2/09 M O N D A Y T U E S D A Y W E D N D E S.


ENG ENG Bio Chem Maths Phys

ENG ENG Bio ED Maths Phys Chem

Phys Phys Bio ED Maths Phys MolInt ICR

Phys Phys Bio ED Maths

Chem MolInt Bio IL Maths

Chem MolInt µflu IL Maths

MolInt MolInt µflu IL Maths FluoBio Biosens ICR MolInt Chem µWave φDev µflu µflu SB SB Maths Biosens ICR µWave

Biosens ICR µflu


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LMIJZ MolInt µflu µflu Biosens

LMIJZ MolInt µflu µflu Biosens FluoBio ICR µWave MolInt LMIJZ FluoBio φDev NeuroPhoton NeuroPhoton µflu IL Biosens φDev ICR ICR

µWave MolInt BioSens BioSens ICR FluoBio µWave µWave MolInt LMIJZ FluoBio φDev NeuroPhoton NeuroPhoton µflu IL Biosens φDev µWave µWave

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LMIJZ MolInt µWave µWave

φDev MolInt LMI LMI BioSens

φDev MolInt

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LMINDL Biosens

FluoBio FluoBio FluoBio Chem ICR Chem MolInt ENG ENG Bio Bio SB SB Maths Chem ICR Chem LMINDL φDev FluoBio Bio IL Bio IL Maths Biosens ENG ENG φDev φDev Chem ICR Chem LMINDL φDev FluoBio µflu IL BioEx BioEx Maths Biosens ICR µWave

FluoBio FluoBio FluoBio FluoBio Biosens ICR MolInt Phys Phys MolInt ICR ICR MolInt ICR ICR MolInt LMIJZ

Welcome Meeting Chem Phys Phys ENG ENG Chem Phys Bio Bio ED Chem Maths Phys Phys ENG ENG

Chem Phys ENG ENG Bio ED Bio ED Maths Phys ENG ENG

LMINDL MolInt ENG ENG Bio ED Bio ED Maths FluoBio ENG ENG

LMINDL LMINDL LMINDL Chem Chem µflu µflu SB SB MathsEx MathsEx ICR µWave µWave φDev NeuroPhoton NeuroPhoton µflu µflu

FluoBio FluoBio φDev NeuroPhoton NeuroPhoton SB SB φDev NeuroPhoton NeuroPhoton µflu µflu Biosens φDev MolInt MolInt

Optics Fluo Pract. Bio Optics Fluo FluoBio FluoBio BioSens Pract. Bio Optics Biosens φDev Pract. Optics ICR ICR ICR Pract. Optics µ MolInt MolInt MolInt Pract. Wave Optics µ µWave µWave µWave Pract. Wave Optics FluoBio FluoBio FluoBio Pract. Optics φDev φDev φDev Pract. Optics Mol NeuroµWave µWave Pract. Photon Int NeuroOptics Mol Pract. Photon Int Optics BioSens µflu Pract. Optics BioSens µflu Pract. FluoBio FluoBio Biosens φDev ICR µWave Biosens Biosens φDev ICR µWave φDev ICR µWave φDev φDev Final Conf. and part y

Biosens Biosens φDev ICR µWave φDev µWave µWave

Working hours : Morning : 8 : 30 – 10 : 30 and 10 : 45 – 13 : 45 In Paris Descartes : 9 h – 13 h Afternoon : 14 : 00 – 16 : 00 and 16 : 15 – 18 : 00 (may end earlier if French courses are scheduled at 17 : 30) Courses
Math : Fundamentals in Mathematics Phys : Fundamentals in Physics Bio : Fundamentals in Biology BSens : Biosensors Chem : Fundamentals in Chemistry Engl : English FluoBio : Fluorescence in Biology ICR : Ion Channel Recording using biochip technology µICRTP : Practicals in Ion Channel Recording LMI : Light-Matter Interactions µflu : Microfluidics µfluTP : Practicals in MICRofluidics µWave : Microwaves and Photonics MolInt : Molecular Interactions Optics Pract.: Practical work in optics Nanophotonics Dev : Photonic devices Neurophoton: Neurophotonics (Paris Descartes)

SB : Stefan Bittner JZ : Joseph Zyss BS : Bianca Sclavi RP : Robert Pansu BS : Bianca Sclavi; CN : Claude Noguès KN : Keitaro Nakatani NB : Nicolas Bogliotti CC : Catherine Colin MP : Maud Pélissier ED: Eric Deprez; PT : Patrick Tauc ; JC : Jean-Claude Brochon ; LS : Laurence Salomé EG : Elvire Guiot ; BL : Bruno Le Pioufle OF : Olivier Français NDL : Ngoc Diep Lai CJ : Caroline Jullien VG : Valérie Genot ; OF : Olivier Français BJ : Bernard Journet ; EV : Eric Vourc’h FM : Fabien Miomandre ; KN : Keitaro Nakatani NDL : Ngoc Diep Lai ED : Emmanuelle Deleporte ; IL : Isabelle Ledoux ; SB : Sophie Brasselet ; TN : Thanh Nguyen ; VE: Valentina Emiliani ; BF : Benoît Forget . GT : Gilles Tessier WS : Willy Supatto ; TK : Thomas Knopfel ; RK : Robert Kuszelewicz, EC : Emmanuelle Chaigneau

LOCATIONS (all room in Cournot building except for Neurophotonics and October 4 afternoon) Pale blue : C 102 (6,9,13, 19, 20 and 27 September ) Pale green : C 505-507 (Mondays) Pale orange : C201-203 (in January) Pale pink : C 402-404 ( 9, 11, 18, 28 September p.m., thenTuesdays and Fridays) Pink : C 505-507 (19 and 20 September, Tuesdays afternoon 24 September, 1, 8, 15 and 22 October) Pale yellow : C 419-421 (Wednesdays) Bright yellow : C 219 (Wednesdays 11, 18 and 25 September, and 4 October) Turquoise : C 205-207 (Thursdays and 9 September in the morning) Pale grey: Paris Descartes University White : Room A 112 in the main building, next to Pr. Ledoux office, 4 october p.m.)

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