Signs of End-time(Pastor paul on false prophecies) Mat 24: heb 9 vs 27 The Abundance of false prophetic and Apostolic

Ministries ps 119 vs 89 is 8 vs 138 vs 2 The challenge of our generarion is dat we are so distant from God if you mean business with God, anything that will take you to hell, he show while ure alive.... Pastor Paul Enenche on Heresies of the "Testimony from heaven" DVD..... #Heresies--1 False claims that jesus enterd a dead drunkard and spoke through her Biblical truth that counters this claim-----> Who will jesus enter .......icor 6 vs 18-19, 2 cor 6 vs 16-18, icor 3 vs 16, lev 21 vs 10 heb 2 vs 7-----the new high priest(jesus) is not permitted to touch dead body. mat 22 vs 32.........God is not a God of the dead...mark 12 vs 27 #heresy--2 that return from hell is possible........ heb 9 vs 27, luke 16 vs 26, ps 9 vs 17 #heresy--3...she suddenly remembered her suffering in hell #heresies--4 claims that jesus became furious for calling him "thing" to the extent of hitting her on the head with an hammer till she bled......this can only be the character of the devil....jonh 10 vs 10, mat 17 vs 14-16 #heresies5-- her popular passage was heaven helps those who help themselves #heresie6-- She saw people who are alive who have been judges into hell already ecc 9 vs 27....heb 9 vs 27.....theres no judgement before death... #Heresies7---God is against communion ...Icor 10 vs 16, icor 11 vs 26.... act 2 vs 26 #heresies 8--God is against anointing oil mark 6 vs 7-13, 12 vs 13, mat 9 vs 20----God uses means to heal people....act 19vs 11-12

phil 4 vs4 eph 5 vs 18 #heresies 10..after protecting the nakedness of adam and eve.... 2sam 1 vs 14-15 Origin of the Heretic Revelation.. even marked a murderer (cane)from God deals with his servant..#Heresies 9-..isam 26 vs 7-9.even if our fathers sinned..That people should not come of the church Happy Rom 14 vs 17... isam 3 vs 17...even sam was reluctant to tell eli about his shortcomings that God revealed to him. gen 3 vs 7...>>>>>>>>>>>> .. act 8 vs this how the God of the whole earth will go about it?...Revelation against our Spiritual father... isam 2 vs 18...rev 12 vs 10 2sam 12 vs 1. ZACH 3 VS 1....

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