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FotRC Turn 3 Summary

FotRC Turn 3 Summary

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Published by: Jimmy Zimmerman on Sep 23, 2013
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Inquisitorial Report: A4567/893/beta Reference: Feud of the Red Clouds Access Code: ********** Level: Magenta

Feud of the Red Clouds Turn 3: Softening Up
15 seconds to target….
-Attributed to: Hwe’Vere Tormentor Pilot

A pair of Tormentor Bombers from the Dagger Squadron Built and Painted by Airspace Member: Vedal Slayer
The latest phase of the Feud of the Red Clouds was a savage affair. The war struck hard at the inhabitants of Rutilus as the various factions began bombing the aerial platforms. Now, not just pilots were in the line of fire, but the techadepts and menials as well. The war began to take a heavy toll on machines, materials and personnel. Again, the forces of Mistress Merciebvaux were pushing hard to destroy all resistance. However, everywhere they were met with stiff opposition. The forces of Boss Badaxe and Magos Archivald pushed back just against the Chaos advance hard. Eager to take control of the planet themselves. Boss badaxe used his typical ork savagery and cunning, while Magos Archivald looked to his Tau allies for aid.

The continuing assault by Mistress Mercievaux and Magos Cy Belle seems impossible to maintain. Commander Plegabo and Eir’Yuan the Corsair Prince seem all too willing to let the Chaos forces vent their fury early, and counterattack once they are spent.

so far away from the over sight of Boss Badaxe. the Feud of the Red Clouds remained quiet. and have been conserving their fuel. Dark Eldar Razor Wings. to date the Eldar forces in Lambda have been able to easily intercept and turn back these forays into their airspace. and the unprotected bombers have proven no match for the Corsair interceptors. Therefore. foodstuffs. they have not pressed the attack with . Despite their success at clearing the airspace around Station Lambda. Plus. and to keep their enemies at arm’s reach has proven to be successful. Controlled By: Eldar Warzone 2: Station Ro Around Station Ro. Envoy T’wa’la and her allies strategy was to attack outwards. the corsair’s are expereincing their own internal unrest. Only the largest bombers could make the trip without refueling. they have instead turned toward petty internal disputes? Either way. the growing unrest from his allies and the Dark Eldar themselves have caused him to consider using the Dark Eldar raiders to spearhead a targeted offensive. only minimal fighter support has been available to protect the Tormentors. No new attacks were directed at the Tau and their Gue’la allies. they have been unable to launch further attacks. This has unsettled many of the more orthodox members of the Eldar expedition. The corsair prince had been all too willing to keep his rivals battling for control of Station Alpha and letting them expend their numerical superiority on each other.WIP Scuplted by Airspace Member: Easy E However. These internal tensions have forced Eir’yuan to consider moving to a stronger offensive footing earlier than he had planned. the Tau air blockade of the outer edges of Station Severus makes the task of flying a bomber from Severus to Lambda almost impossible. Chaos forces had managed to implant themselves in scattered pockets around Station Ro. rather than his smaller numbers. Exactly where and how is still to be decided. Due to the distances involved.Inquisitorial Report: A4567/893/beta Reference: Feud of the Red Clouds Access Code: ********** Level: Magenta ++Sit Rep by Region++ Warzone 1: Station Lambda The distance between Station Lambda and Station Severus is vast. Perhaps. As part of her all-out assault. Pockets of Ork elements within the area of Ro have also been oddly quiet. the Tau air blockade in the outer ring of Severus has cut of support to these Chaos outposts. However. Lambda is just a much a target of Mistress Mercievaux’s war plans as any of the other stations. However. and aircraft for a potential future assault. However. The numbers of Dark Eldar participating in the campaign continue to rise. From these hard won forward-operating bases they have been deployed on long range raids into the regions around Station Lambda. Tormentor bombers have been deployed to bases on the area of Station Alpha.

and siege of the xenos and traitors has taken its toll. To complicate things. Tau Barracuda from the “Talons” Painted by Airspace member: Kelsik typical Ork ferocity. Dark Eldar Raiders are still being sighted in the region. The situation for the Imperials is rather desperate.Inquisitorial Report: A4567/893/beta Reference: Feud of the Red Clouds Access Code: ********** Level: Magenta Warzone 3: Station Alpha After a difficult week of sustained air attack and dogfights through out the warzone. Both sides have seemed content to consolidate their position. leaving only the immediate airspace surrounding Station Alpha in Imperial hands. They plan to capitalize on the gains made by their air blockade. However. as spare parts and routine maintenance has become difficult. and attempt to cripple the Chaos threat at its heart. the Chaos and Ork forces had mostly eyed each other across the turbulent airspace of Warzone 3. How long this unofficial peace can hold is unclear. For there part. the Air and Fire caste warriors have begun planning the next phase of their attacks into the region around Station Severus. the Tau have been able to focus on upgrading Gue’la aircraft to help in the defense of Station Ro. Without the harassing attacks from Chaos and the Orks. and fortify the gains they made in the initial attack waves. this stage of the campaign has been relatively quiet. Controlled by: Disputed Warzone 4: Station Epsilon The skies around Station Epsilon have been some of the most hotly contested airspace during the Feud of the Red Clouds. Many strategists believe they are gathering intelligence for future xeno attacks. The Orks have responded in typicallu Ork fashion. Controlled by: Tau Imperial Reinforcements Painted by Airspace member: World Bleeder . The last cycle was no exception as Chaos forces attempted to cripple the Orks to such a degree as to knock them out of the war. they have not offered battle. Thankfully. By trying to kill stuff. In addition. Chaos and Ork forces have solidified their hold over the region. Routine air patrols have become harder for Imperial forces to maintain. the Space Elevator of Station Alpha has been able to keep the defenders able to resupply badly needed foodstuffs and water from the Imperial logistical support of Taskforce 351. and upgrading the air defense systems of the station. as resources have begun to run low.

his pleas have mostly been ignored as his Mistress has focused on spreading the war to all corners of Rutilus. No one has seriously challenged them in this region. These small pockets of resistance have proven to be no major impediment to continued air operations from Severus. On Station Severus. They exacted a heavy toll on Ork construction facilities.Inquisitorial Report: A4567/893/beta Reference: Feud of the Red Clouds Access Code: ********** Level: Magenta This weakness in command-and-control may leave the Orks vulnerable to feint attacks. Ork pockets have penetrated the outer edges. unlike near Station Lambda. However. there are some quiet whispers about there own ability to keep up with the growing logistical demands of the escalating Feud. and others to be overwhelmed by Ork fightas on route to the target. renegades. in the face of stagnation and lack of clear victory. Controlled by: In Dispute Warzone 5: Station Severus The airspace around Station Severus has remained securely in Chaos hands. However. and the Tau aligned forces have managed to place a limited air blockade around some outlying stations. but as the war continues to fall into a protracted war of attrition these supply restrictions could prove decisive. However. these raids were heavily supported by chaos fighter cover all the way to the target zone. and heretics has managed to hold strong. It is not uncommon for some raids to face no resistance. They provided valuable intelligence about the true depth of the Ork’s power. However. The growing strategic disputes inside the Chaos command bunker may prove to be a decisive final element in the outcome of the war. As the Feud grinds on. the death match between the Orks and traitors has settled into a war of attrition. Chaos Tormentor raids were far more effective around Station Epsilon than in other warzones. Magos CyBelle has pressed Mistress Merceivaux to expel these elements from the outlying platforms. So far. . and other key logistical targets. gas harvesting stations. so far Chaos forces have not been able to capitalize on these weaknesses. Controlled by: Chaos Orks and Chaos go Head-to-Head Painted by Airspace members: CheesyRobman and Vedal Slayer Like much of the Chaos efforts on Rutilus. These raids also provided another useful purpose. So far. mercenaries. this problem is negligible. His argument is that the sustained push to capture all of Rutilus is being hampered by a lack of supplies. the coalition of traitors. In the short run. it may splinter as each warlord attempts to gain their own advantages from the ongoing Feud of the Red Clouds. However. Another key piece of information the Raids have uncovered is the poor command-and-control Ork forces possess. the Chaos attack around Station Epsilon focused on Tormentor bombing raids. This could prove be a point that other factions can exploit in the coming days of the war. As a result.

The Orks have been a serious problem around Station Alpha. for the most part they have been an isolated foe. They have effectively.Inquisitorial Report: A4567/893/beta Reference: Feud of the Red Clouds Access Code: ********** Level: Magenta Conclusion With the latest stage of the Feud of the Red Clouds wrapping up. defense emplacements destroyed. An effective offensive here. Commander Plegabo is a cunning logistician. but they are in no position to start a serious offensive campaign without clawing back Station Alpha’s territory first. and the Imperium is nothing if not resilient. The Feud of the Red Clouds is still far from over. Hell Talons attempt to re-supply an Aerial Platform Painted and built by: Easy E thrown air blockades around support platforms for Station Severus and Epsilon The Eldar have been secure in Station Lambda. but have also made their presence felt in Ro and Lambda. with no clear faction dominating the others. The Tau have also made some inroads into other warzones. They have barely managed to keep the Orks and Traitors from directly attacking Station Alpha. this has left their own Station Epsilon potentially vulnerable to attack. many of the Aerial Platforms of Rutilus have been left in ruins. Can the renegades rest control of the planet from the loyalists? Will the xenos depose those who have ruled Rutilus for so long? Only you can help decide the outcome fo the Feud of the Red Clouds. Ork and Chaos forces are well positioned for such a campaign. Meanwhile. and a poor defense there could make the difference between victory and defeat. as the Ork menace flies outward looking for a good scrap. A trickle of reinforcement sand supplies are flowing in. However. and storage facilities devastated. This state of affairs leaves them ripe for air assault. their efforts have mostly left a lighter footprint. However. They have also raided and looted in the regions of Ro and Severus. in the case of the Orks. and to then springboard to the next. This type of platform hopping campaign will ultimately lead to the fall of the Great Stations. The forces of Chaos have pushed hard into the territory of Station Alpha and Epsilon. and they have already made in roads into a number of warzones. However. Their raids have extended into the battles swirling around Station Alpha as well. slowly uncovering and dismantling the work of the former owners. the Imperials of Taskforce 351 and Magos Deanarus are on the back foot. Dagger Squadron raids an Ork held Platform Painted by: CheesyRobman and Vebdal Slayer . However.

Inquisitorial Report: A4567/893/beta Reference: Feud of the Red Clouds Access Code: ********** Level: Magenta Feud of the Red Clouds Turn 1: Appendix Tutorial Links CheesyRobman’s Tutorial for assembling an Ork Bommer http://z8.75 x 8 8 16 11 3.25 x 8 16 x 4 15 334.php?showtopic=913 Fluff Links VedalSlayer’s Ashkelon Rising http://z8.5 8.5 .5 5 1.5 x 22 x x x x x x 1 Star 2 Star 3 Star CheesyRobm an Vedal Slayer Monticus Easy E Kelsik World Bleeder Ky-Maru Sparx Unknown 16 94.invisionfree.com/Airspace/index.75 8 7 3 10.5 5 10.invisionfree.php?showtopic=889 Points Totals Players Points Batre Purchasi Painti Modelli ps ng ng ng Hobby Total Medal Bar 37 58 11 10 7.5 9 25 5 15 3 26 2 77 x 3 80.com/Airspace/index.invisionfree.php?showtopic=892 Monticus’ Fall of the Black Sheep http://z8.com/Airspace/index.75 18.

Warzone 2.5 Chaos Tau Eldar Orks 2 1 3 44.25 17 Station Alpha.5 7.Orks WZ 4: Players Points Adjusted Points 5 5 1 2 8 19 8 9.Chaos Warzone 5: Players Points Adjusted Points 10.5 2.Warzone 4.6875 20 5 16.Warzone 1.Imperial WarZone 3: Players Points 4 1 1 1 Station Severus.75 7 67.75 20 5 16.5 Station Ro.Warzone 3.5 22.75 17 7.83 .Inquisitorial Report: A4567/893/beta Reference: Feud of the Red Clouds Access Code: ********** Level: Magenta Feud of the Red Clouds Turn 1: Appendix Factions Imperials Chaos Tau Eldar Orks Factions Imperials Chaos Tau Eldar Orks Factions Imperial Chaos Tau Eldar Orks Factions Imperials Chaos Tau Eldar Orks Factions Imperials 1 Station Epsilon.Warzone 5.Eldar WZ 1: Players Points 1 1 6.5 Adjusted Points 3 2 1 66.Tau WZ 2: Players Points Adjusted Points Station Lambda.5 22.25 17 Adjusted Points 6.25 8.375 7 20.

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