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First Grade Gazette

Stough Elementary September 23-27, 2013,,,,

Dates for your calendar Monday, Sept 23 1 grade in-house field trip Thurs. Sept. 26 9:30 AM Title I Parent Meeting Fri. Sept. 27 1:15 Early Release

Each Monday, the first grade homework will be sent for the whole week. Please work with your child to do each daily task. Return all work on FRIDAY in the homework folder. Monday- Put the High Frequency words on index cards. Keep the index cards at home to memorize the words. .- Reading: After your child reads a book ( or you read to them) ask the following questions. Who was the main character in the story? What was the setting of the story? What happened (beginning, middle and end)? Complete the retelling page. Tuesday- Math: do pages 43-44 Wednesday- Write on any topic. Remember to stay on the lines, use spacing, beginning capital letters and periods. Draw a picture to go with your story. Thursday- Math Complete pages 4546. Practice spelling your high frequency and word family words. Please begin reading to/with your child each night for at least 15-20 minutes. Talk about the story with him/her.

Reading Objectives
Read and write with stamina Find the main idea and key details Describe characters in stories Read CVC words with short a sounds Review/learn high frequency words

Writing Objectives
Stretch out words to hear all the sounds. Use spaces between words. Telling a story with a beginning, middle and end 10-12 minutes per day of independent writing time.

Boosterthon Fun Run fund-raiser Thank you for supporting our school with your pledges. The students had a great time running the track last Thursday. Pledge money is due this week. Please use the envelope sent home in the Friday folder and put your childs name and the teachers name on it when you send it in.

Math Objectives
Use pictures to show and solve addition story problems, equal amounts and totals Use sentence frames, __ and ___ are partners (such as 3 and 2 are partners for 5) and the total of ___+ ___ is ___. Use circle drawings and math stories to show equal and not equal.

High Frequency Words

Math words: add, partners, total, equal, not equal, number sentence Math Questions: How can you find the total? Which number is greater, how do you know?

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Social Studies

-an word family man fan than plan

Unit 1: I am a citizen of many communities Students will be discussing why rules are needed in the home, school and community. They will discuss various ways to resolve conflict in those places.