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Abu Bakr

1. Katheela binthu abdulhuzza – frt wife – dowrse – mother of Asma and Abdullah.
2. Ummu rahma bithu aamir – early muslim – mother of Abdur rahman , aisha
3. Asma binthu umais – wife of Abu jawfar – she did the hijrath with - jawfer was the ameer to Abwee
seenia- they came back tin the time of Khaiber – and jawfer 2nd comnader of Mu;tha ON 8TH OF Hijri after
Zaid ignu haritha- mother of Muhammed ibnu Abu bakr
4. Habeeba binthu kharija- from Al’khasraj – mother Abdur rahman abi bakr – later he became Muslim-

Ayisha – narrated 2210 hadees- 110 Buhari nad muslim 54 – Buhari

Ummu kulthum last daughter – she borned after he dieed -. Frst Zubair then Thalha married Ummu
kulthum ( Zubair and Thalha are very cose friends) .

Frs womwen became Muslim – Khadeeja

Frys child – Ali
Frst slave – zaid bin haridha
Frst free man – Abu bakr – his beneficial more than others to Islam.
He is the person became Muslim suddenly – sinc enot that he is a person can be convinced simply.
5 of 10 became Muslim through Abu Bakr : Usman bin Affan, Zubair bin awwam, Thalha bin ubaidullah,
aAbdur rahman bin awf, sa’d bin abee wakkas, abu ubaida amr ibnul Jerrah – 5 among 10 – came to Islam
vie A/B – more Arkam ibnul arkkaem , abu slama etc He is social – very well known- esy to approach-
scholar of geneology in his time.
Allah tested as others – when Muslim reach 38 – Abu Bakr went said to RS – now pls porpagte Islam
publically- RS said “INNA KALEEL” – we are little . But Abu Abkr cntinsly tel this – eventually he RS
accept – they went to ka’ba and Abu bakr deliverd the frst public speech-. All jumped on Abu bakr attacked
– amng the attacker Uthba bin rabee’a – hit by the shoes – until Banu thaim – tha tribe of abu bakr came
and solved. – after he striked – stil h ecant walk – he asked evry time abt RS: he didn’t get answer ; he said
I am nt going to eat any thing till u take me to him: he was taken though he cant walk: soon after he saw
RS, he kissed him: said I was soo painful till I see u:
Abdullah Ibnu Aamir was asked by tha’bee:
Abu Bake freed Bilal : Noble man freed noble man: sayyiduna a’thakana sayyiduna.

Zaid ibnu haridha – arab – slave

Shuhaib ar roomi – roman
Salman farisi – percian – slave
Bilal – Africa – slave

Zin Neera was freed from AB : soon after she became Muslim she lost her sight : kafir said ; lad and uzza
took the sifgt – bt she said its Allah who gave the sight and took it: immdtly she got he sifht
Aamir bin sa’eera – freed by AB : shaheed;
Umar gave the punishment to a lady who hated Islam : he gave a break ; since :

Normaly if 1 freed ; it to use him as th protection: but AB released nt fr htat : he freed weak people: Sura

Highering the guide ( non-muslim) – Abdul kareem zaidan

Seeking assistance from non-muslim
general rule the t not allowed.
1. existence of strong ned
2. this is not be at the expense or compromise da’wa in any mean
3.there is exist satisfactory level trust on him
4. not make suspicion to muslims

Lessons from hijra.

1. laws of Allah is not changing – (ex: H = O2 == OXYDGEN, not naything else) – wether he is a
2. Panning ahead (Abu bakr feeded special food to camel, since he has known one day we have to go
, but RS has never said.
Ex; thabooq : Munafiq said since these reason we cdn’t participate : RS forgave those Munafiqs)

AB felt Home sick – RS said Ayisha to take care o fHim.

In Badr period, : RS did not know where the army of Quraish , vice versa.
RS and AB went out their placetill meet a old person : RS … : RS said I we are from water :

Scholars says, .
If some 1 sleep in battle fied : that is from Allah.
If u feel sleep in Ssalath : that is from Shaithan.

A.Rahman(AB’s Son) last person came to Islam in AB’s family.

Later on,, on d day of Badr , I saw u , I turned away , cz I didn’t want to kill u .
AB: in dat day of Badr, I didn’t see u , if I saw u , I would kill u .

AB : like Prophet Ibrahim, Propet Iesa

Umar : like Prophet Musa

• I am given 5 things , not given to other Prophet.

1. . If RS walk toward the enemy, he get teriified thogh if he is 1 monthaway from RS
2. All land made me as Masjidh, so u can pray any whre uwant.
3. Booty of war is Halal for me.
4. Major Shafa’a
5. I was sent to all Mankind,but others to particular society.


1. Speak to the people acrdng to the person
2. be honest

• The year before Hajjthaul wada, RS made Ameer as AB for the pilgrims group. RS said im not in a
position to do Hajj , cz people stil l doinf thawaf naked.( there was a believe in Arabs, The Quraish
only pure, so others have to take a cloth from Qurasih( for money) to do thawaf, otherwise ( if dnt
have money) they have to do it naked ) . RS allowed others to do, but he did not.
• So a leader must follow strictly the rulings , but can allow others to do the flexibl things.
• After AB departure, RS reavled the fr Aayath of Thawba, which says the end of
Agreement wit arabs.
• So, RS send Ali to convey the message of Ayaths od Thawba to them.
• AB recited the Ayaths and announced 4 things as per the RS’s guidance
1. ‘LA YADHKHULUL JENNAH ILLA MU;MIN ‘ : No one will enter Jennah
unless they Mu’min
2. WALA YATHOOFU BILBAITHIL URIYAN ; no one should do thawaf naked
if any 1 of u have an agreement between RS, its end and cant be renewed.
4. WALA YAHJ BAINAL AAMI MUSHRIQ : non-beleivers cant do Haj after ths
• Marriaga was very simple in those days : Now the Haram has become easy than Halal. .
Thosea dyas Halal is very easy, haram was very difficult. Now Haram promoted.

• 1 day Ayisha (RA losed her nehlos, so the entire army had to stay in a place where no
water . on the aother day morning the erelationof Thayammum came. – people said to
AB, thss d baraka of ur family.
• Land issue with rabee’a : when he used sm words, AB said reply back to me. Rabee’a
said can’t, AB : u shd respond baack , otherwise I’l coplain to RS.
• Abdulla ibnu abee jadadaiin ; when RS Buring grave and Said “O; Allah I am pleased
with him, o; Allah, Be pleased with him”.
• Issue with Umar(RA) ; Umar refused to frgive .
• RS said : Allah has given a 2 chances ; 1. to live , 2. to meet Allah. He coiced the second
one. AB crieed frst. ; then RS said “ INNA AMANNANNASI ALAIYYA FEE
SUHBATHIHEE EAMALIHEE ABU BAKR” the 1 who ha done me greatest help by
friendship and by his wealth is AB .
• “ evry 1 of u done, I have pay back, exept AB “ RS.
• Kheleel ; great friend ; if I have chance other thanAllah , tht is AB
• All gates shd be closed to AMsjid un nabavi shd be closed exept AB
• Asked to do Imamath instead of RS, when RS was ill.
• Last moment of RS, when RS looked at the prayer, AB went to 2nd wifes place , sunan..
• RS , usama bin zaid was side .. Ayisha,, A.Rahman (RA) .. when Ayisha (RA) chewd he
• The one who willing to meet Allah, Allah too willing to meet him.
• Biggest disaster is the passing away of RS, compared to our problems , those nothng.
• After RS passed away , AB came and said.. ans recite 3:144.
• Sa’d inu ubada , was to appoint as a leader to th eUmma, who was the leader of Khasraj.
Umar made a speech.
• AB said, u r the helpers of Islam, RS said “ if Ansar go in way, … “ Arab obeying
quraish.. I wish these 2, Abu ubaida , or Umar …
• Women came to RS, after made appointemnet, that lady I cdnt find u , RS said if u dnt
find me, go to AB.
• Hudhifa (RA) said, RS said “ I dnt knw hw lng I last with u , but follow the 2 (AB, Umar)
, and ..”
• “ RS saw a dream, pooring water to drink from pool.. then AB started to poor water.. then
Umar.. then it was clashed. “ Abu Huraira .
• Hasanu basarie, and Imam Ahmed ibnu HAmbal : these hadees are hint of AB ‘s
• Some other scholars RS directly appointed AB as the Khalepha ; Ibnu hazm and som
• Ibnu THAIMYA : IT WAS A HIKMA OF ALAH toappoint im.
i.e people appointed as per the hint from RS.
• Some scholars said, though RS passed away on Monday , buried on Wedneday, cz tha Imam to a
society is a very important. Sahabas taken time till to select a Imam or Khleefa.
• Only 38 or 40 were at early with RS, AB said we shd go fr the public da’wa.
• When it reaches arnd 100, RS went fr a Government. So, it is very important. RS was not buried simce
Sahabas was busy with selecting a leader.
• When AB declared 1st speech, sadi, im n t ht best among u….( And If I do right, support me, if I do
wrong ,point me directly ( kawwumoonee)
Imam says through that , though the Imam of ur society nght nt be best , he can be 2nd or 3rd best, but u have
tio follow till he obeys Allah’s command.
• In Islamic government, evry 1 paid from government,
• He paid, 10 smthng to evry 1, sno dfrences slave and all others. When 1 complained, AB said I dnt know
rghttoisness of a man,Allah only knows that, so hw can I distinguish people..?
• AB did not change any gvoerner RS appoted.
• EX: Amr bin AAS was appointed as the governer to Oman, AB sent a letter that I am thnking of u as
the leader fr the amy to Palestine, UR CHOCE, He left.
• Muhajir abu Uamaiya : ameer to san’a or Hadhra moth where he was sent to Yemen bt RS. , he San’a
• Response of Umara :
 Leading(Imam) the Ssalah. And Kothba to Jum’a.
 Recrutment , specilay soldiers to the Jihad, and Define salary of them, and most of the Financial part.
 Take the BAI’A for khaleefa. (
 Enforce the law. ( 1 lady sing agains RS, while the other lady sing aginst Muslim : Ameer, di ntknw
wht to do and Broke 2nd lady’’s teeth. Case went to Khalieefa, So, it is decide that 1st shd be executed
since that is kufr, while the 2nd 1 shd be punish other than brk teeth since it is Sin
 Hold study circle in Masajidh. ( teach the Quran, Hadees, Ahkam and ruling e,=..etc)

• Inheritance ( the Amniya of Allah leave not Inheritence ,but all those will be Sadaka. When, Fatjima
and Abbas asked AB inheritene, soon AB said this Hadees , they accept it)
• In Hijri 8 , RS aapinted Amry under Zaidh bin Haridha, to attck Rom. Our no=3000, where Room
army was 200,000 thousands. (They treated wel.)
• The next year RS said, no war.
• The 3rd year, Usama bin Zaidh to the same place his father (Zaidh bin haridha ) killed. ( no matter whch
shd be the priority, I will send the Army, if I am the only person balanced) Ansar asked Umar to ask
AB atleeast to selct a leader older than Usama.

• Muthawatir hadees “ I was asked to fight until they become muslim”
; A Quran Aytah said, “ no compulsion in Islam “ is thai Hadees contradicting?
So, no compulsion for the person personal, bit for lands , it shd be governed by Allah’s law.
• Umar said to AB< hw u goin to fight with them while they are accept Allah ( Muslim) ,AB said
even fr a rope I will fight.
• Umar said, lets take them and treat fine, with out going fighting
• AB griped the beard of UMR, and said … lonfg as I am lve I’l fight fr the Islam.
• Aazad , the wife of Aswadhul ansi , yemen. = (Aasiya bithi muzaha ; wife of Firawn)
• Karama : to Abu Muslim al Khawlani ( Thabi’een) : Aswad ul ansi ; captured him tell: do u testify
me as the messenger , he said can’t hear. Aswad said tesitify Muhammed as th emessenge of Allah,
hE said yes I do, . Again As wad: testify me as the messenger , Abu Muslim: can’t hear , Asad:
estify Muhammed as the messenger , Abu muslim ; yes I do > repeated 3 times; Aswad ordered to
burnt him; they burnt Abu Muslim l khawlani : h ecam out from the fire with out burnt exept the
rope he tied.
• Ridha : of Thulaiha al-azdi : he was a Msulim.

Cd 10

Saja – women ; tribe of thghlub – she claimed to be a prophet – came from Iraq – joined hand with thulaiha
al azdi .
Musailm al kazzab
Malik bin Nuwaura – muslim – refused to pay zakath-
Maik regretting – Khalid waleed (RA) around the corner ; he decided to attck Malik ; Ansar said get the
permission from AB : he said it is too late and he captured and discussed ; and finally killed him : he takes
his wife : this was mentioned to AB ; Umar said he is wrong. AB called khalid come to madeena; umar
jumpe d on him said u r wrong: AB investigated and decided; khalid is innocent.

Ibnu Thaimiya
Khaleepa Abu BAkr (flexible, soft) – Deputy – Umar – Leader to Army – khalid bin waleed – middle
Umar(khleepha- hard) – abu ubaida bin jerrah (soft)
RS – represent middle way in him self . RS “ I am the Prophet of mercy and war “.
(RS period – Bahrain contains Quatar and UAE. )

Abu a’ala al hazrami karama

1.When he selected te place, the camels run away with he luggae.
They started to pray – in the omorning the clouds came – rain – caels back to drink the water.
2. The night he listen sm voices, sent 1 to check , they were drunk. Sonn after started d attck on same night
. they were shocked. Onme of their leaders Al- hatham wake up – tried to get up and run to set the army
– he felt sm 1 pulling his legs.. Hatham’s leg amptitaed – he asked to kil him – he was bleeding – sabith bin
kais. Did that –

The enemy regrouped in another place ; Muslim have to cross a river ; a karama mentioned Ibnu Kaseer :
but the they did nt have boat, ; they Prayed and put trust on Allah and start to ewalk on the water ; the
reporter said the water level was only the ankle of thelegs of the horses.
Karamas happened period of Abu bakr ; ame as two prophets.
i. Abu musa al-khawlani – when he burnt in the fire – did nt affect him – similar ti
ii. Abu a’ala al hazrami – as Musa(PBUH)

KARAMA and Mu’JIZA(super naturaloccurances)

– if it is for Ambiya- Mu’jiza – if it is for Awliya –karamah.
General Rule : take it the grain of salt.
If aom one claim that he si getting Kramtah other than in a Battle – Angels in BAdr.
Water came out from his fingers in Thabook.
Jabir (R) invited RS and his close companions – he had a small goat andhandfull of grain(wheat 0r barly) ;
RS invited every one; he said to wifewt cn we do – RS invited entire community ; almost 800 : all took
food; still food coming out from the pot ; this is about Khandak.
One preist came to Islam : he was asked y? ; im afraid Allah will punish me .

Muslaimal kazzab – greatest riddah – short figure – fair – flat nose – studyng field of sociery – had the
conection with jinn – Playng tricks – magic – he claimed as prophet even dirung the time of RS - he sent a
letter to RS – said from Muslaia(RA) to Muhammed (RA) – the world devided into two – one part fr me
and othr part to u - RS asked the two men with him, wt do u say abt him ? they sd we wd say wt people say
that Mualima is the messenger from Allah… If it is nt d matter prophets murdering, I would have killed u.
RS sent back a letter : “ Bismillahir rahmanir raheem , min Muhammed Raoolullah ila Musailamal kazzab,
Amma ba’ad , fa’innal ardha lillah, y’rishu ammay yasha, wal aakibathu lil muththakeen” crried Habeeb
ibnu said – Musailma cuts off the pieces of the that Sahabi.
Ar-rajjal bin anfua hanafi (murthad) – came to meet from banu haneefa : he memorized som part of Quran ;
he is worst than Musailama . : he has knowledge : if scholar deviate entire people will deviate : Ahmed ibnu
hambel : if I speak what they want me to say, all people will go along with me and go stray :
( Ex; ahbar(scholars) of Israel in the time of Iesa(A) ; only fishermans and yoiuth accepted Iesabnu
mayam , cz, scholars did not support ti acccpet Iesa (A) .
Iblees scholarly, Bal’am from banuisrael very scholarly .
Samiry in the time of Harun (A) , he knews hw to deviapeple. )

Musailama was very foolish when he come again Quran, their tribe (banu haneefa) knows that he is a
Not only Banu haneefa ,
24:15 49:46
Women in Jihad
• Musiab ibnu kahf – paricpated directly
• Ummu thameem – wife of KHalid bin Waleed – supplement to the army, security

 Zaid ibnu khathab : Umar said, came to Islam before Islam and Shaheed befr Umar.
 Zaid ibnu khathab ; brthrhood (Ansar) with Ma’ad bin ubai.
 Abdullah came to Islam in the period of Hudhaibiya : so he was sent back to Macca.
So , he came to Badhr with Quraish, and run away from them join Muslims and shaheed.
 Abu dhujana : partner of Wahshi on killin musailama. – in yamama.
 12,000 killed in a day in Yamama, most o the Hafidh also.
 Khlaid bin Waleed : getting marrying a beautiful women whome I like or I am getiing a message of having
a male baby I have is less priority in mind than fighting in a very cold bight in tha way of Allah.

Cd12 ( 45 )

• Jihad –d-dhefa ( defending ) – FARDH AIN

• Jihad-uth – thalab (Ataking others ) - FARDH KIFAYA
• KHALIDBIN WALEED : ( Not sleep and not allow any others to sleep )
• Karamah : For happened to Khalid bin Waleed RA in Heera : oe carrying a pot , Khalid insert is inside that and
asked what is ths? That man; poison, kill a man in instanatnusly : K: y do u carry ? T M : to show u ,I want to
heck, idf u ar truth , I will kill u all to protect my people. K : Bismillah, Allazee la yadhurru ma’asmihee shaiun
fissawathi fila rdh, he slowed the all thing, before all others jumped him to pick it. TM: if u r truth , u all can
govern us.
• Khalid bin waleed – zat Al-sirath – betwn Iraq and siriya – he wantd to go back Iraq – huge distance , Army
marching 2 segments – small group going behind Huge army to protect - Khalid with Huge Army : He wanted to
go Hajj ; 100of miles away ; he has decided to go ; no guider, new road ; KHlid personality ; willing to take any
risk ; he said only to some important persons in the Army : others did not knw where to going ? ; No one knows
that the Army came to Makka nd did the Hajj : Umar got anger : AB ordered Khalid to move toward Yarmook ;
KHalid devided Army into 2 ; Sahabas with Khalid ; Under Musanna bin Haridha an army going to Iraq ;

CD 13
• Habeeb Ibnu Hasana said to AB ; r u thinking abt concurring Sham(fighting against Rom) : AB: hw u come
to know my intuition. HH: I saw a dream , u waling among the people, u climbed very .. u made a very
high peak. And u and friends, looked people under u ..then desended to fertile plan(valley) form that peak,
that plan full of town , plantations. Then u sai d o agains animy, I assure victory and booty. U gave me a
banner, I cam eto a town, people in calm, I back to u , then u sitting near a thrown, , I heard a voice saying
going for a vixory, and a verse “Iza jaa’a nasrullah…..” then I wlaked.
• Muslim had the intention of Holy land, since the journey from RS to the Mi’raj. i.e:
• 9th RS went to Thabooq is the border btwn Hijaz and Sham.
• In 10th Hira, RS , selece Usama bin ziad, RS passed away, AB sent him.
• AB gatherd man sahab, and said I am thinkng of concurring Ash-sham
• Umar : I thought to present u , as previus u presented first this. Allah will give victory ..
• Abdur Rahman bi Awf : I disagree with wht umar said, this a huge kands with several assert, I suggest to
sent small reinforcement to raid agiast them and take the booty , little by little instead sending wole army.
Coneventioanl army toremote area. FINALY , go with a huge army.
• Usman bin Affan, Thalha, Zubaur and other sahaba. : Khlaeefa, ur opinion is best, u make the decision
and we will follow u.
• Ali was quit, AB asked I dint hear any thng from Ali : then , Ali : I thnk tht u r a blessed person, u carry a
good orment, if u lead the Army ur self or appoint some one , u will be victorius. AB: how wonderful this
words are , hw u say that I’l be victrious,
Ali: I have harfd RS said “ tis religion will pravil againt all enimeies until all muslim prvail.
• Banul Askher : European
• Finally : Ab get the Umar and A.Rahman’s adice; sent 4 Army.
• A role model is muvh powerful than words, as the Yemn king(Zul Khilal ) attracted by AB.
• Four Armies
1. Yazeed bin Abu sufiyan – over 7000soldiers – Dimesh – against 90,000
2. Habeeb bin Hasana – 3000 – Thabooq
3. Abu ubaida amr bin Jerrah – 3000 – Siriya – 60,000
4. Amr bin Aas – 7000 – Palestine
Khaleefa gave evry leader to advice ;
1st : I appointing u to lead to test u and to try u. if u perform wel I’l gv u mre, otherwise I’l change u. I advice
u to have Thqwa of Allah , cz, He can see ur inside and outside.improve ur self, ur soldiers state wil improve.
Ruku and Sujudh are musrt be …. Pray intime.. if ( instructions also must be brief, otherwise, last make
forgetten the former part )

• Issbiroo,: be patience. Enemy also can be patience , So , WASABIROO: patience degree than him.
• Anthara was asked hw u could winning ur enemy, hw u can be a winner evrytime;
Anthara : u put ur finger in my mouth, Anthara put his finger to that person’s mouth. Both, bytig.. Shall I give up,
Anthara: if u have waited onemore moment, I wd have given up, that’s y I always winmy enemy.
• All generals sent letter to Khleefa to seek help.( Hiracle cam ewith a huge army, he has come ourt from his
city to a place near to our Army)
• AB replied : Tif it is so, I am that is good, that they have terrfied. To us.(Positive)
• AB ; have nothng than taing Khalid bin waleed from iraq, But the roads between Iraq and sham was under
rom. He was guided by a man , there is a road, no army did cross it, If we go it will be a disaster for our
Rmy, cz, its terrible,/
• When Khlaid bn waleed ask other soldiers, evry 1 kept silence other than Rafi bin Umair
Who said I am supporing to u , tel me what to do .

CD 14
Musli : 40,000- 45,000
opponent : 250,000
• Every 10 bounded by a chain. ( same thing happened in the war Salasil ( Amr bin aas)
• Khalid bin waleed – sqardered the army.
• Ssahabas appointed to play each role such as reciting Quran, Judge, Motivating, etc
• Khalid bin Waleed(RA) visited the Army and advice them to be eliminated from every sins, Be Ikhls,
be much closer to allah thatn other days ..- specilay in ths day.
• A Rom’s leader came before the battle and wanted to speak with Lhalid bin waleed ; He said “ you
have come for the Buty, because u r hungry and destitute people, so ia m offering u 10 Deenar each, an
din addition food clothes.
• Khalid :No, thats not why we came, our people who drink blood have heard that best taste blood is
the blood of Roman ( Khalid might have told this way bcz That person tried belittling (mocking)
• Jeroge ( Jarja) came to meet Khalid after battle started, I am asking you in the name of Allah, pls tell
me the truth, Khlaidh: yes, I’l tel u d truth, Joerge: is that true that ur prophet given a sword from
God and that has been given to u, so u r not beaten any battle, Khalid : That’s not true, Allah sent a
Propeht who invited us to right path, some of us believed, some of us fought against Him, I was one of
fought against him until Allah took us iur heart and brought the force of ISlam. So, I became a
Muslim. So I am a sword of Allah against Mushrikeem I am tha harshest to the Mushrikeen.
• Joerge : wht odes ur religion teaches you, Khalid : We invite u to the Islam, J; if we don’t,
• K: pay Jizya, J : if we don’t, K; we will fight u. ; if sm a come to the Islam wht his status. K; u wil be
equal to us , j; how , the late comer beig equal to old, k; u wl bcmr better than us, cz we have seen
Prophet and his miracles, but u people do not, so wil be in a higher level. Wht some has to do if he
wants to be a msulim, K; say Shadha,
• Jarga said shahada, was a shaheed in the way of Allah.
• Muslim army Besieged (surrounded) them. Further, further,
• Horsemen separated from foot soldiers, then Khalid said to Amr bin aas, open up , give them a wa
yout, soon as Amr bin aas did that , they run away, every one tried to survive.
• 80,000 romen soldieries the jumped into the cliff (a high steep rock or ice face, especially a rock face
extending along a coastline)
• Missed – 125,000 soldiers.
• 3,000 Muslim died : many sahaba too – one of them Ikrima ( Son of Abu jahl)
• 2nd most important person after the khalid bin Waleed.
• Ikrima said : I have fought against RS so many time, now I am going to make it equal or retreat. – they
gave Al-Bai’a al Mouth – Bai’a to die.
• 400 pledged(promised) to die. – sm of them actual y killed, sm of tham badl injured as they cant
• The water passed by 3 persons happened in Yarmooq.
• Thabaree : Before the battle started , a messenger came from Madeena, and gave a letter to Khlaid,
mentioned Khleefa AB passed away, new Khaleefa Umar requested to command the army to Abu
ubaida amr bil Jerrah. –
• Khalid : asked the messenger to not to tell.
• Khalid decided to hide the message till the battle over, otherswise army may get fed-uo hearing the
catestropic news of the detath of AB.
• After the victory, he gave the leadership to Abu ubaida amr bil Jerrah.
• AB got by fever ( cold season) – fever day by day get waste.
• He making the Shura to decide next..
• AB called Abdur Rahman bin Awf and asked how Umar.
• A.Rahman: you the most knowlegble , AB : I want to know ur view.
• A>Rahman : Umar is better than wht u think.
• Blesses 10 to jennah
1. AB
2. Umar
3. Usman
4. Ali
5. Abdur Rahman bin Awf
6. Thalha bin ubaidillah
7. Zubair bin awwam
8. Abu ubida amr bil jerrah
9. Sa’eed bin Zaid bin Nufail
10. Sa’ad bin abee wakkas.
• AB asked A.Rahman conceal this dicussio0n
• AB called Usman asked the opinion, Usman : he is better than wht you know of him, he is the best.
• Huzair ; he is the best after u,
• All acepted exept Thalha bin Ubaidillah , he said wht wil u answer to Allah if He asked on the day of
judgment givng to govern him to us knowing his harshness. , AB: I will reply Allah he is the best
among us.(Kawiyy, ameen : the words used to point Musa(PBUH) by those girl)
• AB asked Abu ubaida ti right the announcement; All gave bai’a to Umar while AB alive, son after Ab
passed away, Umar take the leadership.
• AB asked Ayisha on his 15th day after illness, what day did RS died, Ayisha : Monday , Ab : this
Monday , this day can be my last day.
• AB tried to follow RS much as possible from sendingn Usama to the death.
• So he died on Monday, and on his 63 as RS.
• Alst words, “Thawaffanee musliman wa’alhiqnee bis saliheen”
• 21st jamath-ul-aakhira, 13th Hijra _ kilafa: 2yeras, 3months , 10 days.
• Umar the lead of salathul janaza of AB, Umar, usman,. Thalha , Abdur raman ibnu AB lower the janaza
into the grave, it was in the room of Ayisha(RA) near to RS. Out of respect to RS, the head of AB was
placed as the same level of RS’s shoulders.

1. Established the rules of SIlam
2. Starting the mission of carrying out the Da’wa to entire world.(cz, in RS’s period it was in the
Arab area exept M;tha and Thabooq)

• Before he died, he has left som asserts in business, so, AB requested Ayisha to sel it and pay back the
treasury what he taken as salary. All what Ab taken was returned to the treasury.

• When AB select representators to some of other places to call them for Islam and fight I they not, Bilal
ibnu Rawah watched this asked AB, I want to do this for the sake of Allah. Pls release me.
• AB loved him : AB : if u r heart is attached to Jihad, I am not going to prevent u,the eason I kept u for
callig Azan, but I loose u, we can meet on the day of judgment. Do good deeds, it will be ur food in
this world.
• Bilal : jazakAllah , for the favour on me.
• Bilal (RA) did not want to make Azan any one after RS. He left and never come back in the period of
• Recruit for th eJihad from the South, came to Madeena, appoint some Army and give banners. Meeting
place is on Madeena. Sahaba’s behaviour is different than others, there were new Muslims, sm met RS
briefly, there were Muhajireen only little over 100. but each Muhajir is equal to an Umma. Ansar are
• Ansar were few 100.
• Sahaba were were with RS in Bai;athur ridhwan = 1400
• No of sahaba did the Hajj with RS – 90,000
• Prayed janaza of RS = 124,000
• All who have meet RS is Saabi, but the time longer with RS wil b charectiized better than others.
• Different people with dfrent behaviour ( hey hav not gone for tharbiya)
• Sahaba saw them but keep silence
• AB called all Sahaba and went to Miimber : I am asking u in the name of Allah, be patient with. If their
toung are short, don’t respond. If they abuse any 1 of u , be patient and don’t respond them until their
works reach for the Hadd. Cz, these r the men whome Allah will used to destroy Herculus and Romen.
Is int it appropriate to be patient with them,
• Muslim: these are ur brothers, they have to do some duties, be patient.
• AB went to visit Jewish seminar ( Madhrasa) , there were some Rabise, 1 of them was Sanas, AB:
woe to u , fear Allah and become Muslim, cz u know Muhammed(PBUSH) was the messenger of
Allah, and he came with the message of Allah, u can read it from Thwrah.

• Sanhas ; we don’t need Allah, but Allah need us. We do not pray Allah, but He do pray us. If Allah
not pure he woudnth have asked us to pay charity as ur Prphet claimed. He woud not give us Riba.

• AB; beaten Sanhan until his face injured.

• Sanhanl went to RS, said that ur friend hit.
• AB: told the matter, but Sanhan said I did not tell so.
• Quran came to RS :

3:181 Allah hath heard the taunt of those who say: "Truly, Allah is indigent and we
are rich!"- We shall certainly record their word and (their act) of slaying the prophets
in defiance of right, and We shall say: "Taste ye the penalty of the Scorching Fire!

3:181 .''epr;rakhf my;yh`; Vio> ehq;fs; jhk; rPkhd;fs;"" vd;W $wpatHfspd; nrhy;iy
jplkhf my;yh`; Nfl;Lf; nfhz;lhd;;. (,t;thW) mtHfs; nrhd;dijAk;> mepahakhf egpkhHfis
mtHfs; nfhiy nra;jijAk; ehk; gjpT nra;J nfhs;Nthk;> ''Rl;Lg; nghRf;Fk; euf neUg;gpd;
Ntjidiar; RitAq;fs;"" vd;W (mtHfsplk; kWikapy;) ehk; $WNthk;.

• RS asked sahaba , any one saw a dream. One said I saw a dream, a scale from Sky …………
……………which shows the kilapha wil go without any problem until Usman.
• Most knowledgeable person.
• When returning the Al-Yarmooq, met Hiracle ;
• One of elders said about the reason why they lost: cz, thet [ray at night,,,,etc
• Quran : kuthiba laikmumssaiayam (2:216) , kuthiba lakimus kithal (2:183)
• 2:178

Narrated Abu Huraira:

Allah's Apostle said, "While I was sleeping, I saw myself (in a dream) standing by a well. I drew from it as
much water as Allah wished me to draw, and then Ibn Quhafa (Abu Bakr) took the bucket from me and
drew one or two buckets, and there was weakness in his drawing----may Allah forgive him! Then 'Umar
took the bucket which turned into something like a big drum. I had never seen a powerful man among the
people working as perfectly and vigorously as he did. (He drew so much water that) the people drank to
their satisfaction and watered their camels that knelt down there. (See Hadith No. 16, Vol. 5)

Scale verge
Salam, Hope you are strong enough in Ieman and Health. I am a member of Sri Lanka Islamic students' Movement. I listen your speech of State of
the Umma. We expect your guidance and frequent contact with us. Please guide us and give some idea. I expect a chance to be with you some time
get training as early scholars did. Expect your kind response.