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Interest Inventory

Name:__________________________________________________________ Date:_____________________

1. What is your favorite activity or subject in school? Why? Your least favorite?

2. What are your “best” subjects? What makes them the easiest for you?

3. What subjects are difficult for you? What makes them the hardest?

4. What subject makes you think and work the hardest? Why is it the most

5. Rate the following topics according to your interests.

(1 = very interested, 2 = somewhat interested, 3 = not interested)

___ Dance ___ Music

___ Drama ___ Sports
___ Writing ___ Math
___ Computers ___ Science
___ Social Studies ___ Business
___ World Languages ___ Politics/Law
6. What are your favorite games or sports?

7. If you could learn about anything you wanted to, what would you choose to
learn about? Be specific.
(For example: science-fiction writing, meteorology, architecture, Shakespeare, Africa.)
8. What are three things you like to do when you have free time (besides seeing

9. What clubs, groups, teams, or organizations do you belong to? Include both
activities and those not sponsored by the school.

10.What things have you collected in the past? What, if anything, are you
currently collecting?

11.Have you ever taught yourself to do something without the help of another
If so, what?

12.If you were going to start a book club, what kinds of books would your club

13.If people were to come to you for information about something you know a lot
about, what would the topic be?

14.If you could plan a field trip for learning, where would you go? Why would you
that place?

15.When you’re using the computer, are you usually playing games, doing
doing research, visiting Web sites, visiting chat rooms, shopping, exchanging
programming, or some other activity?

16. If you could interview an expert on any subject, what subject would you like to
talk to someone about?
17.If you could interview one significant person from the present and one from
the past,
who would you interview? Why would you choose these two people?

18.What careers are you currently interested in?

19.Circle one. In school, I prefer to work:

alone with one other person in a small group in a larger group

20.Circle one. In school, I learn best:

alone with one other person in a small group in a larger group

21.What helps you learn? (For example, a hands-on activity, reading, taking notes, or
reading out loud.)

22.What makes learning more difficult for you? (For example, lectures, lots of writing.)

23.Think of a great teacher you’ve had. Describe what made this teacher so

24.What past school assignment or project are you proudest of? Why?

25.What project done outside of school are you proudest of? Why?

26.What else would you like me to know about you as a learner?

Projects, Presentations, Performances (Grades 3–5)


What kinds of school assignments or projects do you like to do? Read the following eight
lists. For each list, draw a circle around all the different activities you would enjoy doing to
show others what you’ve learned.

Group One
Debating Creative writing Writing a slogan

Writing poetry Creating a riddle Writing a conversation or

Making a speech Writing a report
Writing a letter to the editor
Storytelling Making an audiotape
Writing a fairy tale, myth, or
Writing an essay Creating a crossword puzzle
Writing a research paper Writing a journal
Creating a newspaper or
Writing a story Writing a summary magazine
Writing a biography Writing a pamphlet or Writing a letter
Writing a magazine or
newspaper article

Group Two
Designing a maze or puzzle Constructing a timeline Designing a computer
program, game, or graphic
Investigating a problem Constructing a chart or graph
Developing a hypothesis
Making an outline Inventing a code

Solving a number problem Recording information

Making a diagram Designing a survey

Group Three
Making digital camera slides
Drawing Making a collage
Creating a board game
Sketching Making visual aids for a
presentation (slides, Designing a pamphlet or
transparencies, props) brochure
Designing a Web site
Taking photographs Designing a postcard
Creating a pop-up book
Making a mobile Designing a greeting card
Creating a cartoon or comic
Constructing a model Designing sets for a play
Making a storyboard
Making a clay or papier- Making a diorama
mâché sculpture Designing a structure or
Making a map
Making a diagram
Making a poster
Creating illustrations for an
Making a mural

Group Four
Developing an invention
Role playing Performing a dance or other
creative movement
Making a videotape
Performing in a play Doing an experiment
Performing a skit
Constructing a model

Group Five
Performing music Doing a choral reading Playing a musical instrument
Performing rhythms with
Composing lyrics(the words Writing a song percussion instruments
to songs)
Singing in a group, choir, or
Performing or writing a rap chorus

Creating a jingle

Group Six
Participating in a group Debating personal thoughts, Doing a volunteer project
activity ideas, perspectives
Organizing an event or
Participating in a discussion Solving problems with a activity
Conducting an interview
Planning a campaign for a
cause or issue

Group Seven
Keeping a personal log or
Keeping a personal journal or Expressing your opinions and record
diary ideas

Setting personal goals

Group Eight
Classifying objects Constructing a display of Designing an exhibit for a
objects or artifacts zoo or museum
Making predictions
Making comparisons Making observations
Identifying objects based on
their characteristics Planning a walking tour Identifying a problem

Creating a collection Investigating how something Solving problem

Participating in a simulation