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Reconstruction in Philosophy

Reconstruction in Philosophy

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Published by: brotherimam on Jul 02, 2009
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To say frankly that philosophy can proffer nothing but

hypotheses, and that these hypotheses are of value

only as they render men's minds more sensitive to life

about them, would seem like a negation of philosophy


In the third place, the body of beliefs dictated by

desire and imagination and developed under the in-

fluence of communal authority into an authoritative

tradition, was pervasive and comprehensive. It was, so

to speak, omnipresent in all the details of the group

life. Its pressure was unr vtting and its influence

universal. It was then probably inevitable that the

rival principle, reflective thought, should aim at a simi-

lar universality and comprehensiveness. It would be

as inclusive and far-reaching metaphysically as tradi-

tion had been socially. Now there was just one way

in which this pretension could be accomplished in con-

junction with a claim of complete logical system and


All philosophies of the classic type have made a

fixed and fundamental distinction between two realms

of existence. One of these corresponds to the re-

ligious and supernatural world of popular tradition,

which in its metaphysical rendering became the world

of highest and ultimate reality. Since the final source

and sanction of all important truths and rules of con-

duct in community life had been found in superior and

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