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U.S. Department of Justice United States Attorney Southern District of New York The SiioJ. Motto iting One Saint Andrew's Placa New Tork, New York 0007 June 12,2009 Honorable Denny Chin United States District Court Southern District of New York 500 Pearl Stree New York, New York 10007 j ELECTRONIC, BOC #: L DATE FILED: Re: United States v. Bernard L. M 09 Cr. 213 (DC) lof Dear Judge Chin: Please find enclosed 113 Victim Impact Statements for the above-referenced case scheduled for sentencing on June 29, 2009. The statements are attached as Exhibit A. Fight of these are from victims who wish to speak at sentencing. These are attached as Exhibit B. Thank you for your attention. Tre Cack 4 ie Ct Very truly yours, Lev L. Dassin 2 LEQ aetept Acting United States Attorney Witness Coordinator (212) 637-1028 ce: Tra Le Es Ut DT ~ «fixfo 4 United States Probation Officer Christopher T. Ferrall Assistant United States Attorney Lisa Baroni Assistant United States Attorney Mare Litt EXHIBIT A Olsen, Wendy (USANYS) From: paul allen [} Sent: Monday, June 01, 2009 6:53 PM To: USANYS-MADOFF Subject: Madoff crime at the age of 89, | find myself and my wife(86) devoid of future hope. | find it hard to believe what he did to us and in addition all the charities affected by this Bastard. In addition to Madoffs actions, our own government has failed us completely. The failure of the SEC to act when they had all the information necessary to stop Madoff in his tracks. Now the SIPC and Mr. Picard is peforming in a manner trying to deny us our rights they were supposed to protect. lasked SIPC to provide me with information I know they have and was told they were not obligated to do this , that is was the investor who had to furnish details to justify his claims. As I said above, at our age I don't forsee any help from the SIPC. Paul Allen