CITIZENSHIP I. Who are citizens? a. Qualifications b. Exclusive rights of a Filipino Citizen Modes of acquiring citizenship a. Jus soli b.

Jus sangunis c. Naturalization Election of citizenship under 1987 constitution a. Application b. Rationale: Co v. HRET c. When must election be made: Re Application for admission to the Phil. Bar, Vicente Ching Natural-born Citizens a. As defined in Tecson v. Comelec b. Bengzon III v. HRET Ruling c. In public office, who must be Natural-born citizens? i. Rationale: Frivaldo v. Comelec (page 1059) Naturalization a. Meaning & Nature b. Ways of acquiring i. Judgment of court ii. Direct act of congress iii. Administrative proceedings c. Case: Co v. HRET (page 1061-1062) d. Republic v. Guy Ruling e. Effects Marriage of a citizen to an alien a. General rule b. Exception Loss of citizenship a. Grounds b. Expatriation (concept) c. Go Guillan v. Government Ruling d. Exception: Sec 1(3), Com. Act 63 e. Aznar v. Comelec Ruling f. CASE RECITATION: Yu v. Defensor Santiago Reacquisition of loss citizenship a. Modes (So v. RP) b. Repatriation








Paras vs. some of whom are not qualified voters to elect local or national elective officials. c. property or other substantive requirement (reason) Secrecy and sanctity of ballot System of Absentee voting a.R.IX. CASE RECITATION: Aznar v. Comelec III. Regular b. the SK Election is not a regular election because the latter is participated in by youth with ages ranging from 15-18. Comelec) . 1996. VI. How effected: (Frivaldo v. Comelec) ii. i. Persons entitled to repatriation (Tabasa v. Vs. VIII. VII. November 4. CODE: CD18RR Residency requirement: Marcos v. Mercado vs Manzano Ruling SUFFRAGE I. RECENT JURISPRUDENCE (2011-2012) ---Nothing follows--- . as per RA 9164. CASE RECITATION: Makalintal v. No. G. CA) Dual allegiance a. Comelec d. (Labo v. IV. Comelec Persons disqualified to vote No literacy. Concept b. Special Qualifications a. Coverage b. II. Qualifications c. COMELEC. V. 123169. Nature Scope a. dual citizenship: see Mercado vs Manzano c. Disqualifications d.

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