthalene
DHP C Diheptyl phthalate
DHT C Decyloxytetrahydro-thiophene dioxide
DHX C 1,6-Dichlorohexane
DIA C Diisopropylamine
DIB C Dichlobenil
DIC C Dicamba
DID C Diisodecyl phthalate
DIE C Di-(2-ethylhexyl)phthalate
DIF C Dinonyl phthalate
DIG C Diethylene glycol dibutyl ether
DIH C Diisopropylbenzene hydroperoxide
DII C Diisopropyl naphthalene
DIK C Diisobutyl ketone
DIL C Diphenyl
DIM C Dimethyl ether
DIN C Diisononyl phthalate
DIO C Diisooctyl phthalate
DIP C Diisopropanolamine
DIQ C Diquat
DIS C Disulfoton
DIT C Diisobutyl phthalate
DIU C Diuron
DIX C Diisopropylbenzene (all isomers)
DLA C Dimethyl adipate
DLL C N,N-Dimethylaniline
DLP C Dalapon
DLS C N,N-Dimethylacetamide solution (40% or less)
DMA C Dimethylamine
DMB C Dimethylethanolamine
DMC C Dimethylamine solution (over 55% but not over 65%)
DMD C Dimethyldichlorosilane
DME C Diethylene glycol butyl ether
DMF C Dimethylformamide
DMG C Dimethylamine solution (45% or less)
DMH C 1,1-Dimethylhydrazine
DML C 1,2-Dimethylhydrazine
DMM C 2,6-Dimethylaniline
DMN C 2,6-Diethylaniline
DMO C Dimethyloctanoic acid
DMP C Dimethylpolysiloxane
DMR C N,N-Dimethyl-1,3-propanediamine
DMS C Dimethyl sulfoxide
DMT C Dimethyl terephthalate
DMX C Dichloropropene, Dichloropropane mixtures
DMY C Dimethylamine solution (over 45% but not over 55%)
DMZ C Dimethylzinc
DNA C Di-n-propylamine
DNB C m-Dinitrobenzene
DNC C Dinitrocresols
DND C See code: DNA
DNE C 2,5-Dinitrophenol
DNH C 2,6-Dinitrophenol
DNI C Dinitriles
DNL C 2,6-Dinitrotoluene
DNM C Dinitrotoluene (molten)
DNO C o-Dinitrobenzene
DNP C 2,4-Dinitrophenol
DNS C Dimethyl naphthalene sulfonic acid, sodium salt solution
DNT C 2,4-Dinitroaniline
DNU C 3,4-Dinitrotoluene
DNY C Diisononyl adipate
DNZ C Dinitrobenzene
DOA C Dioctyl adipate
DOB C Diphenyl ether, Biphenyl phenyl ether mixtures
DOC C n-Dodecane
DOD C Dodecene
DOH C Dodecyl hydroxypropyl sulfide
DOL C Dodecyl phenol
DON C (cis-, trans-) 3,7-Dimethyl-2,6-octadien-1-ol
DOP C Dioctyl phthalate
DOS C Dodecyl diphenyl ether disulfonate solution
DOT C Dodecyldimethylamine, Tetradecyldimethylamine mixture
DOX C 1,4-Dioxane
DOZ C Dodecene (all isomers)
DPA C Dibutyl phthalate
DPB C 1,1-Dichloropropane
DPC C 1,3-Dichloropropane
DPD C Diphenyldichlorosilane
DPE C Diphenyl ether
DPF C 2,3-Dichloropropene
DPG C Dipropylene glycol
DPH C Diethyl phthalate
DPI C Dimethyl hydrogen phosphite
DPK C See code: DPC
DPL C 2,2-Dichloropropane
DPM C Diphenylmethane diisocyanate
DPN C Dipentene
DPO C Dibenzoyl peroxide
DPP C 1,2-Dichloropropane
DPR C Diphenylol propane-Epichlorohydrin resins
DPS C 1,1-, 1,2-, or 1,3-Dichloropropene
DPT C Dicyclopentadiene
DPU C 1,3-Dichloropropene
DPX C 1,1-, 1,2-, or 1,3-Dichloropropane
DPY C Dipropylene glycol methyl ether
DRB C Drilling brine
DRI C Direct reduced iron
DRJ C Direct reduced iron (Hot molded briquets)
DRK C Direct reduced iron (Lumps, pellets and cold molded briquets)
DRM C Drilling mud
DSA C Dodecylbenzenesulfonic acid
DSD C Dodecyl sulfate, diethanolamine salt
DSE C Dimethyl succinate
DSF C Dimethyl sulfate
DSK C Dimethyl disulfide
DSL C Dimethyl sulfide
DSM C Dodecyl sulfate, magnesium salt
DSP C Dodecenylsuccinic acid, dipotassium salt solution
DSR P Distillates: Straight run
DSS C Dioctyl sodium sulfosuccinate
DST C Dodecyl sulfate, triethanolamine salt
DSU C Diethyl sulfate
DSX C 2,4-Dichlorophenoxyacetic acid, dimethylamine salt solution (<= 1% Dimethylamine)
DSY C See code: CDM
DSZ C Diammonium salt of Zinc EDTA solution
DTA C Dodecylamine, Tetradecylamine mixture
DTC C Dodecyltrichlorisilane
DTE C Dichlorotetrafluoroethane
DTH C Dowtherm A
DTI C 2,4-Dichlorophenoxyacetic acid, triisopropanolamine salt solution
DTL C Dimethyl phthalate
DTM C 4,4-Dichloro-alpha-trichloromethylbenzhydrol
DTN C Demeton
DTP C Ditridecyl phthalate
DTS C Dextrose solution
DTT C 2,4-Dinitrotoluene
DUP C Diundecyl phthalate
DUR C Dursban
DXN C N,N-Dimethylcyclohexylamine
DXY C Dodecyl xylene
DYA C Decyl acetate
DYP C Diphenylol propane
DZB C Drilling brine (containing Zinc salts)
DZN C Diazinon
DZP C Di-(p-chlorobenzoyl)peroxide
DZZ C See code: DDE
EAA C Ethyl acetoacetate
EAC C Ethyl acrylate
EAD C Ethylaluminum dichloride
EAG C Ethylene glycol (antifreeze grade)
EAI C 2-Ethylhexyl acrylate
EAK C Ethyl amyl ketone
EAL C Ethyl alcohol
EAM C Ethylamine
EAN C Ethylamine solution (72% or less)
EAO C Ethylamine solution (40% or less)
EAS C Ethylaluminum sesquichloride
EBA C N-Ethylbutylamine
EBE C Ethyl tert-butyl ether
EBK C Ethyl butyl ketone
EBR C Ethyl butyrate
EBT C Ethyl butanol
EBU C See code: EBA
ECA C Ethyl chloroacetate
ECB C S-Ethyl dipropylthiocarbamate
ECC C N-Ethylcyclohexylamine
ECF C Ethyl chloroformate
ECH C Ethylene chlorohydrin
ECL C Ethyl chloride
ECS C Ethyldichlorosilane
ECT C Ethyl chlorothioformate
ECY C Ethyl cyclohexane
EDA C Ethylenediamine
EDB C Ethylene dibromide
EDC C Ethylene dichloride
EDG C alpha-Endosulfan
EDR C Endrin
EDS C Ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid, tetrasodium salt solution
EDT C Ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid
EDX C Ethylene glycol phenyl ether, Diethylene glycol phenyl ether mixture
EEA C 2-Ethoxyethyl acetate
EEE C Ethylene glycol diethyl ether
EEM C 2-Ethyl-6-methyl-N-(1'-methyl-2-methoxyethyl)aniline
EEO C 2-Ethoxyethanol
EEP C Ethyl-3-ethoxypropionate
EET C Ethyl ether
EFM C Ethyl formate
EGA C Ethylene glycol ethyl ether acetate
EGB C Ethylene glycol dibutyl ether
EGC C Ethylene glycol monoalkyl ethers
EGD C Ethylene glycol dimethyl ether
EGE C Ethylene glycol ethyl ether
EGH C Ethylene glycol hexyl ether
EGI C Ethylene glycol isopropyl ether
EGL C Ethylene glycol
EGM C Ethylene glycol butyl ether
EGO C Ethylene glycol acetate
EGP C Ethylene glycol propyl ether
EGT C Ethylene glycol methyl ether acetate
EGY C Ethylene glycol diacetate
EHA C 2-Ethylhexaldehyde
EHC C 2-Ethylhexyl acetate
EHD C 2-Ethyl-2-(hydoxymethyl)propane-1,3-diol, C8-C10 ester
EHE C Ethyl hexyl phthalate
EHL U Environmentally hazardous substances, liquid, n.o.s.
EHM C 2-Ethylhexylamine
EHO C 2-Ethylhexanoic acid
EHP C Ethoxydihydropyran
EHS U Environmentally hazardous substance, solid, N.O.S.
EHT C Ethylhexyl tallate
EHX C 2-Ethylhexanol
ELA C Ethoxylated long chain (C16+) alkyloxyalkanamine
ELK C Ethyl sec-amyl ketone
ELT C Ethyl lactate
EMA C Ethylene glycol butyl ether acetate
EMB C Ethylene glycol methyl butyl ether
EMC C Ethyl mercaptan
EME C Ethylene glycol methyl ether
EMN C N-Ethyl morpholine
EMX C Ethyleneamine EA 1302
ENB C Ethylidene norbornene
ENP C Ethoxylated nonylphenol
EOD C Ethoxylated dodecanol
EOP C Ethoxylated pentadecanol
EOT C Ethoxylated tetradecanol
EOX C Ethylene oxide
EPA C 2-Ethyl-3-propylacrolein
EPC C Epichlorohydrin
EPD C Ethyl phosphonothioic dichloride, anhydrous
EPE C Ethylene glycol phenyl ether
EPL C Ethylphenol
EPM C Ethylene oxide (30% or less), Propylene oxide mixture
EPP C Ethyl phosphorodichloridate
EPR C Ethyl propionate
EPS C Ethylphenyl dichlorosilane
ESC C Ethyl silicate
ESF C Endosulfan
ETA C Ethyl acetate
ETB C Ethylbenzene
ETC C Ethylene cyanohydrin
ETD C Ethoxylated tridecanol
ETE C Ethyl toluene
ETG C Ethoxy triglycol
ETH C Ethane
ETI C Ethyleneimine
ETL C Ethylene
ETM C Ethyl methacrylate
ETN C Ethyl nitrite
ETO C Ethion
ETS C Ethyltrichlorosilane
ETX C Ethylene dichloride, 1,1,2-Trichloroethane mixture
EVO O Epoxidized vegetable oils
FAA C Fatty acid amide
FAC C Ferric ammonium citrate
FAD C Fatty acid (saturated, C13+)
FAL C Furfuryl alcohol
FAM C Formamide
FAN C 2-Fluoroaniline
FAO C Ferric ammonium oxalate
FAR C Fumaric adduct of Rosin, Water dispersion
FAS C Ferrous ammonium sulfate
FAT C Chemical deleted
FCL C Ferric chloride
FCP C Ferric glycerophosphate
FCS C Ferric chloride solutions
FCX C See code: FCS
FEC C Ferrous chloride
FFA C Furfural
FFB C Ferrous fluoborate
FFX C Ferric fluoride
FHX C Ferric hydroxyethylenediaminetriacetic acid, trisodium salt solution
FLB C Fluorobenzene
FLS C Fluorspar
FLT C 2-Fluorotoluene
FMA C Formic acid
FMG C Formaldehyde (gas)
FMS C Formaldehyde solution (37% to 50%)
FMT C See code: FMS
FNN C Ferric nitrate, Nitric acid solution
FNT C Ferric nitrate
FOX C Ferrous oxalate
FPS C Ferrophosphorus
FRS C Ferrous sulfate
FSA C Fluosulfonic acid
FSF C Ferric sulfate
FSH C Fish meal or Fish scrap
FSJ C Fluorosilicic acid (30% or less)
FSK C Flourosilicic acid (30% or less)
FSL C Fluosilicic acid
FSM C Ferrous metal borings, shavings, turnings or cuttings
FSN C Ferrosilicon
FSO C Fish solubles (water based fish meal extracts)
FSS C Ferrosilicon (with 30-90% silicon)
FST C Ferrosilicon (with 25-30% silicon, or 90% or more silic
FTO C 3-Fluorotoluene
FTU C 4-Fluorotoluene
FUM C Fumaric acid
FUR C Furan
FXX C Fluorine
GAC C Glyoxylic acid (50% or less)
GAK P Gasoline blending stocks: Alkylates
GAR P Gasoline: Aromatic
GAS P Gasoline: Automotive (Unleaded)
GAT P Gasoline: Automotive (4.23g Pb/gal)
GAV P Gasoline: Aviation (4.86g Pb/gal)
GBG G Garbage (Annex V, MARPOL 73/78) Ref: 33 CFR 151.05, Definitions
GCM C Glycidyl methacrylate
GCR C Glycerine
GCS P Gasoline: Casinghead
GDM C Glycerin (83%), Dioxanedimethanol (17%) mixture
GET C See code: GLT
GIO C Glyphosate solution (not containing surfactant)
GIP C Glyphosate, isopropylamine salt solution with surfactan
GLA C Gallic acid
GLT C Glycidyl ester of Tridecylacetic acid
GLU C Glucamine solution
GMC C Glycol mixture, crude
GMO C Glycerol monooleate
GOC P Gas oil: Cracked
GOM P Gas oil: Miscellaneous
GOS C Glyoxal solution (40% or less)
GPL P Gasoline: Polymer
GPY P Gasoline: Pyrolysis (greater than 5% Benzene)
GRF P Gasoline blending stocks: Reformates
GSR P Gasoline: Straight run
GTA C Glutaraldehyde solution (50% or less)
GTH C Guthion
HAC C Hexadecyltrimethylammonium chloride
HAE C Hexyl acetate
HAI C 2-Hydroxyethyl acrylate
HAL C n-Hexaldehyde
HAM C Hexamethylenediamine adipate solution (50% or less)
HAS C Hydroxylamine sulfate
HBA C 2-Hydroxy-4-(methylthio)butanoic acid
HBR C Hydrogen bromide
HCB C Hexachlorobutadiene
HCC C Hexachlorocyclopentadiene
HCE C Hexachloroethane
HCL C Hydrochloric acid
HCN C Hydrogen cyanide
HCP C Hexachlorophene
HCS C Hydrochloric acid, spent (15% or less)
HCZ C Hexachlorobenzene
HDA C Hydroxylamine
HDC C Hydrogen chloride
HDQ C Hydroquinone
HDS C Hydrogen sulfide
HDZ C Hydrazine
HEP C Heptanoic acid
HET C N-(Hydroxyethyl)ethylenediamine triacetic acid, trisodium salt solution
HEX C Hexene (all isomers)
HFA C Hydrofluoric acid
HFN C Hydrocarbon 5-9
HFO P Hydraulic fluid or oil
HFS C Hydrofluorosilicic acid (25% or less)
HFX C Hydrogen fluoride
HIA C Hydroiodic acid
HMC C Hexamethylenediamine solution
HMD C Hexamethylenediamine
HME C Hexamethylenediamine (molten)
HMI C Hexamethyleneimine
HMT C Hexamethylenetetramine
HMX C Heptane (all isomers)
HOO C N,N-bis(2-Hydroxyethyl) oleamide
HOR C Herbicide orange
HPA C Hydroxypropyl acrylate
HPE C Heptyl acetate
HPI C iso-Heptane
HPM C Hydroxypropyl methacrylate
HPN C Hydrogen peroxide solution (over 8% but not over 60%)
HPO C Hydrogen peroxide
HPS C Hydrogen peroxide solution (over 60% but not over 70%)
HPT C n-Heptane
HPX C Heptene (all isomers)
HSA C sec-Hexyl acetate
HSE C Hydrogen selenide
HSS C Hexadecyl sulfate, sodium salt
HTA C bis(Hydrogenated tallow alkyl)methyl amines
HTC C Heptachlor
HTE C 1-Heptene
HTN C Heptanol
HTS C Hexamethylenetetramine solutions
HTX C Heptanol (all isomers)
HXA C n-Hexane
HXE C 1-Hexene
HXG C Hexylene glycol
HXN C 1-Hexanol
HXO C Hexanoic acid
HXS C Hexane (all isomers)
HXT C 2-Hexene
HXX C Hydrogen, liquefied
IAA C iso-Amyl alcohol
IAC C Isopropyl acetate
IAI C Isodecyl acrylate
IAL C Isobutyl alcohol
IAM C Isobutylamine
IAT C Isoamyl acetate
IBA C Isobutyl acetate
IBL C Isobutylene
IBN C Isobutyronitrile
IBR C Isobutyric acid
IBT C Isobutane
IDA C Isodecaldehyde
IGE C Isopropyl glycidyl ether
IHA C Isohexane
IOA C Isooctyl alcohol
IOC C Isooctaldehyde
IOO C Isooctane
IOP C Icosa(oxypropane-2,3-diyl)s
IOX C Iron oxide or Iron sponge
IPA C Isopropyl alcohol
IPC C Isopropyl percarbonate
IPD C Isophorone diisocyanate
IPE C iso-Propyl ether
IPH C Isophorone
IPI C Isophorone diamine
IPL C Isophthalic acid
IPM C Isopropyl mercaptan
IPN C Isoprene, Pentadiene mixture
IPO C Isopropylamine solution (90% or less)
IPP C iso-Propylamine
IPQ C Isopropylamine solution (70% or less)
IPR C Isoprene
IPT C iso-Pentane
IPX C Isopropylcyclohexane
IRF C Isoprene raffinate
ISA C Isodecyl alcohol
ISP C o-Isopropyl phenol
IVA C iso-Valeraldehyde
JAO P Jet fuel: Jet A-1
JPA P Jet fuel: Jet A
JPB P Jet fuel: Jet B
JPE P Jet fuel: JP-8
JPF P Jet fuel: JP-4
JPN P Jet fuel: JP-10
JPO P Jet fuel: JP-1 (Kerosene)
JPT P Jet fuel: JP-3
JPV P Jet fuel: JP-5 (Kerosene, heavy)
KPE C Kepone
KPL C Kraft pulping liquors (free alkali content 3% or more)
KRS P Kerosene
LAC C Lead acetate
LAH C Lithium aluminum hydride
LAL C Linear alcohols (C12-C15)
LAP C Lauryl polyglucose (50% or less)
LAR C Lead arsenate
LBC C Lithium bichromate
LCE C Long chain polyetheramine in alkyl(C2-C4)benzenes
LCL C Lead chloride
LCP C Long chain alkaryl polyether (C11-C20)
LCR C Lithium chromate
LCS C Long chain alkaryl sulfonic acid (C16-C60)
LDN C Lindane
LEC C Lecithin (soyabean)
LFB C Lead fluoborate
LFR C Lead fluoride
LHD C Lithium hydride
LID C Lead iodide
LLS C Latex, liquid synthetic
LNG P Liquefied natural gas
LNI C Lactonitrile solution (80% or less)
LNT C Lead nitrate
LPG P Liquefied petroleum gas
LPO C Lauryl peroxide
LRA C Lauric acid
LRM C Lauryl mercaptan
LSA C Lead stearate
LSF C Lead sulfate
LSU C Lead sulfide
LTA C Lactic acid
LTC C Lead thiocyanate
LTH C Litharge
LTM C Lithium
LTS C Lead thiosulfate
LTT C Lead tetraacetate
LTU C Lead tungstate
LTX C Latex (Ammonia (1% or less) inhibited)
LUS C Lime, unslaked
MAA C Methylamyl alcohol
MAB C Methyl diethanolamine blend
MAC C Methylamyl acetate
MAD C Methacrylic acid
MAE C Methyl acetoacetate
MAK C Methylamyl ketone
MAL C Methyl alcohol
MAM C Methyl acrylate
MAN C N-Methylaniline
MAP C Methyl acetylene, Propadiene mixture (MAPP)
MAS C Magnesium long chain alkaryl sulfonate (C11-C50)
MAT C Mercuric acetate
MBA C alpha-Methylbenzyl alcohol
MBE C Methyl tert-butyl ether
MBK C Methyl n-butyl ketone
MBL C Methyl butenol
MBO C 3-Methylbutan-2-one
MBT C 2-Mercaptobenzothiazole solutions
MBU C Methyl butyrate
MBY C Methyl butynol
MBZ C Methyl benzoate
MCA C Monochloroacetic acid
MCC C Mercuric ammonium chloride
MCD C Mercaptodimethur
MCE C Methylacetylene
MCF C Monochlorodifluoromethane
MCH C Methyl chloroformate
MCK C Methylcyclopentadiene dimer
MCL C Methallyl chloride
MCM C Monochlorotrifluoromethane
MCN C Mercuric cyanide
MCO C Metolachlor
MCP C Methylcyclopentane
MCR C Mercury
MCS C Methyl dichlorosilane
MCT C Methylcyclopentadienylmanganese tricarbonyl
MCX C o-Methylcyclohexanone
MCY C Methylcyclohexane
MDB C 4,4'-Methylene dianiline (43% or less) mixtures
MDC C Methyl dichloroacetate
MDE C Methyl diethanolamine
MDL C 2-Methyl-1,3-propanediol
MEA C Ethanolamine
MEC C Methyl ethyl acrylate
MED C Methyl chloroacetate
MEK C Methyl ethyl ketone
MEN C 2-Methyl-6-ethylaniline
MEP C 2-Methyl-5-ethylpyridine
MES C Methyl salicylate
MET C Methacrylonitrile
MFA C Motor fuel anti-knock compounds (containing Lead alkyls)
MFM C Methyl formate
MGC C N-Methylglucamine solution (70% or less)
MGN C Magnesium nitrate
MGS C Manufactured gas (more than 30% H2 by volume)
MGU C Magnesia, unslaked
MGX C Magnesium
MHB C 2-Methyl-2-hydroxy-3-butyne
MHK C Methyl heptyl ketone
MHX C Methylcyclohexanol
MHZ C Methyl hydrazine
MIA C Methylstyrene, Indenes, Alkylbenzene mixtures
MIC C Methyl isobutyl carbinol
MID C Mercuric iodide
MIK C Methyl isobutyl ketone
MIO C Methyl iodide
MIS C Methyl isocyanate
MIT C Methyl isothiocyanate
MKE C Methyl propyl ketone
MLA C Maleic anhydride
MLH C Maleic hydrazide
MLI C Maleic acid
MLL C Methyl allyl alcohol
MLS C Magnesium long chain alkyl salicylate (C11+)
MLT C Malathion
MMC C Methyl mercaptan
MME C Monomethyl ethanolamine
MMM C Methyl methacrylate
MNA C 1-Methylnaphthalene
MNS P Mineral spirits
MNT C Mercuric nitrate
MOA C 3-Methoxybutyl acetate
MOC C Methoxychlor
MOX C Mercuric oxide
MPA C iso-Propanolamine
MPC C Magnesium perchlorate
MPD C Methylphosphonothioic dichloride, anhydrous
MPE C 3-Methylpyridine
MPF C 4-Methylpyridine
MPI C Methyl propionate
MPK C Methyl isopropenyl ketone
MPL C Morpholine
MPN C 2-Methyl-1-pentene
MPO C See code: PGN
MPP C Magnesium phosphide
MPR C 2-Methylpyridine
MPS C Magnesium long chain alkylphenate sulfide (C8-C20)
MPT C Methyl parathion
MPY C N-Methyl-2-pyrrolidone
MRC C Mercuric chloride
MRD C Methacrylic resin in Ethylene dichloride
MRE C Myrcene
MRN C Mercurous nitrate
MRR C Mercurous chloride
MRS C Mercuric sulfate
MRT C Mercuric thiocyanate
MRX C Mirex
MSA C Methanearsonic acid, sodium salts
MSC C 2-Methyl styrene, Cumene (inhibited)
MSE C Magnesium sulfonate
MSF C Mercuric sulfide
MSO C Mesityl oxide
MSR C alpha-Methylstyrene
MSS C Metam sodium solution
MSU C Metal sulfide concentrate
MSY C See code: MSZ
MSZ C Methylamine solution (42% or less)
MTA C Methylamine
MTB C Methyl bromide
MTC C Methyl chloride
MTE C Monochlorotetrafluoroethane
MTF C Methyl formal
MTG C Methoxytriglycol
MTH C Methane
MTM C Formaldehyde (50% or more), Methanol mixtures
MTN C 4-Methyl-1-pentene
MTO C Molybdic trioxide
MTS C Methyltrichlorosilane
MTT C Methyl acetate
MUL M Multiple material releases
MUS C Methylolureas (20% free Formaldehyde)
MVK C Methyl vinyl ketone
MVP C Mevinphos
MWS C Solvents, mixed/waste - possible contaminant
MXC C Mexacarbate
NAA C Nitrilotriacetic acid and salts
NAB C Nabam
NAC C Nitric acid
NAE C Nonyl acetate
NAF C NALCO 5740S Antifoam
NAH P Naphtha
NAI C iso-Nonanoic acid
NAL C p-Nitroaniline
NAN C Nonane
NAO C 1-Naphthylamine
NAS C Nickel ammonium sulfate
NAT C Nonanoic, Tridecanoic acid mixture
NAX C Nonane (all isomers)
NBR C Nickel bromide
NCD C Nitric acid (70% or less)
NCL C Nickel chloride
NCN C Nickel cyanide
NCS C Nicotine sulfate
NCT O Coal tar naphtha solvent
NDO C Nitrogen dioxide
NEA C Neodecanoic acid
NEC U Not elsewhere specified
NED C See code: OFY
NEE C See code: OFY
NFB C Nickel fluoborate
NFM C Nickel formate
NFR P Naphtha, full range
NFS C Naphthalene sulfonic acid-formaldehyde copolymer, sodium salt solution
NGC P Natural gas condensate
NHX C Neohexane
NIA C Nitrating acid (mixture of Sulfuric and Nitric acids)
NIC C Nicotine
NIE C o-Nitrotoluene
NIN C n-Nonanoic acid
NIP C m-Nitrophenol
NIT C (o-, p-) Nitrotoluene
NKA C Nickel acetate
NKC C Nickel carbonyl
NKH C Nickel hydroxide
NKS C Nickel sulfate
NLA C Noxious liquid, (17) n.o.s. ("trade name" contains "principal components") ST NA, Cat D
NLD C Naled
NLH C Noxious liquid, N.F. (1) n.o.s. ("trade name" contains "principal components") ST 1, Cat A
NLI C Noxious liquid, F., (2) n.o.s. ("trade name" contains "principal components") ST 1, Cat A
NLJ C Noxious liquid, N.F., (3) n.o.s. ("trade name" contains "principal components") ST 2, Cat A
NLK C Noxious liquid, F., (4) n.o.s. ("trade name" contains "principal components") ST 2, Cat A
NLL C Noxious liquid, N.F., (5) n.o.s. ("trade name" contains "principal components") ST 2, Cat B
NLM C Noxious liquid, N.F., (6) n.o.s. ("trade name" contains "principal components") ST 2, Cat B mp. equa
NLN C Noxious liquid, F., (7) n.o.s. ("trade name" contains "principal components) ST 2, Cat B
NLO C Noxious liquid, F., (8) n.o.s. ("trade name" contains "principal components") ST 2, Cat B mp. equal to
NLP C Noxious liquid, N.F., (9) n.o.s. ("trade name" contains "principal components") ST 3, Cat A
NLQ C Noxious liquid, F., (10) n.o.s. ("trade name" contains "principal components") ST 3, Cat A
NLR C Noxious liquid, N.F., (11) n.o.s. ("trade name" contains "principal components") ST 3, Cat B
NLS C Noxious liquid, N.F., (12) n.o.s. ("trade name" contains "principal components") ST 3, Cat B mp. Equ
NLT C Noxious liquid, F., (13) n.o.s. ("trade name" contains "principal components") ST 3, Cat B
NLU C Noxious liquid, F., (14) n.o.s. ("trade name" contains "principal components") ST 3, Cat B mp. equal
NLV C Noxious liquid, N.F., (15) n.o.s. ("trade name" contains "principal components") ST 3, Cat C
NLW C Noxious liquid, F., (16) n.o.s. ("trade name" contains "principal components") ST 3, Cat C
NLX U Non-noxious liquid, (18) n.o.s. ("trade name" contains "principal components") Appendix III
NMA C Nonyl methacrylate
NMT C Nitromethane
NNA C Nonanoic acid (all isomers)
NNE C 1-Nonene
NNI C iso-Nonyl alcohol
NNL C Nitropropane (20%), Nitroethane (80%) mixture
NNM C Nitropropane (60%), Nitroethane (40%) mixture
NNN C Nonyl alcohol
NNO C Nitroethane, 1-Nitropropane (each 15% or more) mixture
NNP C Nonyl phenol
NNS C Nonyl alcohol (all isomers)
NNT C Nickel nitrate
NON C Nonene
NOO C Nonene (all isomers)
NOX C Nitrogen tetroxide
NPE C Nonyl phenol poly(4-12)ethoxylate
NPH C p-Nitrophenol
NPM C 1- or 2-Nitropropane
NPN C 1-Nitropropane
NPP C 2-Nitropropane
NPS C Nonyl phenol sulfide (dissolved HCL)
NPX C Nitrophenol (mixed isomers)
NSA C Naphthalene sulfonic acid, sodium salt solution (40% or less)
NSS P Naphtha: Stoddard solvent
NSV P Naphtha: Solvent
NSX N Natural substance (Examples: algae, grain, dust, pollen, grass, leaves, seaweed, jelly fish, etc.)
NTA C o-Nitroaniline
NTB C Nitrobenzene
NTC C Nitrosyl chloride
NTE C Nitroethane
NTH C 2,2',2"-Nitrilotriethanol
NTI C Naphthenic acid
NTL C Nitralin
NTM C Naphthalene (molten)
NTO C Nitrous oxide
NTP C o-Nitrophenol (molten)
NTR C m-Nitrotoluene
NTS C Naphthenic acid, sodium salt solution
NTT C p-Nitrotoluene
NTX C Nitric oxide
NVM P Naphtha: VM & P (75% Naphtha)
NXX C Nitrogen, liquefied
OAA C Octanoic acid
OAC C Oleic acid, sodium salt
OAE C Octyl acetate
OAF C n-Octyl acetate
OAL C Octyl aldehydes
OAM C alpha-Olefins (C6-C18) mixtures
OAN C Octane
OAP C Oleic acid, potassium salt
OAS P Oil, misc: Absorption
OAX C Octane (all isomers)
OAY C Octanoic acid (all isomers)
OBB O Oil, edible: Babassu
OBN O Oil, edible: Beechnut
OCA O Oil, edible: Castor
OCB O Oil, edible: Cocoa butter
OCC O Oil, edible: Coconut
OCE O See code: OCM
OCF P Oil: Clarified
OCL O Oil, edible: Cod liver
OCM O Oil, edible: Coconut, fatty acid methyl ester
OCN O Cashew nut shell oil (untreated)
OCO O Oil, edible: Corn
OCP C Olefin/Alkyl ester copolymer (molecular weight 2000+)
OCR O Oil, misc: Croton
OCS O Oil, edible: Cottonseed
OCT O Oil: Coal tar
OCX C Octanol (all isomers)
OCY C t-Octylamine
ODA C Octyl decyl adipate
ODD C Octadecenoamide solution
ODP C Octyl decyl phthalate
ODS P Oil: Diesel
OET C Octyl epoxytallate
OFM O See code: OPE
OFR P Oil, fuel: No. 4
OFS O Oil, edible: Fish
OFV P Oil, fuel: No. 5
OFX C Olefin mixtures (C5-C7)
OFY C Olefin mixtures (C5-C15)
OGN O Oil, edible: Groundnut
OHN O Oil, edible: Hazelnut
OIL P Oil: Crude
OIS O Oil, misc: Soapstock
OLA C Oleic acid
OLB P Oil, misc: Lubricating
OLD O Oil, edible: Lard
OLL O Oil, misc: Lanolin
OLM C Oleum
OLS O Oil, misc: Linseed
OLX C n-Octyl aldehyde
OLY C Oleylamine
OMA O Oil, misc: Animal
OML P Oil, misc: Aliphatic
OMN P Oil, misc: Mineral
OMR P Oil, misc: Aromatic
OMS P Oil, misc: Mineral seal
OMT P Oil, misc: Motor
OMU O Oil, edible: Mustard seed
ONB O Oil, edible: Nutmeg butter
ONE C Octyl nitrates (all isomers)
ONF O Oil, misc: Neatsfoot
OOD P Oil, fuel: No. 1-D
OOI O Oil, misc: Oiticica
OOL O Oil, edible: Olive
OON P Oil, fuel: No. 1
OPE O Oil, misc: Palm oil, methyl ester
OPI O Oil, misc: Pine
OPL O Oil, misc: Pilchard
OPM O Oil, edible: Palm
OPN O Oil, edible: Peanut
OPO O Oil, edible: Palm kernel
OPR O Oil, misc: Perilla
OPT P Oil, misc: Penetrating
OPY O Oil, edible: Poppy
ORA O Oil, edible: Raisin seed
ORB O Oil, edible: Rice bran
ORD P Oil, misc: Road
ORG P Oil, misc: Range
ORN O Rosin oil
ORP O Oil, edible: Rapeseed
ORS O Oil, misc: Resin
OSB O Oil, edible: Soya bean
OSC O Oil, misc: Soya bean (epoxidized)
OSD P Oil, misc: Spindle
OSF O Oil, edible: Safflower
OSL O Oil, edible: Salad
OSM C See code: OFX or OFY
OSN O Oil, edible: Sunflower seed
OSP O Oil, misc: Sperm
OSS O Oil, edible: Sesame
OSX P Oil, fuel: No. 6
OSY P Oil, misc: Spray
OTA C Octanol
OTB P Oil, misc: Turbine
OTC O Oil, edible: Tucum
OTD P Oil, fuel: No. 2-D
OTE C 1-Octene
OTF O Oil, misc: Transformer
OTG O Oil, misc: Tung
OTH P Other oil, oil with no CHRIS Code
OTL O Tall oil (crude and distilled)
OTN O Oil, misc: Tanner's
OTW P Oil, fuel: No. 2
OTX C Octene (all isomers)
OUN P Unknown material, Oil or Oil-like
OVG O Oil, edible: Vegetable
OWH O Oil, misc: Whale
OWN O Oil, edible: Walnut
OXA C Oxalic acid
OXY C Oxygen, liquefied
PAA C Peracetic acid
PAB C Polyolefin amide alkeneamine borate (C28-C250)
PAC C Phosphoric acid
PAD C Propionaldehyde
PAE C Polyolefin aminoester salt
PAF C Poly(2-8)alkylene glycol monoalkyl(C1-C6) ether acetate
PAG C Poly(2-8)alkylene glycol monoalkyl(C1-C6) ether
PAH C Propionic anhydride
PAJ C See code: MPA
PAL C n-Propyl alcohol
PAM C See code: PRA
PAN C Phthalic anhydride (molten)
PAO C Polyalkylene oxide polyol
PAP C Polyolefin amide alkeneamine polyol
PAR C Polyolefin anhydride
PAS C Potassium arsenate
PAT C n-Propyl acetate
PAX C Propanolamine (iso-, n-)
PBE C Phthalate based polyester polyol
PBO C Potassium binoxalate
PBP C Propylene-Butylene copolymer
PBR C Phosphorus tribromide
PBS C Polybutenyl succinimide
PBY C Propylbenzene (all isomers)
PBZ C n-Propylbenzene
PCA C Poly(2+)cyclic aromatics
PCB C Polychlorinated biphenyls
PCE C Pentachloroethane
PCH C Potassium chromate
PCL C Perchloric acid
PCM C Perchloromethyl mercaptan
PCN C Propionitrile
PCO C Petroleum coke
PCP C Pentachlorophenol
PCR C Potassium chlorate
PCS C Potassium chloride solution (10% or more)
PDC C Pentadecanol
PDE C 1,3-Pentadiene
PDH C Paraldehyde
PDI C See code: PDE
PDL C Phenyldichloroarsine, liquid
PDN C 1,4-Pentadiene
PDO C 2,4-Pentanedione
PDR C Propylene dimer
PDT C Potassium dichloro-s-triazinetrione
PEB C Polyethylene polyamines
PED C Polyether, borated
PEE C Polyethylene glycol monoalkyl ether
PEH C See code: PEN
PEN C Pentaethylenehexamine
PEO C Polyether polyol
PEP C Pentaethylenehexamine, Tetraethylenepentamine mixture
PER C Perchloroethylene
PET C Pentaerythritol
PEX C Paint, epoxy resin
PFA C Paraformaldehyde
PFN C n-Paraffins (C10-C20)
PFR C Potassium formate solution
PGA C Pyrogallic acid
PGB C Polyalkylene glycol butyl ether
PGC C Polypropylene glycol
PGD C Propylene glycol n-butyl ether
PGE C Propylene glycol monoalkyl ether
PGM C Polypropylene glycol methyl ether
PGN C Propylene glycol methyl ether acetate
PGP C Propylene glycol phenyl ether
PGS C Polyglycerine, Sodium salts solution (containing 3% or more Sodium hydroxide)
PGT C Polyglycerine, Sodium salts solution (containing less than 3% sodium hydroxide)
PGY C Propylene glycol ethyl ether
PHD C Phosdrin
PHE C Phenylhydrazine
PHG C Phosgene
PHH C Phenylhydrazine hydrochloride
PHN C Phenol
PHO P Phenolated oil
PHP C Phosphine
PII C Propyleneimine
PIN C Pinene
PIO C alpha-Pinene
PIP C beta-Pinene
PIT C Pitch prill, Prilled coal tar, or Pencil pitch
PIX C Polyalkyl(C18-C22) acrylate in Xylene
PLA C n-Propanolamine
PLB C Polybutene
PLP C Polypropylene
PLQ C Poly(5+)propylene
PLT C beta-Propiolactone
PLX C Paint, latex
PMA C Phenylmercuric acetate
PME C Propylene glycol methyl ether
PMI C Propanil, Mesityl oxide, Isophorone mixture
PMN C n-Propyl mercaptan
PMS C Palm stearin
PMT C Polyalkyl methacrylate (C1-C20)
PNA C Propionic acid
PNE C 2-Pentanone
PNF O Palm kernel acid oil, methyl ester
PNH C Phenol hydrate
PNI C Propyl nitrate
PNL O Pine oil
PNO O Palm kernel oil, fatty acid
PNR C Potassium nitrate
PNT C 3-Pentenenitrile (crude)
POA C Potassium arsenite
POB P Paint, oil-based
POC C Pentanoic acid
POD C Polyolefin amide alkeneamine (C28+)
POE C Potassium oleate
POF C Polyolefinamine in alkyl(C2-C4)benzenes
POG C Poly(C17+)olefin amine
POI C Isopentanoic acid (mixed isomers)
POM C Polyolefinamine (C28-C250)
POP C Potassium peroxide
POS C Polyolefin ester (C28-C250)
POT C m-Phenoxytoluene
POX C Propylene oxide
POY C Pentacosa(oxypropane-2,3-diyl)s
PPA C Polyphosphoric acid
PPB C Phosphorus, black
PPD C Propanedinitrile
PPE C n-Pentyl propionate
PPG C Propylene glycol
PPH C Polyolefin phenolic amine (C28-C250)
PPI C Polymethylene polyphenyl isocyanate
PPL C Propylene
PPM C Propylene, Propane, MAPP gas mixture (containing 12% or less MAPP gas)
PPO C Phosphorus oxychloride
PPP C Phosphorus pentasulfide
PPR C Phosphorus, red
PPS C Polyolefin phosphorosulfide - Barium derivative (C28-C2
PPT C Phosphorus trichloride
PPW C Phosphorus, white
PPX C Polyalkylene glycols, Polyalkylene glycol monoalkyl ethers mixtures
PPZ C Piperazine
PRA C n-Propylamine
PRB C Paraldehyde-ammonia reaction product
PRC C n-Propyl chloride
PRD C Pyridine
PRE C n-Propyl ether
PRF P Pyrolysis residual fuels
PRG C Propargite
PRM C See code: MPA, PAX or PLA
PRO C Propargyl alcohol
PRP C Propane
PRR C Pyrethrins
PSF C Potassium polysulfide solution (40% or less)
PSM C Poly(20)oxyethylene sorbitan monooleate
PSS C Polyferric sulfate solution
PTA C n-Pentane
PTB C Pentaborane
PTC C Potassium cyanide
PTD C Potassium dichromate
PTE C 1-Pentene
PTF C Potassium thiosulfate solution (50% or less)
PTG C Potassium polysulfide, Potassium thiosulfate, solution (41% or less)
PTH C Potassium hydroxide
PTI C Potassium iodide
PTL P Petrolatum
PTM C Potassium
PTN P Petroleum naphtha
PTO C Parathion
PTP C Potassium permanganate
PTR C Propylene trimer
PTR P Propylene trimer
PTS C Potassium oxalate
PTT C Propylene tetramer
PTX C Pentene (all isomers)
PTY C Pentane (all isomers)
PXE C 1-Phenyl-1-xylyl ethane
PXP C n-Propoxypropanol
PYR C Polyether (molecular weight 2000+)
QNL C Quinoline
RAD C Radioactive materials
RAL U Radioactive material, Low specific activity (LSA-1)
RAM C Radioactive material
RAS U Radioactive material, surface contaminated objects
RFG C Refrigerant gases
RML U Radioactive material (Low specific activity) (UN2912)
RMS U Radioactive material (Surface contaminated) (UN2913)
RSC C Resorcinol
RSP C Rosin soap (disproportionated) solution
SAB C Alkylbenzenesulfonates
SAC C Sulfuric acid, spent
SAL C Salicylaldehyde
SAM C Sodium amide
SAN C Sodium acetate solution
SAO C Sodium acetate, Glycol, Water mixture (1% or less Sodium hydroxide)
SAP C Sodium acetate, Glycol, Water mixture (3% or more Sodium hydroxide)
SAR C Sodium arsenite
SAS C Sodium alkyl sulfates
SAT C Sodium fluoroacetate
SAU C Sodium aluminate solution (45% or less)
SAZ C Sodium azide
SBF C Sodium bifluoride
SBH C Sodium borohydride
SBI C Sodium borohydride (13%)
SBN C Sodium benzoate solution
SBR C Sodium bromate solution
SBS C Sodium bisulfite
SBT C Sorbitol
SBX C Sodium borohydride (15% or less), Sodium hydroxide solution
SCD C Sodium cacodylate
SCE C Sodium carbonate solutions
SCH C Sodium chromate
SCI N Seed cake (Mechanically expelled or solvent extractions)
SCJ N Seed cake (Solvent extractions)
SCK C Seed cake
SCL C Sulfuryl chloride
SCM C Strontium chromate
SCN C Sodium cyanide
SCR C Sodium dichromate
SCS C Sodium cyanide solution (30% or less)
SCY C Sodium thiocyanate
SCZ C Sodium chromate solution (42% or less)
SDA C Sodium arsenate
SDB C Sodium borate
SDC C Sodium chlorate
SDD C Sodium chlorate solution (50% or less)
SDF C Sodium fluoride
SDH C Sodium hydride
SDL C Sodium dichromate solution (70% or less)
SDM C Sodium
SDN C Sodium nitrate
SDR C Sodium sulfide solution (15% or less)
SDS C Sodium sulfide
SDT C Sodium dichloro-s-triazinetrione
SDU C Sodium, metallic
SEO C Selenium oxide
SFA C Sulfuric acid
SFC C Sodium ferrocyanide
SFD C Sulfur dioxide
SFL C Sulfolane
SFM C Sulfur monochloride
SFN C Sulfur dichloride
SFO C Sulfohydrocarbon (C3-C88)
SFR C Sodium silicofluoride
SFX C Sulfohydrocarbon, Long chain (C18+) alkylamine mixture
SHC C Sodium hypochlorite
SHD C Sodium hydroxide
SHP C Sodium hypochlorite solution (15% or less)
SHR C Sodium hydrosulfide solution (45% or less)
SHS C See code: SHR
SHX C Sodium hydrogen sulfite solution (45% or less)
SLA C Salicylic acid
SLD C Selenium dioxide
SLS C Sodium long chain alkyl salicylate (C13+)
SMB C Sodium 2-mercaptobenzothiazol solution
SMD C Sodium N-methyldithiocarbamate solution (33% or less)
SML C Sodium methylate
SMN C Silicomanganese
SNI C Sodium nitrite solution
SNP C Sodium nitrate, Potassium nitrate mixture
SNS C Sodium naphthalene sulfonate solution (40% or less)
SNT C Sodium nitrite
SOX C Sodium oxalate
SPC C Sodium pentachlorophenate
SPH C Sodium phosphate, tribasic
SPI C Sodium phosphate, dibasic
SPP C Sodium phosphate
SPS C Sodium petroleum sulfonate
SRA C Stearic acid
SRS C Sucrose
SSA C Sodium hydrosulfide, Ammonium sulfide solution
SSC C Sodium silicate
SSE C Sodium selenite
SSF C Sodium sulfite
SSH C Sodium sulfide, hydrosulfide solution (H2S 15 ppm or less)
SSI C Sodium sulfide, hydrosulfide solution (H2S greater than 15 ppm but less than 200 ppm)
SSJ C Sodium sulfide, hydrosulfide solution (H2S greater than 200 ppm)
SSN C Sodium silicate solution
SSS C Sodium hydrogen sulfide (6% or less), Sodium carbonate (3% or less) solution
SSU C Sodium alkyl sulfonate solution
STA C Sodium ferric hydroxyethylenediamine triacetate solution
STC C Silicon tetrachloride
STF C Stannous fluoride
STM C Sodium tartrates, sodium succinates solution
STN C Strontium nitrate
STO C Selenium trioxide
STR C Strychnine
STS C Sodium thiocyanate solution (56% or less)
STT C Styrene tar
STX C Styrene (crude)
STY C Styrene
SUP C Sodium sulfite solution (25% or less)
SUQ C See code: SUP
SUR C See code: NPE
SUS C Sodium sulfite solution
SUT C Succinate tartrates solution
SVA C Silver acetate
SVC C Silver carbonate
SVF C Silver fluoride
SVI C Silver iodate
SVN C Silver nitrate
SVO C Silver oxide
SVS C Silver sulfate
SWD C Sawdust
SWR C Sewage, raw
SWT C Sewage, treated
SXX C Sulfur (molten)
SXY C Sulfur (solid)
SXZ C Sulfur (NA1350)
TAA C Trimethylacetic acid
TAD C 2,4,5-T Acids
TAE C Tridecyl acetate
TAL C Triethylaluminum
TAN C Tallow alkyl nitrile
TAP C p-Toluenesulfonic acid
TAS C 2,4,5-Trichlorophenoxyacetic acid, sodium salt
TBL P Tar balls
TBP C Tributyl phosphate
TBT C Tetrabutyl titanate
TBZ C 1,2,3-Trichlorobenzene
TCA C 2,4,5-Trichlorophenoxyacetic acid
TCB C 1,2,4-Trichlorobenzene
TCE C 1,1,1-Trichloroethane
TCF C Trichlorofluoromethane
TCH C Trichloroacetaldehyde
TCL C Trichloroethylene
TCM C 1,1,2-Trichloroethane
TCN C 1,2,3-Trichloropropane
TCO C Tricresyl phosphate (1% or more of the ortho isomer)
TCP C Tricresyl phosphate (less than 1% of the ortho isomer)
TCS C Trichlorosilane
TCT C Trichloro-s-triazinetrione
TDA C Toluenediamine
TDB C Tetradecylbenzene
TDC C 1-Tridecene
TDD C Toluene diisocyanate, Diphenylmethane diisocyanate mixture
TDH C See code: TDI
TDI C Toluene diisocyanate
TDN C Tridecanol
TDO C Tridecanoic acid
TDS C Titanium dioxide slurry
TEA C Triethanolamine
TEB C Triethylbenzene
TEC C 1,1,2,2-Tetrachloroethane
TED C Tetraethyl dithiopyrophosphate
TEG C Triethylene glycol
TEL C Tetraethyl lead
TEN C Triethylamine
TEO C See code: TEC
TEP C Tetraethyl pyrophosphate
TES C 2,4,5-T esters
TET C Triethylenetetramine
TEX C Toluene, Ethylbenzene, Xylene
TFA C Tallow fatty alcohol
TFC C Trifluorochloroethylene
TFD C Tallow fatty acid
TFE C Tetrafluoroethylene
TFR C Trifluralin
TFX C Trifluralin in Xylene
TGC C Tripropylene glycol
TGD C Triethylene glycol di-(2-ethylbutyrate)
TGE C Triethylene glycol ethyl ether
TGM C Tripropylene glycol methyl ether
TGY C Triethylene glycol methyl ether
THA C Trimethylhexamethylenediamine (2,2,4- and 2,4,4- isomers)
THB C Thallium carbonate
THC C Thiocarbamide
THF C Tetrahydrofuran
THI C Trimethylhexamethylene diisocyanate (2,2,4- and 2,4,4- isomers)
THN C Tetrahydronaphthalene
THR C Thiram
TIA C Triisobutylaluminum
TIB C Triisobutylamine
TIP C Triisopropanolamine
TKG C Tankage
TLA C Thallium acetate
TLI C o-Toluidine
TLO C Tallow
TMA C Trimethylamine
TMB C 1,3,5-Trimethylbenzene
TMC C Trimethylchlorosilane
TMD C 1,2,3-Trimethylbenzene
TME C 1,2,4-Trimethylbenzene
TML C Tetramethyl lead
TMP C 2,2,4-Trimethyl-1,3-pentanediol-1-isobutyrate
TMQ C 2,2,4-Trimethyl-1,3-pentanediol diisobutyrate
TMT C Trimethylamine solution (30% or less)
TNA C Tannic acid
TNC C Thionyl chloride
TNI C Thallium nitrate
TNM C Tetranitromethane
TOB C Tall oil fatty acid, barium salt
TOD C p-Toluidine
TOF O Tall oil fatty acid (Resin acids less than 20%)
TOI C m-Toluidine
TOL C Toluene
TOS C Tall oil soap (disproportionated) solution
TPA C 2-(2,4,5-Trichlorophenoxy)propanoic acid
TPB C Triphenylborane (10% or less), caustic soda solution
TPC C 2,4,5-TP Acid
TPD C 2,4,5-TP Esters
TPE C 2-(2,4,5-Trichlorophenoxy)propanoic acid, isooctyl ester
TPG C Thiophosgene
TPH C Trichlorophenol
TPI C Triethyl phosphite
TPL C Triisopropylated phenyl phosphates
TPO C Tris(aziridinyl)phosphine oxide
TPP C Trimethyl phosphite
TPR C Trimethylol propane polyethoxylate
TPS C Triethyl phosphate
TPT O Turpentine
TRA C Triarylphosphate (unspecified)
TRB C Tridecylbenzene
TRC C Trichlorfon
TRD C Tridecane
TRE C Trimethylbenzene (all isomers)
TRL C Tripropylamine
TRN C Thorium nitrate
TRO C 1,3,5-Trioxane
TRP C Trixylenyl phosphate
TSA C See code: DTI
TSL C 2,4,5-T Salts
TSP C Trisodium phosphate solution
TSU C Thallium sulfate
TTB C 1,2,3,5-Tetramethylbenzene
TTC C Tetramethylbenzene (all isomers)
TTD C 1-Tetradecene
TTE C Tetrachloroethylene
TTF C 1,1,2-Trichloro-1,2,2-trifluoroethane
TTG C Tetraethylene glycol
TTN C Tetradecanol
TTP C Tetraethylenepentamine
TTT C Titanium tetrachloride
TTZ C Tolyltriazol
TXP C Toxaphene
UAN C Uranyl nitrate
UAP C Urea, Ammonium phosphate solution
UAS C Urea, Ammonium nitrate solution (containing more than 2% Ammonia)
UAT C Urea, Ammonium nitrate solution (containing 2% or less ammonia)
UDA C Undecanoic acid
UDB C Undecylbenzene
UDC C 1-Undecene
UND C Undecyl alcohol
UNK U Unknown material
UPO C Urea peroxide
UPX C Urea, Ammonium mono- and di-hydrogen phosphate, Potassium chloride solution
URA C Uranyl acetate
URE C Urea
URP C Uranium peroxide
URS C Uranyl sulfate
VAK C Valeraldehyde (all isomers)
VAL C n-Valeraldehyde
VAM C Vinyl acetate
VAO C Vegetable acid oils and distillates, n.o.s.
VBL C Vanillin black liquor (free alkali content 3% or more)
VCH C Vinylcyclohexene
VCI C Vinylidene chloride
VCM C Vinyl chloride
VEE C Vinyl ethyl ether
VEO O Vegetable oils, n.o.s.
VFI C Vinyl fluoride
VME C Vinyl methyl ether
VNA C Vanadium ore
VND C Vinyl neodecanate
VNO C Vanadium oxide
VNT C Vinyltoluene
VOT C Vanadium oxytrichloride
VOX C Vanadium pentoxide
VSF C Vanadyl sulfate
VTS C Vinyltrichlorosilane
WAX C Waxes
WCA C Wax: Carnauba
WCD C Wax: Candelilla
WDC C Wood chips, Wood pulp pellets
WPF P Wax: Paraffin
WSL C White spirit (low (15-20%) aromatic)
WSP P White spirit
WTO P Oil, waste/lubricants - possible contaminant
XLM C m-Xylene
XLO C o-Xylene
XLP C p-Xylene
XLX C Xylenes
XYL C Xylenol
ZAA C Zinc alkenyl carboxamide
ZAC C Zinc ammonium chloride
ZAD C Zinc alkaryl dithiophosphate (C7-C16)
ZAP C Zinc alkyl dithiophosphate (C3-C14)
ZAR C Zinc arsenate
ZAS C Zinc ashes, Dross, Residues, or Skimmings
ZAT C Zinc alkyl dithiophosphate (C9-C14)
ZBB C See code: DZB
ZBC C Zinc bichromate
ZBO C Zinc borate
ZBR C Zinc bromide
ZBS C See code: DZB
ZCA C Zirconium acetate
ZCB C Zinc carbonate
ZCL C Zinc chloride
ZCN C Zinc cyanide
ZCO C Zirconium oxychloride
ZCR C Zinc chromate
ZCS C Zirconium sulfate
ZCT C Zirconium tetrachloride
ZDP C Zinc dialkyldithiophosphate
ZEC C Zectran
ZFB C Zinc fluoborate
ZFM C Zinc formate
ZFX C Zinc fluoride
ZHS C Zinc hydrosulfite
ZIR C Zirconium nitrate
ZNA C Zinc acetate
ZNT C Zinc nitrate
ZPC C Zinc potassium chromate
ZPF C Zirconium potassium fluoride
ZPP C Zinc phosphide
ZPS C Zinc phenolsulfonate
ZSF C Zinc sulfate
ZSL C Zinc silicofluoride

T TONS (2000 LBS)



hiosulfate (20% or less) solution

(40% or less)

(20% or less) solution

ch C12-C17)

n (65% or less)
otash) (UN2070)
otash) (UN2071)

ess than 93%)

pt. 95-120 deg. C)
nes) (having 10% Benzene or more)
water, bilge waste oil, bilge slop oil, etc.)

enzene or more)
ne salt solution
hydes and Ethylpropyl acrolein)
horosulfide mixture
solution (70% or less)
solution (<= 1% Dimethylamine)

e salt solution
nyl ether mixture
um salt solution
151.05, Definitions
odium salt solution
, sodium salt solution

principal components") ST NA, Cat D

s "principal components") ST 1, Cat A

"principal components") ST 1, Cat A
ns "principal components") ST 2, Cat A
"principal components") ST 2, Cat A
ns "principal components") ST 2, Cat B
ns "principal components") ST 2, Cat B mp. equal to or greater than 15 deg. C
"principal components) ST 2, Cat B
"principal components") ST 2, Cat B mp. equal to or greater than 15 deg. C
ns "principal components") ST 3, Cat A
s "principal components") ST 3, Cat A
ains "principal components") ST 3, Cat B
ains "principal components") ST 3, Cat B mp. Equal or greater than 15 deg. C
s "principal components") ST 3, Cat B
s "principal components") ST 3, Cat B mp. equal to or greater than 15 deg. C
ains "principal components") ST 3, Cat C
s "principal components") ST 3, Cat C
ns "principal components") Appendix III

ollen, grass, leaves, seaweed, jelly fish, etc.)

% or more Sodium hydroxide)
s than 3% sodium hydroxide)
g 12% or less MAPP gas)

ethers mixtures
on (41% or less)

Sodium hydroxide)
e Sodium hydroxide)
han 15 ppm but less than 200 ppm)
han 200 ppm)

onate (3% or less) solution

,4,4- isomers)
than 2% Ammonia)
less ammonia)

e, Potassium chloride solution