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Reconstruction in Philosophy

Reconstruction in Philosophy

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Published by: brotherimam on Jul 02, 2009
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individual and the state ready-made entities in them-


As the new ideas find adequate expression in social

life, they will be absorbed into a moral background, and

willthe ideas and beliefsVthemselves be deepened and

be unconsciously transmitted and sustained. They will

color the imagination and temper the desires and af-

fections. They will not form a set of ideas to be ex-

pounded, reasoned out and argumentatively supported,

but will be a spontaneous way of envisaging life. Then

they will take on religious value. The religious spirit

will be revivified because it will be in harmony with men's

unquestioned scientific beliefs and their ordinary day-

by-day social activities. It will not be obliged to lead a

timid, half-concealed and half-apologetic life because

tied to scientific ideas and social creeds that are con-

tinuously eaten into and broken down. But especially

will the ideas and beliefs themselves be deepened and

intensified because spontaneously fed by emotion and

translated into imaginative vision and fine art, while

they are now maintained by more or less conscious ef-

fort, by deliberate reflection, by taking thought. They

are technical and abstract just because they are not as

yet carried as matter of course by imagination and


We began by pointing out that European philosophy

arose when intellectual methods and scientific results

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