Fundamentals of Onshore Drilling Fundamentals of Drilling Fishing – Stuck Pipe Problems

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Causes for Fishing Operations


Causes of Stuck Drill String 3 .

gravels) Fractured / Faulted Formations (fault/rubble zones) Reactive Formations (swelling clays) 4 . Formation Related Causes of Stuck Drill String Mobile Formations (salt. plastic shale) Unconsolidated Formations (sands.1.

Drilling Operation Related Causes of Stuck Drill String Junk in Hole (lost roller cone) Poor Hole Cleaning Keyseat in Doglegs Collapsed Casing 5 .2.

2. Drilling Operation Related Causes of Stuck Drill String Differential Sticking Mud Cake Too Thick Undergauge Hole Worn Bit Gauge Cement Related Flash Setting of Cement 6 .

Principle of Jarring Operation 7 .

8 .

Techniques for Catching the Fish 9 .

Principle of Overshot Operation 10 .

Recovering or Removing Small Junk 11 .

Various Types of Milling Tools 12 .

Working Principle of a Junk Sub 13 .

Catching Roller Cones with Junk Basket 14 .

Catching Logging Cable with a Wire-Line Spear 15 .

Fishing Tools 16 .

Fishing Tools 17 .

Fishing Tools 18 .

THE END!!! 19 .

20 .

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