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Emergency Exits

Walkways clear ? Exit door open ? Emergency Light maintenance Records Emergency light switched on Fire Extinguisher -Zebra Marking vacant ? Fire Extinguisher Service Tag Fire fighter badges 40% Fire Drill 6 months Assembly Point Vacant First Aid Kit Usage Book Scissors available Inside First Aid badges to be worn Diesel Secondary Container Machine Oil MSDS + Storage clear ? Spot wash MSDS + Storage clear No oil cans lying around NO needles lying around No cutting waste // Fabric not on floor No Loose wires // No free tube lights Electrical maintenance records Toilets clean & Checklist "Danger" signs displayed Genset area (for auth person only) Glove and Muff for genset operator All panels have rubber mats fixed ? Drinking water in good conditon Machine maintenance card Eye, Pulley, Motor, Finger, Rubber mat Metal gloves for cutters Scissors & trimmers tied Needle detector - Working; calib; Use Tag guns are not lying around Scissors or broken trimmers not lying Mask for overlock ; spot wash Rubber mat for standing persons Cap for overlock ladies Check documents XL sheet for Due dates Policy file Committee Meetings Schedule Check Notes for SUNDAY VIOLATION Machine Maintenance Cards Issue Pay Slips Issue Leave cards Risk analysis Rest Room Clean Visitors Note Maintenance IN - OUT DC Maintenance Needle Records are intact No Tape without calibration ESI . PF challans update ESI . PF returns FORMS Primark Checklist & Levelworks checklist New Employee Coaching - Questionnaire

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Best Practice


First Aid

Chemical Storage

House Keeping





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