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Published by Tudor Ciurea
Tabel Geogra
Tabel Geogra

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Published by: Tudor Ciurea on Sep 22, 2013
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CIUREA Tudor, 2º7

European Immigration to the United States (1850-1910)

The Europeans had multiple reasons to migrate to the States. The lack of food and the failed revolutions in Europe drove people away from the continent, in the search for a higher quality of life. The US could offer this, as many job offers were available after the Second Industrial Revolution. Factories needed workers and most people already had relatives in the Unites States, which encouraged them to move. The document consists of a table which gives information regarding the population of the US and the number of immigrants that went there between 1850 and 1910. It also shows from which European countries the foreigners arrived in the US. By evaluating the presented data we discover a perpetual growth within the given period of time. This can be seen in the increasing numbers of immigrants, from only 2,244 thousand in 1850 to 13,515 thousand in 1910. This should be of no surprise, considering the reasons stated above. The percentage of European immigrants relative to the total population of the US has increased by 2.71% between 1850 and 1880, and by only 1.38% between 1880 and 1910. While the population of the US has roughly doubled between each given year, the number of foreigners has approximately tripled within the first period and has only doubled within the second. It is interesting to note the dynamics of the immigrants’ nationalities. The British, most of whom were Irish, hold the maximum percentage of all European immigrants, with an average of 45.3% (the peak, of 66%, being in 1850). The number of immigrants from Germany goes up from 0,583 thousand to 2,300 thousand but it goes down percent-wise, from 28.7% in 1850 to 19.47% in 1910. Meanwhile, both numbers and percentages of all Italian, Russian, Polish and Swedish immigrants have increased. Despite the relatively low percentage of immigrants in 1910 (14.69% of the US population) they have managed to impose their supremacy over the Native Americans. As a proof, today the official language is English and major British influences can be found in the American culture.

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