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Drift Eliminators Tower Cooling


orher blade prodLrcts remajn timiied by their inability to rapidly chanSe rhe clirection of small massdroplets.003to 0. they lack the strengrh and Figure 2.0 Velocity. SPECTRADrift Etiminators continue to outperform other designs (Figure 3) and are widety accepted today as the product-of-choice by bdustry including hundredsof utility and petrochemical installations.0 4.0 1. Measureddrift rates rypically varied from 0.a number of operating SPECTRAinsralarionshave beenindependenity testedby various aSencies using both sensitivepaper and isokinetic sampling techniques.nquo afnffi SPECTRA' SPECTRAa Drit't Eliminatorcarc the resultal ertensio? rcseatch antl testins sotg state-of-the art technolosv ta salot a univercal caoling towerproblem i the tnast cost cJfecfiw wlty n|)ailtlblctada!.0 o I E E s g 5. White some cellular desiSnsmay olfer simitar ddfr rate results. One look ai the btade designof SPECTRA Drift gliminators will tell you why thcy arc superior in jn8 towcr: vir tually elimjnaringcool drift in an energy efficient way. (FiSLtre l). meter/sec Fi8urc L SPECTRA Pressure Drop Cutue design and a number of current productsl€lyon rhissimptegeomciry. Itcmoving liquid dropleis from cootingtowcr exhaustair whi Ic using aslittlc fan crcrgy as possiblc is what efficicntdrifi rcmovat is alt abort.O 3.Thc SPECTRA design (Figure 2) has overcomc this gencric limitation by extending the third pass impact surfaceby over 35%and by adding a trailint edge airfoil_Tlns airfoit crcates a stagnailon region immediatety upsturam which rhe smallest droplets enter and are then eliminated by impacting the airfoit surfaceoutside oI the influence of rhe mah airftow. While highly cfficient. All drift elinrinator designsrcly on jn vclocityard djrcciion rapid changcs of aiL-droplet mixturcsto rcmovcddft by impaction on climjnator passage surfaces.S unique and patented blade design. SPECTM\ stonp doubte-wa bladedesien . MM Actua's SPECTRA Drift Eliminators provide outstandjng pertormance in both crossflow and counierflow applications. Sinusoidalpassage forms arc widety acknowledgcd as the nrost eflectivc cootingTower Drift Eliminators 5. T h i s ortsianding performance is athibutable to SPECTRA.Sincefirst htroduced in 1979. SPECTRA Drift Eliminatorsoffer the best performance available at a competihveprice.0005percent of rhe c r r c ul a t i n g w a t e r r a t e . This principleappliesto both cellular and blade rype designs.0 2.

:. doublefragile.lcsigneciwith sclftocking flangcs that provido quick.:llilllii:ir'" ExceptionelStrength. air col]tamination and biological attack. clrain built-in has a platc also sidc dflft ljqdd collectcd channclto c:train iononc tical areasoutsidc the mah gas siream.Dft Eliminatorpanelsarc Supeior M eial WashAzuaY Pressure Bionass Fouling \\'ith ihe ncr{' \'alcr treatment r e s t r i c t i o n si n c o o l l n g t o w c r s .blade design rigjdity of thc SPECIIt-A. intcf without coolrng in placc woocl or colcrctc k)wcr stfuctlrralmolnbersmaY be Drift Eliminak)r uscd fof SI'ECLRA additional u. No thcrmal shock-scrlsitive Asscnlblyis bolrciingagcntsafe Lrscd.rrs are made oI PVC that l::::.lnulatecl SI'ECTRA for its superior physicalpfoPertics. This is particularly ccllular competitive importantbecause Once desigrslackihis drain capabilit-v SPECTRA.::.: lfEaraA A sPhc/Fl a Oooooooooo 1 .ith suPport mcmbefs on tflro 3 mctrcs and cansPan sidos opposing Most lncdiatc s!rPPorts.iiti::i. prcperiics stabilityfol' intcgrity and dimensional lifc.C&try' oaet Reentrqinmetlt Side platcs are .l:i::':#i.Ii includcs Titaniun Dioxidc as a UV inhibiior to provide excePtional to Lrltraviolctradiatic)nin resistance crpos res. r t s . scrrice maxinrum rugted. SPECTRA's allows construction wall Prcssure lvashingwithout damageto climinate any cfficiencyloss d1leto biomass build-np.ithoui intcrmocliate .l no voidsor cliscofiinLrjtics installcd.l carry'ovefbcconlevirtlrally noIr Minimal BloTo-by.lirT"' '"'ii.essary/ 'lADtt:. biologicalforiling is becomingan jmPortaniconcern increasingly Ccllular designs are much more susceptiblcto fouling and pluggillg and oncethey Plug therc is no v\'ayto they are washthcm because prcssure l'VC is spccialy for..L.rns ihcy can be Prcssure d amage w i t h o u t Li nL. Wide Spans bladc \liv1Aqun'suniqrc SPECI'ltA J e s i S n p t o v i d c s s u P c r i o rb c a m . Glue-Free Easy Instsllatiotl are and sidePlatcs SPECTRAbladcs at the ioll nrtopanels casilyasscnlbled sitc..iihout pancl support Iram1n8. SPICI RA Dtift Eliminat.i:n oi SI'ECTRA Drifi [liminato's $'ashcci.:.iJ:ir.L Il!thurnnl d.l r f n g t h a l l o w i r l gs p a n so f L r p t o 1 nrrifos $.SI'ECTRA outdoorrvcather PVC standsup t{el] to temPcrature variations.::"tri:..i-?#:l':it. ':li.]':""!. AssemblY.)::'::ff!. 'fhc ru88cd .::. T h i s c x c e P i i o n as l Pan for dfift . doubLe-wal SPECTI{A's physical couplcdwitlr the exceptional structural assLrres of PVC. n:f. cxist in thc climinatorscciion This Lrlow-by tha! with SPIIC'fltA Incans an.r't cooling towcrs j.r f p . And SPECTRA Providcs a uscful air range !hat is lvell opcrating velocity beyond the limits of other producls on D ouble-WallConstructi I constrllction. quick and easywitho!t specjallalror.:.tl rh'"ti<rtt)t\)tit!t.iprbilityis a bi8 advantagc natural in replacements :inrinat()r .i#y"::::l. tools or ancillary fastencrs h any oPening fa cls arc installed $.::. SI'ECTRAs posltivo panel end seals.

In comparisonto high volume cellular typc designs. Phane:A124-371a3413717791371257 Fax:0124-371A35 E maiI mmaoua @ndavsn. Type 1 PVC compounds have the highest strength and chemical resistance propertiesof all thc rigid PVC compounds.30 DAY IMMERSIONSAT Room Tenperllure 60oC Originrl T€nsile Tehsjle SIr€nath (kg/sq.vsnl..cn) (ks/sq.t.Drift Eliminators allows shipment and storage ir1acornpact.11 +0."h) 562 5.. most\()od clinrinator dcsignsand rodLrc. slrength (fq/sq.18 569 506 520 520 520 5. alkalies and sait solutionshaveminimal effects on boih its strength and durabjlity (Table2).. In these respects PVC is consid€redsuperior to other plasiics..coupled with thc highly stablcdoublc-wallblade consiruction and low working stresses. assurc stablcbladedimensions and structural integrityof ihc SPECTRAdcsign even under scvere thermal shock condiiions..*ml:g*. Turucl tcstsconduciedby Southwest Lightweight The SPECTRA Drift Elimnlator weighs only 6. The exccpiionalresistance of SPECTRA's PVC compound to chemical and biological attack provide a notably longer operating life comparedto wood or other plastics.cn) 514 Hyd(. Strongacids. Louer Firc Risk As the result of extensive testing. LongOperating Life PVC is highly nnpervious SPECTRA t o c h c m i c a l a n d b i o l o g i c aI degradation. 13354 specifications for Type 1 rigid po\.:.59kg/cu.Jr":.rer. SI'ECTRA providcssignificantly lowcr shippin& handling and in-plant storagecosts.23 +020 Ar 23 +023 +0. NewDeLh 110065 Phone : 011-6218376/6219246/6413353 Fa : 011'64703A916472203 e-ma maouade @det3.18 166 513 520 521 521 527 +0. Let us quote yourdrift eliminator requirements today. Eastol Kailash.\T"?.71 (50%l SodiunHtdn)xlde .24 +4.cn) Wtighl Change t. Oflice : E-154.21 5. SPECTRA Dnft Etimlnators have been assigneda Class1 firc i:tardant ratinS.0: 520 54t TABLti 2.21 +0. t* j*"lt*.0.22 +0 62 +l?6 +5 24 +061 +0.. Chr"tilrl R(sirta& t oJSP IICTRA PvC.This is 1/2 to Ask about our operating installations and see how we've solvedthose tough dritt problems for others with SPECTRADrift Eliminators. PVC retains high impactand tensile slrengthand resists heat distortion over a wide ran8c of temperature conditions.in Regd. This meansfeduccdfire risk ancllowcr I/3ljghtcrtha.nlity arc assurecl on evcry panclsinceall interlocking clcmcnts are labricatccl at tho faciory to closc k)lorances.lotr..36 +0.nel.n."". CHEMICALREAGENT Tensil.in .11 520 520 562 371 +.meier.'s the loads on ProductUnifotmity Dimensional accuracy anclunjfol. Th(]se properties. volumc nest for . E-conomical Shipment axd btotflge The uniquc designofSPICTRA. verificd thc non-conbustibiliiy of SPECTIiA Drifl Elinlinaiors and show a flamesprcadrating of25 or lcssand a flrcl contriblrtlon factorof 0.in accordarce with ASI'M..E-U4-70tcst procedLrrcs. Rescarch Institute.""".(Table1).hloricAcid (30Eo) Hydrolluoric Acid (70Eo) Wiighl Chenge \E") meets or exceedsthe ASTM D-1784 ccll no.vinylchlodde compounds..