BED MAKING  The purpose - Make patient keel better - Prouide comfort - Help prevent bedsores  Equipment - Bottom

sheet - Plastik draw sheet/ stik laken - Top street/selimut tipis - Blanket <selimut tebal> - Pillow rose <sarung bantal> - Gloves  Prosedure 1. Prepare the equipment 2. Inform the patient 3. Wash hand 4. Close the curtain privacy 5. Put on gloves 6. Help patient position left/right 7. Foll the dirty sheet 8. Place the clean sheet 9. Help the patient the roll other side 10. Remove the dirty sheet 11. Unfolol the clean sheet, shite me clean sheets and secute 12. Tuck the angels the sides 13. Ask patient to move to the middle of the bed 14. Place the clean top-shet ocer the patient 15. Remove the dirty top sheet 16. Chnge the pillow chofe

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