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Q: Please state your name and other personal circumstances for the record. A: I am Joel Dimagiba, 29 years old, married and with residence at 101 B. Baluyot St., Teachers Village East, Quezon City. Q: A What is your occupation? I am currently serving as the Barangay Chairman at Barangay Teachers Village East. Were you present in the Barangay Hall on the evening of 19th of August 2013? Yes. Why were you present in the Barangay Hall at the time? I stayed longer than regular office hours because I was finalizing the details of a barangay project we were about to launch. (Project Kalinga: Tabang sa Batang Mababa ang Timbang) Did anything occur at around 7:30pm on 19 th of August 2013 in the Barangay Hall? Yes. Can you please relate to this court what occurred at around 7:30pm on 19th of August 2013 in the Barangay Hall? At around 7:30pm, Ms. Tiya Pusit arrived at the Barangay Hall and asked to speak to someone. Was Ms. Tiya Pusit able to speak with someone? Yes. To whom did she speak with? To Me Sir/Maam. What did she say to you if any? Ms. Tiya Pusit asked someone from the Barangay to come with her because she claimed that one of her neighbors had been shot. What did you do after hearing this if any?



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Called police after hearing that a weapon might be involved, (not yet sure if were supposed to put that barangay called for medical assistance) and headed for the address Ms. Tiya Pusit indicated. To which address Ms. Tiya Pusit direct you to? the house of victim and accused. Did anything happen after arriving at the address? Police arrived soon after we did and we headed inside the premises.

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Did you observe anything while inside the premises? Inside, I saw the accused was standing over the lying body of the victim and accused was holding a .45 caliber and the accused looked like he was in a state of shock. Did anything else happen while you were inside the premises? Voluntary surrender. (King ikaw na lang maglagay kung pano siya nag surrender.)

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