Invites you to an evening of

Date : 26th September 2013 Time : 6 PM Venue : SPJIMR Auditorium

Team lease . Arrpieta Kulkarni: Asst.Has taken a break from corporate career presently. Manager at Vivid Technologies . Procter and Gamble India. Batch of 2005 SPJIMR (GASP Alumni-Founding member) Farhan Nazish :Supply Planning. Brand manager – Nivea Deodorants. Castrol India Ltd . Nivea India Batch of 2008 SPJIMR (GASP Alumni) Ajay Simha : Sr. Batch of 2010 SPJIMR (GASP Alumni) Apeksha Patel : Senior Purchasing Manager . Batch of 2006 SPJIMR (GASP Alumni) Jyoti Prakash : Head Logistics and Customer Service. Fir se is a bunch of management and engineering graduates who’ve come together to pursue their passion for theater while balancing their corporate pursuits. Castrol India ltd . Batch of 2010 SPJIMR (GASP Alumni) Abhijit Kulkrani : Marketing Manager . Team members and their profiles : Anupam Joshi: Group Product Manager Trucks category . manager (Engineering). Ice Creams Category .Hindustan Unilever Ltd. Swarup Deb : Managing Partner GIRIGIT Studios Anil Tathwadekar : Asst.About……. Nivea India. Manager.

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