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Where Do Products Come From?

Content Objective: SWBAT name natural resource products are made from.

(resources, particularly natural, play an important role in products that we avail of and use daily)

SWBAT recognize where products come from around the world.

(producers of products make use of resources that are common in their area and easily accessible)

Language Objective: SWBAT predict where products are made. SWBAT read a map Key Vocabulary resource natural man made Assessment: In pairs, students will match pictures of natural resources to final products and explain their reasoning. As a class, students will plot where different products come from around the world. Individually, students will write in their journal where their product came from and what natural resources were used to make it. Materials: Chart Paper Picture of Different Goods Football made from natural resources Play ice cream cone (attached) Picture of natural resources Natural Resource Color Page (Wax, Cotton, Leather, Milk, (attached) Grain, Wood) (attatched) Globe World Map

Activity Pre Write Journal Sketch a picture of the good you brought in. Predict 1. How you think that product was made and 2. Where it came from? (ESL SUPPORT: Clause sentences) The good I brought it is ________________________. I believe it came from __________________________ because _______________________. I think this product was made by _______________________________________________. Key Vocabulary I want to make chocolate chip cookies! What items do I need to make them? Make a list (explain that these are called resources) Concept Attainments (break the list into two groups natural and man made) Teaching Point: All products from jeans, footballs, to cookies are made of different resources. Resources are the different supplies or materials needed to make a product. These resources can be natural, meaning they come from mother earth, or man made. Where Do Products Come From? State Todays Goal: Today our mission is to find out where products come from? Explain that you want students to use their detective eye to spot the natural resources different goods need. Natural Resources Hold up a football. Ask students where did my football come from? What resources were needed to make this? Where did those resources come from? o Think- Pair- Share o Try to get students to go beyond it came from a store, or factory. Ask them before it became a football what resources were needed. Push students to think where producers got those resources. Hold up an ice cream: Ask students where did my ice cream come from? What resources were needed to make this? Where did those resources come from? o Think Pair Share Natural Resource Hunt: In pairs students will be given pictures of three finished goods. As a team they must match the natural resource needed to make it. o Introduce students to the following natural resources: Wax, Cotton, Leather, Milk, Grain, Wood o Have pictures of each natural resource posted around the room. o Give pairs the three photos and five minutes to match their good to the correct resource. o After 5 minutes come together and look at the different posters and have students share their reasoning. BODY BREAK: Give students 5 minutes to draw and color the Natural Resource Page (to be stapled in their journal) see attached

Where On The Globe? GEO WARM UP: Globe Toss Discussion: What would happen if I wanted ice cream? But there are no cows where I live? o Hopefully students will conclude you need to go to a store, etc. Ask students where did that store get the ice cream? Etc. Guide the discussion so they realize goods come Explain that goods come from all over the world. Often where they come from depends on their natural resource. For example: Do you think ice cream would come from Antarctica? Why? (There are no cows there, so it would come from a place where there are a lot of cows, etc) Show students a word map (BIG WORLD ATLAS) of natural resources As a class plot the different goods on the world map Post Journal Write a sentence about the natural resources used to make the product you brought in. Based on the map where do you think it was made?

Natural Resources

Cotton Wax Grain Milk Leather Wood

What materials and supplies do I need to make these cookies?

Materials and Supplies Needed To Make A Product


Natural Resources
Supplies and materials that come from earth.

Man Made Resources

Supplies and materials that are made from man.