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I shall check General technical requirements, like their control (over process, dimensions and testing for mechanical and chemical in the Lab etc) Role of QC Department, Identification / Tractability of materials & samples. (for info) 2. Product Marking (Code / Standard req SA 20 & SA 06) 3. Do they have special procedures for Rolling and cutting etc and Tolerances of products? 4. Their major Customers in Saudi Arabia (Procurement scope) 5. Protection during Shipping 6. Sample MTC Review for testing and how they certify it etc. 7. Any special approval for Lab etc. 8. Accuracy of Manufacturing Process. 9. Rejections, NCRs & Customers Complaints etc. 10.Chemical Composition for C, Mn, Si 11.Heat treatment Unit for Normalizing or other heat treatment etc if any 12.Calibration of Testing Instruments / Machines etc. 13.Random Inspection of finished products for dimensions, permissible weight deviations 14.How they are identifying Defect (likes crack or lamination etc) 15.Do you expect me to have audit or checklist for ISO req? 16.Report