Mission, Ownership & Mgt.Alt, Goods & service category SITUATION ANALYSIS


Sales , Profit , satisfaction of Publics, Image

Identification of consumers

Mass Mktg. ,Mkt. Segmentation, Multiple segmenttation

Overall Strategy

Controllable & uncontrollable variables

Specific Activities

Daily &short term operations Response to Env.


Evaluation , Adjustment

Evaluation of the opportunities & Potential Problems facing a prospective or existing retailer. It seeks to answer two general questions: What position or status is the firm now? In which direction should it be heading? For a retailer it means defining the Org. Mission ,evaluation of ownership & Mgt. options, and outlining the goods & service category to be sold.

Organization Mission It reflects the firms attitude to consumers. competitors. employees. . One key decision is whether to base its business around goods & services sold or around customer needs. & others. A firms mission includes a long term commitment to a type of business & a place in the market. Govt.

a small company can usually compete quite effectively with larger firms.Second major decision for a retailer is whether it wants a place in the market as a leader or follower. it is usually best for a small retailer-and most start ups – to focus on a narrow customer base. Although a large chain can seek a broader customer base ( because of its resources & recognition). Third important decision involves a retail firm’s market scope. By concentrating its efforts. .

. Sole proprietorship Partnership Corporation.OWNERSHIP & MGT. ALTERNATIVES A very essential part of situation analysis is the assessment of ownership and management alternatives.

Nondurable goods store Apparel Group Food Group General merchandise group Eating & Drinking place Petrol pump Drug store Liquor store. Hardware etc.GOODS & SERVICE CATEGORY Automotive Group Durable Goods store Furniture. . Jewelry . Appliances.

.SERVICE CATEGORY Personal services Laundries & Dry-cleaning Beauty/Barber shops Photographic studies Funeral services Health-care services. Amusement services Movie theatres Dance halls Golf course Skating rinks Amusement parks Coin-operated game arcades Repair services Automobile repairs Car washes Consumer electronic repairs Appliance repairs Watch & jewelry repairs Hotel services Hotels Motels Camps.

OBJECTIVES Sales objectives : Volumes Profit Satisfaction of Publics (stack holders.). consumers. Image (Positioning) . suppliers. employees and Govt.

IDENTIFICATION OF CONSUMER The customer group that a retailer seeks to attract and satisfy is called the target market. . Market segment Multiple segment. Mass Mkt.

Strategy . & Pricing Communication with customer Consumers Retail Competition Technology Economic conditions Seasonality Legal restrictions.OVERALL STRATEGY Uncontrollable Variables: Controllable variables: Store location Managing a business Merchandise Mgt.

.Choosing a store location Competitors Transportation access Population density Type of neighborhood Nearness to suppliers Pedestrian traffic and Store composition.

responsibility and rewards are outlined via a retail organization structure. resources. authority.Managing a business Involves two major elements: The Retail Organization & The HR Mgt. Operations Mgt. Policies.: efficiently & effectively performing the task. . Tasks.

Merchandising Mgt. of the goods and/ or services offered must be determined. PRICING :Leader/ follower. . cost plus/ demand oriented etc. Decision about level of inventories. Decisions about width & depth of assortment. & Pricing The General qty.

Strategy To attain and maintain a long run success . consumer lifestyles. Strategic Planning in retailing: Trends in the consumer demographic . ethics & social responsibility. . technology. a retail firm’s strategy must anticipate and plan for the changing env. In particular . the firm should carefully identify the opportunities & threats that are evolving. SWOT. retail institutions and the international dimensions of retailing are discussed.

Demographics .

Population Size & Age Distribution .

of Households .No.

Population Mobility .

Location of Mobility .

Working Women .

Income .

Life style trends .

Gender Roles .

Consumerism .

Technology E-Banking Video Ordering system .


. Evaluating and revising the plan depending on the nature of the internal & external env.Retail Strategies Defining the business of the firm. Setting short term & long term objectives Identifying the target Mkt Deciding the broad direction Implementing an integrated plan that encompasses all aspects of retailing like pricing. location. and channel decision.

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