Powers and Skills List Original Powers and Skills list from the old DC Heroes Role-Playing

Game, modified for use with the d6 format. Power and Skill names are non-exclusive, and may be changed to suit the Player or the GM. For example, Energy Blast used to be Starbolt in the original DC Heroes RPG, named for what Starfire called her energy powers. Heat Vision could also be called Laser Vision (or Lazer Vision), etc. PHYSICAL (Strength = Str, Dexterity = Dex, and Stamina = Sta) Acid: Sta +2 Dice. Shoots/secretes corrosive substance. Bomb: Str +2 Dice. Character may cause an explosion from the point at which he/she touches the ground. Character is unaffected by the explosion. Claws: Dex +2 Dice. Character possesses claws, talons, or some other sharpened attack method. Cling: Str +1 Die. The character can cling to walls and other surfaces. This includes suction cups or some sort of sticky substance on feet, hands, etc. Cold Immunity: Sta + 2 Dice. Character’s resistance to cold. Darkness: Str + 2 Dice. Character can create a field of Darkness that normal light can not pass. Vision powers requiring light are completely blocked. Ultra Vision may be used normally in Darkness. Digging: Str +2 Dice. Character may tunnel through substances. Substance Sand Dirt Rocky Soil Soft Rock (Limestone) Hard Rock (Granite) Steel Diamond Difficulty Number 2 4 6 8 10 11 15

Disintegration: Str +2 Dice. Can dissolve any object into atoms. Can not be used on living creatures. Energy Absorption: Sta +2 Dice. Absorb and neutralize damage from Physical Attacks, except hand-to-hand combat. Energy Blast: Sta +3 Dice. Character can fire a bold of energy from his/her body. Define type (light, radiation, cosmic, etc.) Extra Limb: Str +2 Dice. Character possesses one or more extra limbs (legs, arms, a prehensile tail, etc.) Flame Being: Str +3 Dice. Character can cover him/herself with a sheet of fire without taking any damage. Flame Immunity: Sta +2 Dice. Character’s resistance to flame or head. Flame Project: Str + 2 Dice. Character can shoot fire from his/her body like a flame thrower. Flash: Str +2 Dice. Character can create a burst of bright light. Flight: Dex +5 Dice. Character may move freely through air or space.

Fog: Str +2 Dice. Character can create a mist. Effect on vision is the same as Darkness, but light may penetrate it. Force Field: Str +4 Dice. Character can create an energy field to protect his/her body. May be projected around others. Force Shield: Str +4 Dice. Like the Force Field, but takes the form of a shield. Gliding: Dex +2 Dice. Character may glide through the air (not fly). Distance glided equals Dex +2 Dice. Glue: Str +2 Dice. Character can create a sticky substance that can hold things to the ground or other surface. Character is unaffected by Glue Power. Growth: Str +5 Dice. Character can increase his/her size. Hypersensitive Touch: Dex +3 Dice. Character can “see” with their fingers. Ice Production: Str +5 Dice. Character can create ice from thin air. Icing: Str. +3 Dice. Like Flame Being, but Character covers him/herself with ice. Invisibility: Dex +3 Dice. Invisible Characters cannot be detected with normal vision. Invulnerability: Sta +5 Dice. Character is very difficult to damage. Jumping: Str +2 Dice. Character can leap great distances. Lighting: Str +3 Dice. Character can create bolts of lighting. Mimic: Dex +5 Dice. Character can use the Str Attribute or Powers of any other Character in range. Mutation: Str +5 Dice. Character can evolve or devolve a target into a new life form. Omni-Arm: Str +3 Dice. Character can transform his/her limbs into anything. Material and mass remain the same. Poison Touch: Str +3 Dice. Character generates a substance that irritates the skin and causes damage. After contact, the poison continues to attack the target. Projectile Weapons: Str +2 Dice. Character fires projectiles from his/her body. Running: Dex +2 Dice. Character can move across level ground/surfaces at extreme speeds. Sealed Systems: Sta +5 Dice. Character can survive any atmosphere or environment. Self-Manipulation: Dex +3 Dice. Character can shape his/her body into any shape desired. Shrinking: Str +5 Dice. Character can decrease his/her size. Skin Armor: Sta +3 Dice. Increases the Character’s Sta against Physical damage. Solar Sustenance: Sta +5 Dice. Character may derive nourishment from the sun. Sonic Beam: Str +3 Dice. Like Energy Blast, but the energy is sound. Can not work in a vacuum. Split: Dex +2 Dice. Character may split into two or more separate beings. Each Split possesses the same Attributes and Powers of the original, but cannot Split him/herself. Stretching: Dex +2 Dice. Character can elongate his/her body. Super Breath: Str +4 Dice. Character can exhale a powerful stream of air. Superspeed: Dex +5 Dice. Character can move much faster than a normal person. Unlike Running, which only works for the legs and feet, Superspeed works for the entire body. Swimming: Str +2 Dice. Character can move through water and other liquids. Does not include the ability to breathe such liquids. Systemic Antidote: Sta +3 Dice. Character has limited immunity to Physical damage caused by chemicals, poisons, drugs, etc.

Two-Dimensional: Dex +2 Dice. Character can move along the surface of an object like a shadow. Can only be damaged by attacks made by another Character using the TwoDimensional Power. Water Freedom: Dex +2 Dice. Character can move through water and other liquids as if they were air. Character can breathe in these liquids and does not suffer underwater combat penalties. MENTAL (Smarts = Smts) Adaptation: Smts +4 Dice. Character can duplicate any existing Power or Skill from any other Character. Air Control: Smts +3 Dice. Character can control the movement of a volume of air. Air Walking: Smts +2 Dice. Character can move on air as if it were solid ground. Analytical Smell/Tracking Scent: Smts +3 Dice. Character can identify an item or person by scent alone. Animal Mimicry: Smts +4 Dice. Character may mimic the Powers, Skills, and Physical Attributes of any animal, but not the animal’s shape or gain natural weaponry. Attraction/Repulsion: Smts +5 Dice. Characters may attract or repel creatures and objects toward or away from her. Broadcast Empath: Smts +3 Dice. Character can make another Character feel any emotion the user wishes. Cell Rot: Smts +5 Dice. Character can cause any formally-living material to decompose. Will not work on living material. Chameleon: Smts +2 Dice. Character can alter his/her appearance to resemble any other Character. Comprehend Languages: Smts +4 Dice. Character may communicate with another intelligent being. Language Same Group (e.g. Spanish and French) Same World (e.g. English and Japanese) Alien Language Difficulty Number 2 8 12

Continuum Control: Smts +5 Dice. Mimics the effects of Damage Transference, Energy Blast, Matter Manipulation, Regeneration, Teleportation, and Time Travel. Control: Smts +5 Dice. Character can control the actions of another Character. Damage Transference: Smts +4 Dice. Character can heal physical wounds by take the damage him/herself. Danger Sense: Smts +3 Dice. Character can sense imminent danger. Danger Intensity Critical Threat Major Threat Minor Threat Difficulty Number 2 4 8

Density Increase: Smts +4 Dice. Character can increase his/her mass at will.

Detect: Smts +2 Dice. Detect any one specific item, presence or quality. The IPQ must be specified at Character creation. Directional Hearing: Smts +2 Dice. Character can pinpoint the exact location of a sound. Dispersal: Smts +3 Dice. Character may become intangible (but not invisible) to pass through solid objects. Earth Control: Smts +2 Dice. Character can move and control a volume of earth, rock, or soil. Empathy: Smts +2 Dice. Character can feel the emotions of others and determine the person’s exact emotional quality. Extended Hearing: Smts +3 Dice. Character can increase the range of his/her normal hearing. Flame Control: Smts +4 Dice. Character can control the intensity and spread of flames. Character can create flames (see Flame Project). Force Manipulation: Smts +5 Dice. Can create solid objects out of energy. Full Vision: Smts +3 Dice. Character can see anything within a full 350-degrees of him/herself. Such a character is impossible to blindside. Gravity Decrease: Smts +3 Dice. Character can make any object or person lighter. Gravity Increase: Smts +3 Dice. Character can make any object or person heavier. Heat Vision: Smts +3 Dice. Character can generate heat with his/her eyes. Hypnotism: Smts +5 Dice. Character can mesmerize a victim and control him/her as per the Control Power. Ice Control: Smts +2 Dice. Character can move and control volumes of ice. Character can not create ice (see Ice Production). Illusion: Smts +5 Dice. Character can make others see what he/she wants them to see. Can not create matter, but may alter the appearance of existing matter. Iron Will: Smts +3 Dice. Character can resist all forms of Mental Control Powers. Life Sense: Smts +3 Dice. Character can detect the exact locations of any being. Magnetic Control: Smts +3 Dice. Character can create and then control the flow of magnetic fields around him/herself. Like Attraction/Repulsion, but for metal objects only. Matter Manipulation: Smts. +5 Dice. Character can alter the shape and material of non-living matter. Microscopic Vision: Smts +3 Dice. Character can see extremely small objects. Mind Blank: Smts. +3 Dice. Character can block any and all mind-scanning attempts. Mind Blast: Smts. +3 Dice. Like Mental Blast, but Mind Blast causes mental damage. Mind Drain: Smts +4 Dice. Character can drain the Smarts points from his/her opponent and temporarily add them to his/her own Smarts. Mind Field: Smts +4 Dice. Force Field for the mind against mental attacks. Mind Probe: Smts +5 Dice. Character can read the thoughts and memories of others. Mind Over Matter: Smts +3 Dice. Character may temporarily neutralize damage from Physical Attacks. Mind Shield: Smts +4 Dice. Force Shield for the mind against mental attacks. Molecular Chameleon: Smts +3 Dice. Character may become any material he/she touches, whether gas, liquid, or solid. Neutralize: Smts +4 Dice. Character can negate one of his/her opponents’ powers.

Object Awareness: Smts +4 Dice Character can tune into any familiar object and become aware of its location and surroundings provided the object was in physical contact with the Character within 24 hours of Power use. Personality Transfer: Smts +5 Dice. Character may take possession of an opponent’s body. Physical Attributes and Powers are not transferred into the opponent. Phobia: Smts +4 Dice. Character can create a great irrational fear in the mind of his/her opponent. Postcognition: Smts +4 Dice. Character can touch an object or person and see that object’s or person’s past. Power Drain: Smts +4 Dice. Character can absorb the Powers of an opponent. Power Reserve: Smts +5 Dice. Character can establish a pool of Dice which he/she can temporarily add to all Attributes and Powers. Dice added can never go above 3 Dice. Precognition: Smts +4 Dice. Character can see into an object’s or person’s future. Does not need to touch the object or person. Radar Sense: Smts +2 Dice. Character can emit radar waves and see persons and objects as outlines. Use of Radar Sense will automatically be detected by Characters with Super Hearing. Recall: Smts +3 Dice. Character can mentally retain huge amounts of information. Reflection/Deflection: Smts +3 Dice. Character may deflect incoming Physical attacks. Regeneration: Smts +3 Dice. Character can heal wounds very quickly. Hit Points total returns to normal. Can be usable on others. Remote Sensing: Smts +3 Dice. Character may use sight, hearing, touch, taste, and smell to observe an area far away. Sensory Block: Smts +4 Dice. Character can block the senses of an opponent. Shape Change: Smts +3 Dice. Character can alter his/her shape to any animal he/she chooses. Sonar: Smts +2 Dice. Like Radar Sense, but Character uses sound pulses instead of radar waves. (Like a bat or a dolphin.) Speak with Animals: Smts +3 Dice. Character can speak with animals in their native tongues. Super Hearing: Smts +3 Dice. Character can hear sounds of extremely high or low frequency. Super Ventriloquism: Smts +1 Die. Character can throw his/her voice over long distances. Suspension: Smts +2 Dice. The Character can enter into a deep, trance-like state. Must state amount of time he/she wants to remain in Suspension or what event will trigger his/her revival. Characters in Suspension will not age. Telekinesis: Smts +3 Dice. Character can move objects with his/her mind. Telepathy: Smts +3 Dice. Character may talk mentally with another sentient being. Teleportation: Smts +4 Dice. Character may travel from one point to another without physically moving. Telescopic Vision: Smts +3 Dice. Character can see objects at a great distance. Thermal Vision: Smts +2 Dice. Also called Infrared Vision (IR). Character can see in the dark by the heat which an object or person gives off. Warm areas are in red, while cool areas are in blue. Time Travel: Smts +5 Dice. Character may travel backward or forward in time.

Truesight: Smts +3 Dice. Character may see through illusions or Invisibility. Ultra Vision: Smts +2 Dice. Character may see in the dark. Warp: Smts +4 Dice. Character may create an extra-dimensional gateway between two points of real space. A form of Teleportation. Water Control: Smts +2 Dice. Character can control the movement and flow of water. Can not create water. X-Ray Vision: Smts +3 Dice. Character can see through things. Character must choose a material that X-Ray Vision will not see through. MYSTICAL (Magic = Mag) Mystic Link: Not a power in itself, but allows any Physical or Mental power to be used as if it were Mystical. In such a case, Magic will replace Str, Sta, Dex, and Smts. Air Animation: Mag +4 Dice. Character can create a whirlwind creature who will obey the Character’s commands. Animal Control: Mag +3 Dice. Character may take control over any animal. Animal Summoning: Mag +2 Dice. Character may summon any animal. Animate Dead: Mag +4 Dice. Character may animate and control the bodies of dead creatures. Animate Image: Mag +4 Dice. Character may turn any two-dimensional picture into a three-dimensional object or person, and control it. Animate Objects: Mag +4 Dice. Character may cause inanimate objects to behave as if they were alive. Aura of Fear: Mag +4 Dice. Character generates an aura that functions like the Phobia Power. Awareness: Mag +2 Dice. Character is in tune with the cosmos, allowing him/her to anticipate events on a cosmic scale. Dimension Travel: Mag +5 Dice. Character can travel to different dimensions. Dumb Luck: Mag +4 Dice. Character can cause good luck to happen to him/her or others. If the power fails, bad luck will happen instead. Earth Animation: Mag +3 Dice. Character can create a creature of living earth that will obey him/her. Enchantment: Mag +4 Dice. Character can give another a temporary but dramatic increase in Powers. Characters that have Enchantment used on them gets a +4 for all Powers, Skills, and Attributes. Exorcism: Mag +2 Dice. Character may remove the effects of mind control or possession from another character. Eye of the Cat: Mag +3 Dice. Character can see through the eyes of an animal. Flame Animation: Mag +3 Dice. Character can create and control a creature of fire. Ice Animation: Mag +3 Dice. Character can create and control a creature of ice. Joined: Mag +2 Dice. Character can join him/herself to the Earth. Character can not be moved easily. Magic Blast: Mag +2 Dice. Character emits a bolt of energy capable of doing Mystical damage. Magic Field: Mag +4 Dice. Force Field for Charisma/Magic. Magic Sense: Mag +2 Dice. Character can detect all magic and magic-using creatures. Magic Shield: Mag +4 Dice. Force Shield for Charisma/Magic

Mystic Freeze: Mag +3 Dice. Character can magically restrain an opponent. Plant Control: Mag +4 Dice. Character can control plants. Can not create plants. Plant Growth: Mag +4 Dice. Character can control plant growth. Sorcery: Mag +5 Dice. Character can use any listed Power. Speak with Plants: Mag +3 Dice. Character can understand the language of plants. Spirit Travel: Mag +1 Die. Character can send his spirit (temporarily leaving the body behind) to other places. Spiritual Drain: Mag +3 Dice. Character absorb another Character’s spirit (or Magic), temporarily adding the Magic to his/her own. Transmutation: Mag +3 Dice. Character can turn any element of compound into another element or compound. Vampirism: Mag +2 Dice. Character can drain Sta from opponent and add it to his/her own Sta and repair damage, never going above their original Sta. Fully-healed Characters may still use Vampirism as an attack to damage opponents. VooDoo: Mag +4 Dice. Character can inflict Physical damage upon an opponent by inflicting similar damage on a magical doll. The doll requires something that belongs to the victim (a lock of hair, a piece of clothing, etc.) in order to work. Water Animation: Mag +3 Dice. Character can create a living creature that obeys his/her commands out of water. Weather Control: Mag +5 Dice. Character can control local weather. SPECIAL POWEERS Omni-Power: Operates like Sorcery Power, but is non-mystical in origin. Self-Link: Links the following powers to the Character in such a way that the Character becomes the power. PHYSICAL: Acid Bomb, Darkness, Energy Blast, Flash, Fog, Lightning and Projectile Weapons. MENTAL: Warp MYSTICAL: Plant Growth and Spirit Travel Examples: A Character Self-Linked to the Flash Power is a ball of light. One SelfLinked to Spirit Travel is a ghost, etc. SKILLS AND SUBSKILLS (Str, Sta, Dex, Smts, Chr, and Mag. Charisma = Chr) Unless specified, skills and subskills may be attempted even if the Character does not have that skill of subskill, called Unskilled Use. Unskilled Use is with the Attributes only, without the extra dice. Acrobatics: Dex +2 Dice. Subskills: Climbing, Dodging, and Gymnastics. Animal Handling: Chr +2 Dice. Subskills: Animal Training and Animal Riding. Artist: Chr +2 Dice. Subskills: Actor, Musician, Painter, Photographer, Sculptor, and Writer. Detective: Smts +2 Dice. Subskills: Clue Analysis, Counterfeit Recognition, Identification Systems, Law, and Police Procedure. Gadgetry: Smts +2 Dice. Subskills: Build Gadget and Identify Gadget.

Martial Artist: Dex +2 Dice. No Subskills. Medicine: Smts +2 Dice. Subskills: First Aid, Forensics, Medical Treatment, and Surgery. Only First Aid may be attempted through Unskilled Use. Military Science: Smts +2 Dice. Subskills: Camouflage, Cartography, Demolition, Electronic Countermeasures, and Tracking. Only Tracking can be attempted through Unskilled Use. Occultist: Mag +2 Dice. Subskills: Create Object, Identify Object, Occult Knowledge and Ritual Magic. Only Identify Object and Occult Knowledge can be use through Unskilled Use, and Smts must be substituted for Mag. Scientist: Smts +2 Dice. Subskills: Analysis and Drawing Plans. Thief: Dex +2 Dice. Subskills: Escape Artist, Forgery, Locks and Safes, Pickpocketing, Security Systems, and Stealth. Note: Characters who have the Thief skills and subskills are not necessarily criminals. Vehicles: Dex +2 Dice. Subskills: Air Vehicles, Land Vehicles, Water Vehicles, and Space Craft. Weaponry: Dex +2 Dice. Subskills: Firearms, Exotic Weapons, Melee Weapons, Missile Weapons, and Heavy Weapons. Unskilled Characters may not use the Exotic Weapons Subskill.