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7c0a53a44b76d36bf91ffc7e5f8c2c38PostSecret iPhone Development Plans

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Published by: api-14433492 on Jul 01, 2009
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PostSecret iPhone development

Fireman Creative will develop an iPhone/iPod Touch application for PostSecret in two phases: Phase 1 A postcard viewing application will be developed. It will cost approximately $0.99 (or another agreed upon price) in the App Store. The application will include a collection of PostSecret postcards that can be navigated through sequentially, or browsed at random by shaking the iPhone/iPod. Each week, new postcards will be added, and older postcards will be removed, if desired. The cards will be categorized. Some initial category ideas are funny, sad, family/friends, and love. A final list of categories will need to be created. Users will be able to browse/ shake through all post cards, or browse/shake by category. Once the new book, Life, Death, and God, is released, buyers of the book will receive an access code to obtain bonus material. The access code can be used to unlock bonus secrets on the Life, Death, and God website, as well as on the iPhone app. Phase 2 An "urban geocaching" scavenger hunt application will be developed. This will either be an add-on to the existing app, or sold separately. A number of cities will be selected for the first version of the scavenger hunt. Secrets will be hidden in locations around the city. For example, the Duquesne Incline in Pittsburgh may have a secret inside a glass case at their ticket counter. The secrets should be in locations where users will not be able to physicaly take them (e.g. on the sides of building, in glass cases or frames, etc). Users will recieve clues in two different ways: 1) Twitter. This will enable non-iPhone users to participate in the scavenger hunt. A series of clues will be posted on the PostSecret Twitter account. The first person to use the clue(s) to find the hidden secret and tweet a picture of it via TwitPic will receieve an autographed PostSecret book, and an access code to see bonus secrets on the Life, Death, and God website. All subsequent people who send in a picture of the secret will receive an access code to see bonus secrets on the Life, Death, and God website and will be eligible for addtional prizes. 2) iPhone application. A different set of clues and locations will be used. The geographic position of the iPhone user will be tracked and they will recieve a notification if there is a hidden secret in their geographic area. The notification will include a clue. For example, "This funicular opened in 1877" might appear for a user in Pittsburgh. The user will then see a map overlay showing their current position, as well as a directional arrow pointing in the direction of the secret. When their geographic location is within a reasonable range of the secret, they will be verified as a winner. Additionally, they can take a picture of the location and send it to a verification email address or website. Similar prizes and secrets can be unlocked for these users as well.

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