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Jessa Maureen M.

Carolino 2012 59026 Professor Benjamin Mangubat PI 100 The Life and Works of Jose Rizal FREEDOM A Free Verse Poem based on Jose Rizals Mi Ultimo Adios I close my eyes and dream of the future When everything that they hold are the sights of great freedom Much more than one can imagine Much more than one can perceive But once they are unshut Horrifying grief and appalling cruelty stretches far beyond Much more than one can envision Much more than one can apprehend My country and my countrymen Confined in a place The dim and the dusk surrounding them Their cries muffled by their weakness and helplessness I could not be myself but be anxious Be distraught be aghast What have they done, why have they done it? To a friend who had done nothing but to obey I could not dare vision another And so here I am fighting for my mother I beg you call my father and brothers Tell them to keep safe, protect thy daughters A life is not worth living if it is not lived for thy mother A life is not worth living if it is not lived to serve thy country And so I here I am I bid my last farewell to you, my friend I will though for you Not weep for my dying, but for your innocent mother

But instead pray to God that I may Rest and forever live in His peace Goodbye my old friend To you I write this adieu Worry not I tell you for remember God promised you and I Freedom much more than I can seize