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TASK-( )! ("#ou$ %#esent&tion) ('O ) Be(&)io# o* O#g&ni+&tions in t(ei# M&#,et En)i#onment ( &! b &nd -)
The Tesco PLC begins the historical start from the East End of London at a local market in 1919. The historical journey continuing by adding “Plc” ith Tesco and e!"anded as a global su"er market chain by the influence of "rime stakeholders and res"onding ith the business# local community# besides that relationshi" bet een local# national and global en$ironments ith a slogan “e$ery little hel"s” and ith a "olicy of “no one tries harder for customers” and “treat "eo"le ho e like to be treated”# furthermore in$ol$e ith the community# ma!imi%e o"erations# manage effecti$ely "eo"le# control finance for managing in$estment and ma!imi%e "rofit by increased sales and finally "leasing dynamic a""roach to customers. Those dri$ing forces lead Tesco PLC through an economic boom# recession# changing consumer lifestyles and s ift changing technology age and globali%ed "eriod The modern marketing theory disclosed that# the success of an organi%ation is the ability to ada"t to change according to the changing en$ironment. The marketing en$ironment is com"le! and com"etiti$e# besides that it is e!ternal and "otentially rele$ant to the organi%ation. The marketing en$ironment is in the category of macro "ro!imate en$ironment and macro& idened en$ironment. The organi%ation has not any control on the factors that changing day to day and organi%ations has not any direct "o er to change those factors fall under the micro idened en$ironment and those factors like ise demogra"hic factors# legal factors# technological factors and "olitical factors. 'n micro&"ro!imate en$ironment denotes that# these factors can ha$e control by marketing firms or can ha$e information to boost marketing o"erations. Those factors consist of the com"etitors# customers# su""liers# intermediaries and micro en$ironment "ublic. ((tudy )ode# *+1,The organi%ations are orking under a globali%ed and technologically managed com"etiti$e en$ironment. The com"etitions are acti$e and the best ay to gras" the com"etition is to $ie thing in the eye of a buyer. The technologically managed com"etitors make com"etiti$e business en$ironment by internet online market and it is acti$e and raise tight com"etition to traditionally mo$ed organi%ations. The market structure is the interrelated characteristics of a "articular market# like ise the number of buyers and sellers and degree of collusion ith them# the le$el and ty"es of com"etition# le$el of "roduct differentiation and ease of entry and e!it from the market. The basic structure of the market consists of firstly "erfect com"etition such as many buyers and sellers in a market and no one able to influence "rices# secondly the oligo"oly market# there se$eral large sellers and ha$e control o$er the "rices# thirdly the mono"oly# they.re the single seller ith a considerable control o$er su""ly and "rices

4 and finally mono"sony market such as the single buyer ith a considerable control o$er demand and "rice. (/usiness 0ictionary# *+1,The conse1uences of com"etition affect the "ricing and out"ut decisions of organi%ations and it ado"t in the model of "ure com"etition also it re1uires "otential buyers and sellers numerous and less relati$e to market and indi$idual decision about "rocurement or out"ut do not affect demand or su""ly and not indi$idual decision affect the market "rice. 'f the organi%ations in the industry "roduce a standardi%ed good and the hindrances to enter into the market or e!it are not $ital in the long run and ne organi%ations are free to enter into the industry if sees the market is "rofitable other ise 1uit if antici"ate losses. ((tudy mode# *+1,The organi%ations make decisions on "art of res"onding or interacting in the market and the su""ly and demand theory bring out the "oints that ho the buyers and sellers in a market for a s"ecified good beha$e# ho both of their interaction decide the 1uantity of the good that get "roduced and the "rice at hich it "roduced and sold# besides that ho different e$ents im"act on 1uantities and "rices in the market for the "articular good. 2'reland# *+1,)3( Tesco PLC res"onding ith the change in the market# such as the "romotional acti$ities and "ricing "olicies in different com"etiti$e situations discloses it# besides that the business and cultural en$ironment ha$e a $ital role to sha"e the beha$ior of the organi%ation. The Tesco PLC has a strategic a""roach to the business and cultural en$ironment . 4s a global com"any# Tesco PLC res"ect the rules and regulations of each country that o"erates a business# besides that gi$e res"ect and im"ortance to the cultural backgrounds too. The income of the Tesco PLC generated from globally and if dig it into indi$idual "roduct sales# it discloses that the "ricing "olicy and tactics ork out genuinely. The eather also im"acts on there$enuee# but it com"ensated in the other side# besides that the substitutes also matter and it o$ercomes by "ricing "olicy and tactics and efficient o"erations# o n "roduction and marketing through o n sho"s let Tesco PLC to manage the threats raised by substitutes and it let Tesco PLC to com"ete.

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