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Nature of Accident: Fall, etc.

Nature of the Accident Code Data Limit

"Natural Causes" "NAT CAU" "NATACCID"
"Homicide" "HOMICIDE" "
"Suicide" "SUICIDE" "
"Attempted Suicide" "ATT SUICID" "
"Disappearance" "VANISH" "
"Slip/Fall-Stairs" "SLPXFL STR" "
"Slip/Fall-Gangway" "SLPXFL GWY" "
"Slip/Fall-Deck" "SLPXFL DCK" "
"Slip/Fall-NOC" "SLPXFL NOC" "
"Fall, Same Level" "FL, 1 LVL" "
"Fall Into Water" "FL N2 WATR" "
"Fall, Not Classified" "FL NOC" "
"Fall, Into Hold/Tank" "FL HLDXTNK" "
"Fall, Other Level" "FL OTH LVL" "
"Struck by Falling Object" "FALNG OBJ" "
"Struck by Flying Object" "FLYING OBJ" "
"Struck by Moving Object" "MVNG OBJ" "
"Struck by Vessel" "HIT BY VSL" "
"Struck by Object, NOC" "SBO NOC" "
"Exposure" "EXPOSURE" "
"Asphyxiation" "SUFFOCATE" "
"Diving Accident" "DIVE CAS" "
"Bumped Fixed Object" "STR FX OBJ" "
"Cargo Handling-NOC" "CGO HNDLNG" "
"Line Handling" "LN HNDLNG" "
"Operate Machinery" "HAND TOOLS" "
"Non-Electric Burn" "BURN" "
"Scalded" "SCALDED" "
"Electric Burn, Shock" "ELEC BURN" "
"Caught in Lines" "CGT IN LNS" "
"Pinched/Crushed" "CRUSHED" "
"Overexertion" "OVEREXERT" "
"Sprain/Strain-NOC" "SPRNXSTRN" "
"Cuts, Bruises-NOC" "CUTXBRUISE" "
"Galley Accident" "GALLEY ACC" "
"Altercation" "FIGHT" "
"Unknown" "UNKNOWN" "
"Not Classified" "NC" "
"Hypothermia" "HYPOTHERM" "