VOl.! NO.5 SAPRIL,I945
Pclge 15
Page II
KYUSHU ~ g e 4
"loll .rene: ~ ~ .. 28 -.w. _ "-__
NUS •• IlOO••
LOlr AltitUde Attack on 193 3
Mission to RYushu 4
Picture O:l. ta Airfield 5
Picture Tachiari Airfield 6
Picture Omura Aircraft Factory 7
Small Force Hits Vi tsubishi Plant 8
Photo Coverage of the Week 8
Device for Better Radar Briefing 15
Jap Play by Play Account of B-29 19
Vore Jap B-29 Inspired Items 20
What the Jap can \7rite Home 22
7 Armies Converge on
10118 Burma War Paying •
Japs Interpret the War News-
Japanese AA
Peashooter Pete Talks Tactics
" 193"
TorUPl:l'l.tsU F'aetory of the
\ rsenal , 200. W&5 11
129,000 sc;uare teet - de·
In additton the daoage to
three nI.Cbered targets, two indus-
tries nu:::::lbers &."'Id the city
of Nagoy••ara daoaged.
Duage to Target 196, O!:1gJsa
Factory. Nagoya included
23 shell-flll1n& b"Jlldings, tour
bUildings for storage of
and explo.siVes plu.s 12 revet ted
bulld1np, ee build1ngs of the for-
lIer pott.erj· .o-Its DO'II' a part the
arse-nal. The la.st b:Jlldlr\3S
prued 90 percent of the forae:r
pot te.ry workl.
At Target 254, "ltl1ubUhi Elec-
tric "anufacturtng CCOp&Q)' , a pee
storage area of 37,400 feet was de·
stroyed. Storage buildings, maeh.
1M shop' boiler house and senrJ!
uni4entlrled bUlldlfl6s .ere
3UTH 1'f1NG
'arty 11% or 49 alrboroe air·
cratt dropped 185 ton.s or bl7.:lbe on
the pri'!lary. This wtng encountered
Illore clouds than the others tJ:Ii was
forcad to drop through u? to 9/10
under cast. One aircraft landed at
I11'O Jilu.
reasons •

ODe hundred twenty aircraft "ere
lorne. of t1hich 106 dronped 826
ot bOlllb. on the primary rr OlD
to 8,500 teet thrOUlh 0/10 to
clouds. 'nu'ee aircraft drop-
approximately 20 tons on To,o-
and Shingu. Three aircratt
la...enty nine aircraft were air-
; 71 dropped 497 tons the
ry from '7,000 to 8,700 feet.
a1rcraft .ere missing and three
led at I11'O Jima for mechanical
!nelQ' aircraft OPPOSition was
atorted as nll to mod8l'ate and in-
!feetive. Flak was meager to in-
....Ught to heavy, and accurate.
IndividUal Wing reports showed
'l'arget 193, the MitsublShi
ett: Enaine "orIal at Nagoya OM
, Japan.' largest aircraft piants
• bit by the Bomber Command again
the ni..eht at Karch. Clea:o-
• sllloke uncovered 173.000 square
.t at new damage to the bil plant
, tour to rive percent at the
It.a1 roof area.
A or 1.533 tons of bombs
.. vUually aDd by reelar
• tha 226 aircraft which maele
Ntive sorties. There were 22
11'1,. returns and five eircraft
deh elid not return from the mis·
..'" .,.,
XXI B.C. Initial. cu: lJ
DATI 5 April 1945
It 1s intel'llled that this weekly re_
port be a source or lnforrnst1on for
bIlt crews anll starf ortic81's who have a
J.eglt1lllatA interest In the operations of
the XXI BOlliber those
lilllit! it shoul!! receive the widest pos_
sible circulation permissible under the
provisions of AR :\80_5.
In orcle:r thet a MXll'111l1 of intelli_
gence taa)' be included, the report 1s
given an O'Ierall classification of Sec_
ret. "l'hen the natlU'll or the material
-arrerlts, articles have re_
etlvee! e lOller security clas51r1cetion.
The report 15 so assembled that the
eOllponent SectiOM lI!ey be removed lind
c1l'culated or fUed Sllpll.l'etely, It por_
tlolLS are rePJ'oducecl, ucur1ty regula_
tions lIlust be observed and the source
CorrespondenCi regardll18 th1s
Hutton shauld be adclressed to the Com_
General, XXI DOTII'bllr Comend.
e"f,', ' clo POStrr.aster, San
I ornia, Attention: Irt:. or S, A_2.
Colonel, A1r Corps
,'c or s, "-2

11 Oita Airrield ro1101'lnc .,.ttod de.. •.-\ uall
27 "arch strike. PIs or re!!ldential area
COIIlland eIU list the to11o-... a.-a "4 boab htu 10 4aId-ed
results: ftlrcrart on the
The de.... by
lines Is (Ir'fIl9tO'lS 4.....

'ClUJ' hangars an.d rOW' 8'8nel'al-
bUU4inss Thre. re-
(For an a.cCOUllt or I
action to this
ial reports,) ,
not bomb any target.
at Iwo ,11ma to ,reruel •
were lost. Clal"
the enemy were three des...
probably destroyed and t"
Thirty nine aire:
314th ..,ing went on to
they bombed the
350 550 pound boobs
lS.OOO feet with a h
accuracy. Three 0'
targets of opportunity.
T:-tis wing had 36 e:
enemy aircraft, I'IOSU7
gine. Opposition was 11
effective however. QII
one Tojo claimed II
fliotQS on the
sho·, the results
TIll '>81.")"., _ (Seer et)
"til to"" "" .,.-
eka Textile Mill, reported to be 8
munitions plant now, of which all
10 buildings were destroyed, and
ths As8Shi pottery NorkS, of "hicl,
all 16 buildings were destroyed.
In the city of Nngoya 183 acrl:'!::
Partially in support Navy 0il-
erations in the Ryukyus, the XXI
BaRber COllllll8nd launched a two-r,ing
strike on 27 l·larch against enemy
aircraft installations on Yyushu.
Primary targets were the Tachi_
arai and Oita air fields. r,i th the
O:Iura Urcraft F'actory as !1 pr1"nary
rad!!.r target. One hundred alrcr"rt
tron the 73rd ':l1ng and 44 from the
3l4th were airbo:,ne betvleen 0252
and 0425 hours.
Scvunty four of the 73rd 'l/ing
ll.1rc:"art drojlped 1,024
GP, on Tachtar!li airfield visually
rrt)M 11 500 to 18,000 feet
Thirty nine
C 541 SSO-POunders on Oita air--
38 Visually and one by radar,
from 5,100 to 18.000 feet.
one and in_
etfective atu:.CllS were I!l'lde hy 18
aircraft oVer but
none attacked over Oils. Flak waa
heavy, and inaCcurate oVer
O1ta; 'neager to "Oderate at lJsull:l
nay; beavy, inaccurate
"',e!' Day; hCbl')', r"l
eer and
na"eurate oVer 1'
FOUl' airc:-art of this "ina did
.• .••
........ ... -"'.
ttcn, are two asse-bly
bul1dlnss and
In addition to several
sous buildings. previous
also 1s visible.

o IIlURA •

,rur3 r3C.
ryus"lu. It was 3.ttac":ed on
by aircraft of the 314th
the accuracy or their
evident fro,," the annoUtions
and (b."'1Clged are.!lS on

is 'rachllll'nt AirfIeld
'""""qU. It was hit on
atrtraft ot the on 27 l'arch by
Photo reVeals etght73f(l Wing, This
dalliseCl or destro ntne hangars
to tamage to bUl1d
, • In addition
In the Shop
" ..
J' ..
, ..

10&1e plane Jap favor it., IIla7
lapproach frOCl al\7 dlreetloa
but acrlll8111 e omes rr 011 el tber
Itba tront or rear quarters.
attaelr: Is usuall.1 pressed to
quartars, breakloa In a dh·••
Ous roum that 10ns ranp
nre otten eaus. If1PP1 to
art earlJ.
-Le!llo'De oute herel Clear tha tunnel I -:\'hera's that gu,:r?
eonvtoced - The bt& Iron Bird tUes. b<Jt let..,. s':;l111 the beans. lsp
,te.r tecties, aod set t'hall back to "!lY O"ltt1t."
as a 'sand.baS· and. bl'o\.!'\er. set ,0ar 5-2 tor_ "Md"
r • 6-000""'tOUtlgh .. "11' .. "oil'
rom, 07,9Qot;"'
No aircratt ..,.
enemy aircratt were: ....
t1nued on thelr !a1 '"
started a PlU'sUlt
otf at 1,000 yards,
meager and

by Allted It!
""the Jap II
people to 'Quo,;
,materials sUch II
'metal wares, l1cht
and rebl'1C1,
Sent Br01Uld"
materials. Ot__

tJ/d; WakJ

25 March through 31 March 1945

. ,
24 War
Shimonosekl, Tokuyama
6",24",40" SlI96
24 War
Nagoya, Osaka
6",24",40" 5"9'1 2S Jar
Abortive 51198
24 ...
Takasaki, Fukush Ima
25 liar
Nagoya, r.umano
6" ,24",40"
511100 25 lIar
Kyushu East &: South
10/10 cloud
5M101 27 Yar
East &: South
S\Q.02 28 Var
6" ,24" ,40"
SM103 28 llar
South &: East
Kurume, r.atsushlro
SlU04- 28 Ilar
!'lure, Kyushu East
6" ,24".40"
SlUOs 29 l.!ar
24" .40"
511106 29 Ilar
Y.yl,lShu South &: East
Sasebo, Shlmonosekt
5lU07 29 l!ar
Sasebo, Shlmonosekl
6" ,24" .40" sn08 30 KYUShu East
5'0.09 I.{JU> Nanpo Sh.oto
6" ,24" ,40" Ta
6",24" ,40·
Production at tbe Kitsubisbi
Aircraft Plant at Nagoya, target
193, ran into additional difticul-
ties on the night of 30-31 March.
'The 314th Wing mounted 14 a1r-
eratt against the plant on that
night and 12 of them dropped 199
500.pound OP bombs on the target.
One other aircraft bombed a target
of opportunity. Bombing 11'85 done
{I) &asel and bo.:;e made of plywood
)r other sUitable
(2) Tracie adjustobla r.:'.cl, for
supporting 35 nm
'(3) Flood-lightS fo.!' illumination
'of photo-easel.
(4) 35 mn copy ca.lIero or 35
i mm suitable for film-
• "': •. ;••••
' .' M'" <
As soon as the of the
enemy planes beconc clev, tt:ey
\'fill be announced promptly. Hence,
please rest yourselves and be calli
just before dUhin,;' out to fi&ht.
Shall we not fight against the en-
emy planes with the spirit of actu-
ally lIleetil"l8 the enflClY?
2246 _ Planes spotted !"roa posts
in !OiiI'ns expected to reach Nagoya
area e3:30 and 2400.
- The air rald wa:mil"l8 is
hereby ordered for tne co..st
of the Toke.ido area. (Tokyo 'll'est
to 40 miles ....st or ND/SOya __ does
not include Kobe and Osaka).
2337 _ As of 2229 enec:y planes
whieTi"'iU-e believed to be ':Illde up of
t ..o each, are heading northwest 0'1_
er the waters southeast pf the Shi-
ma Peninsula. In addlt1bn to thiS,
there are two more ob'ects (object!!
is ulual terrainology for O:lr at-
tacld.ng aircraft) fol101t'ing a!)d
heading nort}!.. It 1s helieTed that
these planes will reach •••• r.&8;oya
about e3oo. ('n11s esti-:ate was an
hour too ear 1,y) •
Let us f1s:ht tonis:ht as:a1n.
you sure that there are no obstac:1e5
in your path? Are all yOOf' Min at
their i'ltattons already?
spCCial care as ree;!.l'(Is vnc:
houses. In rtehtlng at n18ht it
taportant to s:et your eyf's
tomed to the darkn-U. Have Fre:-
,arations been Mde fo:, the cell"'!'
_ It is believed there are
15 iIiiUtes before the a11" 1":l.1d.
'i'l'arning is ordered ror the c:1tj of
Nqoya. Please onlre aU p"epara-
tions for a cc.plete battle.
Please uke aU preparations to.
a supply or _tel'. Row alch .:IAte'r
do you han arc:u.n4 you? P.o-
the preparation. of your b\le'ketl?
Ho.. about ...en cup,?
(Guao time)
t of 24-25 until the last
, had cleared the Nagoya area,
Jap redia prodded the hoCle de-
e __ no" ..arning, now cajoliI1&,
pleading. This is SOP during
the XXI Bomber Command
against the Japanese Empire.
A translation of excerpts troc
Jap broadcasts, m'lde before,
De and after the 24_25 March
ion, is set down b£lo.. for its
'al interest value••Times at
beginning of each item are
time. Times in the bOOy of
ttems are Tokyo time.
I t
_ -It is suspected that
rro11l:18tions of large-type en-
planes have headed northwest
the Bonin Island group. It
;. planes ue heading toward Ha-
I it is bel1eved that they "ill
Ragoya bet.een 2330 and 2400.
,Althc:u.gh these instruct.ions are
,ently given, have every pO!l!li-
filled with water,
the things both inslde and
ide of your house In order aDd
everythifll; prepared so that
will be able to fight without
,et,. •
azlm<.l.th ell'cle fOund
pcriphery of tl'c scope
inforllltttion strip Which
altitUde, bearilll;, ·.r-d It.til
longitude of the scope pb
other pertinent infor"'.o.UCl
posed of paper squares belr:
bel'S end letters
changed readily as the
The in
black and '.'!hite
land-water contrast an(!
tarl;et plans. The route to
the terget area is lnd'
tl8 paper strips
direction arrows ovor tbI
The for procluct1C1
35 mn fllm-strips may be
use materlgls : nd equlpmeDt:
eble Without srrectlnc the
purpose of the film,
present the radar a!'Pl"
withdrawel routes for
the best delineation aJ'd 0'
6 6

fUM-strip 35 mm

· -..-0....
....... .. to",. ''''' ....t_ ......,..Ol
J:"roouctlon of the flln-strlp
incorporates tr.e use of a lDask
which completely fills frnrne of
the 35 mm copy camera. 1'hls 15
placed on the easel of .:!! e'l'=lere_
stand ,ma the radar scope photo,
outline oap, end strip
are placed under it so as to a'pear
in their proper openings. These are
changet by raiSing the and
sertins the ncT-t scope photo and
date for ench sequence. It is not
necessary to chall8e the r.lep each
t1!!le as translucent lI!isks
range circles cut out are placed
over the outline map and may be
moved to indicate the cover38e or
each scope photo.
The is
a White paper strip laid aero;;!! the
scope photo to indicete the
line of the aircraft. The bparll"'.g
('of this line can hfI reRd frflt11 t.'ie
Any stnndnra
projector tJlhy be
.'.' '. .', "'z'
'. ..' ..' .. •.

llnemployed ...
1:egoya, 14 "!'le
planes t'lying over "hoh!":1 c:e.;,. t' ,,!
n1ght of 10 dro;''''8d "''':'''.r .... ,...
cils 1I'!1ieh contr,lre.:"
cne:Dlcals .. injured Lr.noccr.t
children who uj)••••
lQsy 31so drop fountain ;'en! 1.rJ.
c3nc:l.1es •••• •
is deSired that those gno are
to travel rerrain frOID rushtl"-8 to
get transportation during the next
day or so but eClllp1y with the
es or the rall11'ay officials con-
cerned. "
Japenese home radio service, 13
March: "The r.wanto (Tokyo area)
Munitions Superintendent's ortice
has the rollowlng ann':TJnce.
IIlent. to rectory worlrers and e::ploy-
eftS who surfered free the air rail!:
'You people had your ractories de-
stroYed b/ the recent air r81d or
have lost ea:p101Iteat. You people,
bowever, lII.lst consider thb cb.. "''l,se
as h"lving orfered 8 ch"nce C':!n·
structlng 8 new production struc·
ture that is ClUing to the dpcls-
ive WfU'the c'mdltlons'.1t
. ",' -.r""'.l.... .-'·.'
,; . '.'<.b ',,,,,:",
fto.. ..• ")' ." '\.'1"""" '\.' •
. .;,)".:c',•. ! ;;.,,;.• ' ,-;.;"
.. :.. ·,"\'· :,·· " ', """ '.,

alk ... rJ.'t 1f1Ulo

I am together wI th the one
d million people burning with
ignation against the enel:!Y's
:W1ce and irreverence snd renewed
,ngeful thoughts come from the
,ttOlll of my :-:'eart. I om solennly
'termined not to gIve up Ul'ltU we
troy the enemy.·
Japanese home service, Tokyo,
Karch: "The Tokyo RaUway Bur-
now running eight spccial
'ains from Uyeno Station in Ol'der
tral'l5f'ort those who have surfer-
in air roids •••••• lt
...... ..
- •


Tokyo bome service radio, on 25
Ib: A sta tement issued by Premier
oso: MToday, Febr\1tll'y 25, enBIllY
craft ratcHng the capi tal
;ly resorted to the outrage or
opping bombs on the Imperial News
eau of the Imperial Household
nistr,. and the guarcb station of
Omiya Palace which is an awe-
p1ring act. Needless to say,
e l' extremely slight. How_
er. &S a subject I am fIlled with
I illlDedletely proceeded to the
lace and paid my respects to HIs
,Jesty and (again proceeded to the
.lace) and inquIred of the
" health. TOltOl-rOl' morning I
11 be receIved in aucHence by the
lperor and I inten.:i to mai'.e a pro-
'ound apology on behalf of the cab-
t members.
7 1.1arch: liThe
clUb, headed by·
called a meeting somt
head men of these elulll
.I\r ita and Yoshio As aDO,
known 8S key of the '
versity and SOMe otb"
Japan. This
Friday and all the mea
the meeting voiced
as to what to do and
to make Japan a IItrO
l' 19ht the aggressor"
noblemen who attend"
unanimously agreed"
an's war armaments ..
Sfh1 ...... _ ...........
0303 - By the Vii_
of our air defense UDiU,
erable total ot war I
been achieved. I'Ihen tIM
enemy planes shot dCli
grouna Should be s.
citizens. I pray t.
effort. II
0133 - You ""'t IlOt
destroYing hOUSes 4
of' tires.
W1l.1 soon
a south_
0055 - The enemy planes
penetrate into Nagoya frO!ll
ern direction.

0056 - N'J,mber one has penetrated
Number two will soon
penetrate into Nagoya. Nun:ber three
is heading north in the waters l'lCI'th
or Tsu.
r'larnings succeeded for several
areas as announcements of more and
more approaching planes were made.)
0015 - Since the enemy planas
tonight are changing their tactics,
they tDaJ enter !"rom all directions.
Please be alert. Also, please be
attenti\'e for the sound of plane
tDotors becAllse frtencUy planes are
also present to illl.ercept in the
1:8g0>'8 area.
0111 The enemy Planes are drop..
Pini'""l'ncendiaries and eXPlosives;
so be sure to wait in the case of
explos tves for them to go off but
daSh in to put out incendiary fires.
m2l - Our interCepting uni ts
arer!,s'hting gallantly. One ene/llY
plane has been Shot down. SOlte
people must have seen the enemy
plane go do'l'f!l with black SIllO!m
behind it. Please do YOUI' best.
0l2S The fieht incen_
dIary "'5C1.'lbs is decieed in the first
five llinutes. Please ey.tingUlsh
fires before they spread.
013) - Taklll£ Out your hOUsehole!
efreetS is important. In order to
minimize the number or fires le t
us all Work t071ard putting , Out
fires promptly. let us concentrate
on surrounCl.1ng or central fires.
'lfiIU1J fu
'l' M
11ottlniC.b •
the struggle around Berlin.
Already seriousl)' ttlreatenecl on
tblt aut b1 the RusslaDl 4r.
a up
alQAB the Ode:." Hi"I", BerllD 11 ta-
"-- ...... ""'Ill great battlee ot
Europflan history. a battle which
prObably will determine the !!ura...
the European War, has open...
the Germans are braced tar

the nature or the islaM'
and squalls could be llIentiO!lll"
not described In de tan. 2Ili
perature could be mentl0tled 11

ted to discuss the brilb'
the moon snd stars.
Personal letters to tbt
wlte or sweetheart were per:
and ""'oold be handled l1btr;
ftn it they are too intimate-.
The recreational taell!'
the Jap soldier overseas i,.
ly guarded secret !'rca tbI
at home. No mention eould
ot brothels, tea houses, bull
taurants, etc. The suttle
frUit and candy could not
tiOned. RegUlations spec
mention of enyth:
might Cause envy or obJecU
the home tront.
'1be date ot the letWl
hints at the d8 te "ere tl
Photographs were permitted
that only one tree was lac
the background. No phoToOSI
lowed shOWing the sea, beacll,
natives. Jap civilians,
bUildings or mountains.
Severe puniShment was .
any solcHer who attempted
censorShip. (From AUS
om an enemy docuoent captured
e Pac1Cic a look at Japl!l.nese
irship 15 obtaIned. 'nle regu·
included the noreal prohlb-
lS on Inrormation or mIlItary
! and l1mIted the types or mail
h 'l'.B.y be pcsted.
!an was United to rirst cloSS
: and prlnt!d post cards, eIther
or air correspondence
1s. No air mail letters, pack-
s (except Imperial gifts and
,10nal bonds), letters requlring
JCial handllng, registered, In-
'ed, speclal dellvery, etc. were
il. " ..
The restrictions on letter wrlt_
ng cover a wide range or SUbJects.
mention or hint could be made of
.ocation. MSoutll Seas Area- was
lot permitted, for to the Japanese
that Would indicate that the wrlter
was In -Sumatra, Java,
Borx.o or lew Guinea-. The same 8P_
Ipl1e<l to "South BellS" which reveal_
ed presenCi3 in the Carolines, I&ar_
shalls ar.d the liartanas. They
"ere allowed to mentlon "laM or
j \UlIlmer" or -Southern coun_
beVel's! speCiflc pr
I "ere listed regardIng location:
"Do not write; 'I "'111 be the bul..
wark of the actflc I and do not
describe the ClOUds 80 as t.o reveal

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