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Demand for Orly Taitz, aka Orley Taitz to

Produce Documents

Whereas, you, Dr. Orly Taitz, Esq., have advocated the removal of the rightfully elected
President of the United States of America, Barack H. Obama, by violent or unlawful

Whereas, you have filed, or announced intention to file, multiple legal actions against
the President and other government officials that have no factual or legal justification.

Whereas, you have personally confronted two Supreme Court justices while they made
public appearances and on both occasions have tried to engage them in improper ex parte
discussions of a case filed by you that you believed was before that court.

Whereas, you have appeared before "Citizen Grand Juries" to "assist" them in
producing documents accusing the President of fraud and treason, even though such
groups are neither legally constituted nor authorized to make any legally binding
indictment and such documents have no legal force.

Whereas, you have recruited active duty military personnel to entice them to become
plaintiffs in frivolous lawsuits against the President and possibly place them in violation
of the UCMJ.

Whereas, you have demanded that the President produce all matter of private records,
some of which may not exist, and some of which may not be released without violating
state or federal privacy laws.

We, a group of concerned members of the most honorable and learned Politijab Forum as
Patriots, Citizens of the United States of America and the world do on this Seventeenth
day of June 2009, hereby publicly and formally demand that you produce the
following documents without delay so that the public may properly and fairly evaluate
your actions and motivations as well as your credentials.*

I. Documents pertaining to your citizenship(s) and residencies both past and


1. U.S. Citizenship Documents, including passport and all documents (such

as long form birth certificate, etc.) filed with application for US
2. Copies of documentation establishing your natsionalnost from birth until
the time you left the Soviet Union.
3. Copies of any propiska allowing (re-)settlement into the Chechen-Ingush
Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic.
4. Copy of exit visa from the Soviet Union.
5. Copies of all Israeli citizenship papers, including copies of any pertinent
documents showing that you renounced your Israeli citizenship.
6. Copy of US Voter Registration Card.

II. Personal History

1. Copies of birth certificate and military documents for A(a)ron Averbukh

who is apparently residing with you at present. Also, copies of documents
establishing your familial relationship with Mr. Averbukh.
2. All records pertaining to membership in the Communist Youth
Organization, the Little Octobrists, the Young Pioneers (age ten to
fourteen), the Komsomol (age fourteen to mid-twenties), and the
Communist Party.
3. Copies of primary and secondary school registration and enrollment
records, including grade reports.
4. List of all incidents in which you, either as an adult or a juvenile, ever
been served with a criminal summons, questioned, arrested, taken into
custody, indicted, charged with, tried for, pleaded guilty to or been
convicted of, or ever been the subject of an investigation concerning the
violation of, any felony or misdemeanor. (In answering this question,
include all incidents, no matter how trivial or minor the infraction or
whether guilty or not, whether expunged or not, whether you believe or
were advised that you need not disclose any such instance).
5. For each incident listed in #2, provide the following information: (a) First,
middle and last name at time of incident; (b) Last four digits of SS# at
time of incident; (c) date of incident; (d) location (city, county/province,
state, country); (e) Title of complaint or indictment: (f) Number assigned
to Incident complaint; (g) brief description of incident; (h); Name and
address of law enforcement agency involved (i.e. , Name of law
enforcement agency, mailing address, phone number, and name of at least
one law enforcement personnel responsible for/assigned to incident); (i)
Name and complete address of court involved (i.e., name of court, mailing
address, and phone number); (j) Date first heard; (k) Charge(s) at time of
arrest; (l) Charge(s) at time of trial; (m) Date of final disposition; (n) Final
6. List of all civil cases in which you were a party, whether plaintiff or
defendant, that have been filed in the past 10 years.
7. For each case listed in #3 and/or #4, provide (a) Complete title of action;
(b) date filed; (c) court-assigned case number; (d) Full name(s) and
address(es) of plaintiff(s) and attorney(s); (e) Full name(s) and address(es)
of defendant(s) and attorney(s); (f) Name and complete address of court
involved; (g) Trial date; (h) date of final disposition; (i) description of final
disposition: (j) whether disposition resulted in judgment against you; (k) if
so, whether judgment was satisfied; if not, what amount is still owing and
8. Complete medical records.
9. Certified Marriage License(s).
10. Copy of all documentation relevant to the alleged sabotage of your and
Yosef Taitz's automobiles on or around June 5, 2009, including but not
limited to copies of repair receipts, receipts for fuse and hose clamp, and
police reports.
11. Results of a complete examination performed by a mutually agreed upon
psychiatrist conducted at your expense.
12. Drug test results from a certified testing laboratory conducted at your

III. Professional History

1. Certified Dental School transcripts.

2. Certified Law School transcripts.
3. Any and all papers written while in college(s).
4. Names of professors (particularly Civ Pro and Con Law professors)
5. Certified Results of Dental Board Examinations for Certification to
6. Copy of complete application filed to obtain your dental license.
7. Certified copies of California Bar Exam results
i. Copy of State Bar of California's Application for Determination of
Moral Character submitted in connection with seeking admission
to the California State Bar, including any and all Supplemental
Moral Character Forms filed with application.
8. Certified results of MPRE (multi-state Professional Responsibility Exam).
9. Law practice client list (To extent confidentiality or privilege is claimed
re: any client, then provide privilege log, including following info (a) type
of client (individual/corporate); (b) whether client is related (up to third
degree of sanguity (c) general nature of representation (e.g., wills/estates,
criminal law, business counseling); (d) duration of representation; (e)
amount of attorney hours billed to client; and (f) billable rate charged to
10. List of all complaint(s) filed against you in any civil, criminal or
administrative forum, alleging fraud, deceit, misrepresentation, forgery, or
dental or legal malpractice, or violation of professional responsibility as a
licensed dentist, realtor, or attorney, including but not limited to any
complaints filed against you before (a) the Dental Board of California or
(b) the State Bar of California.
11. Copies of documentation showing that you have met the California
requirements for Minimum Continuing Legal Education (MCLE) to
maintain your license to practice law. See

IV. Organizational records

1. "Defend Our Freedoms Foundation" and "Defend Our Freedoms

Foundations" Applications for Recognition of Exemption IRS Form 1023,
including all attachments.
2. "Defend Our Freedoms Foundation" and "Defend Our Freedoms
Foundations" User Fee canceled check payable to United States Treasury
submitted with Form 1023
3. "Defend Our Freedoms Foundation" and "Defend Our Freedoms
Foundations" Corporate Bylaws
4. "Defend Our Freedoms Foundation" and "Defend Our Freedoms
Foundations" Articles of Incorporation.
5. "Defend Our Freedoms Foundation" and "Defend Our Freedoms
Foundations" Foundation IRS Letter of Determination.
6. List of "Defend Our Freedoms Foundation" and "Defend Our Freedoms
Foundations" Officers/Directors, including compensation.
7. "Defend Our Freedoms Foundation" and "Defend Our Freedoms
Foundations" California Form CT-1 Initial Registration Form State of
California Office of the Attorney General Registry of Charitable Trusts as
submitted to the Office of the Attorney General of Calif.
8. "Defend Our Freedoms Foundation" and "Defend Our Freedoms
Foundations" California Registry of Charitable Trusts registration fee
payable to the Department of Justice cancelled check.
9. "Defend Our Freedoms Foundation" and "Defend Our Freedoms
Foundations" California Exemption Application form 3500 or 3500A,
including all attachments.
10. "Defend Our Freedoms Foundation" and "Defend Our Freedoms
Foundations" Application Fee cancelled check payable to Franchise Tax
Board accompanying 3500 or 3500A.
11. "Defend Our Freedoms Foundation" and "Defend Our Freedoms
Foundations" Financial Records.

V. Political Affiliations

1. Copies of all emails or other correspondence with AIPAC, American Israel

Public Affairs Committee, or members of AIPAC.
2. Copies of correspondence via email or other means with other political
entities including but not limited to the Republican Party, GOPAC, and
other political action committees.
* This document was not issued by any court and you are not legally obligated to respond the requests herein. In other
words, it has exactly the same status in law and in court that the various citizens' grand juries "indictments" and
"presentments" have, even though it comes from a much larger number of citizens.

Revised 6/21/2009