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Question: When will I use phrasal verbs? Answer: As you become more comfortable with the English language you will use more and more phrasal verbs. LEARN! 73 Phrasal Verbs You Hear (almost) Every Day ©Copyright 2013 English-Tonight.Question: What is a phrasal verb? Answer: Phrasal verbs are a group of words that are always together. Question: When do you hear phrasal verbs? Answer: All the time! Phrasal verbs are very common. In this e-book you will learn 73 common phrasal verbs and their meanings. To a native speaker it just sounds ‘right’. Using phrasal verbs will help you sound more like a native speaker. Don’t memorize them all at once but rather as you come across them in conversation. Ready. Set.com 3 .

2. 2. 4. 2. He always backs up my work. go out of order/stop functioning 2. loan. make a copy of (file or document) 4 break down 1. Eric applied for six jobs today. The pants I bought don’t fit. I am going to bring them back to the store. I would hate to look unprepared. Amy always backs me up in difficult situations. 1. 3 back up 2. give support Examples 1. 2. I have to bring back these books to the library. I haven’t heard back from the bank about the loan I applied for last week. 2. 4.com 4 . Make sure you have a back up ready. 3. 1. I agree with everything you said. She had a break down when she heard about the accident.Phrasal Verb 1 2 agree with apply for Meaning have the same opinion as another person make a request for something (job. I think Jeff should have not the promotion.) 1. I had an emotional break down after I lost my job. 3. 1. etc. Did you back up the files? 1. college. The car broke down while we were on vacation. lose control of emotions 5 bring back return something 73 Phrasal Verbs You Hear (almost) Every Day ©Copyright 2013 English-Tonight. I agree with you. The truck broke down again.

1. 2. 1. It is not polite to butt in on someone else’s conversation. Once you calm down and stop yelling. 7 8 call back calm down return a phone call become more relaxed or less upset/angry 9 count on depend or rely on 10 deal with handle or take care of (a problem) 11 drag on last longer than expected 73 Phrasal Verbs You Hear (almost) Every Day ©Copyright 2013 English-Tonight. Don’t worry. If you cannot deal with her attitude.Phrasal Verb 6 butt in (on) Meaning interrupt impolitely Examples 1. 2. Call me back when you have a chance. 2. tell her to leave. Tiffany is always dealing with so many problems.com 5 . You need to calm down or you are going to get sick. Can you please tell Victor to call back once he gets home? 1. He is too old to do it by himself. It’s none of your business. Stop butting in on our conversation. 2. we can talk. Football games seem to drag on forever. 1. My grandpa counts on us to take care of his house. 1. 2. 2. This meeting is really dragging on for no reason. You can count on me to watch your kids while you are at work.

My mom has to drop me off at baseball practice this afternoon. 2. usually on the way to somewhere else deliver something/someone Examples 1. she cannot figure it out. I am going to drop by to visit sometime this week. disguise oneself visit unexpectedly. No matter how many times I tell her how to do it. He thinks he doesn’t fit in at school.Phrasal Verb 12 dress up Meaning 1. You need to focus on the important things in life. 1. My uncle always drops in unexpectedly.com 6 . 2. 3. I cannot figure out how to use the new printer. 1. 1. We have to dress up for the costume party. 1. 2. She does not fit in with her new class. 4. 2. She always dresses up when we go out dancing. To pass the exam he needs to focus on the notes he took in class. I have to drop off some papers at my friend’s house tonight. 2. 2. 1. I love to dress up on Halloween. wear elegant or nice clothes 2. 13 14 drop in/by drop off 15 16 17 figure out fit in focus on understand/find the answer feel comfortable with/excepted concentrate on 73 Phrasal Verbs You Hear (almost) Every Day ©Copyright 2013 English-Tonight. We have to dress up for Carol’s wedding.

Shane is starting to fall behind because he does not listen in class. 2. I have to get on bus ten to get home. He studied a lot and got into a great university. Get in the car. 1. train.Phrasal Verb 18 fall behind Meaning fail to stay at a certain level work well with Examples 1. 1.com 7 . If Peter doesn’t come to English class every week. 2. 2. 1. 1. 2. Molly gets along with her new coworkers. 2. I went through a lot in the last few years. 2. She went through a lot to get her new job. 2. he is going to fall behind. He got on the bus on the corner of Broadway and North. 1. 1. I am never going to learn to ride a bike. Get out of the way! 19 get along (with) 20 21 22 23 24 give up go through get in get on get out stop doing something experience enter board/enter (bus. My brother never gets along with anyone. I give up. bike) leave/exit 73 Phrasal Verbs You Hear (almost) Every Day ©Copyright 2013 English-Tonight. My sister always tries to get out of cleaning the house. Peter gave up on learning to speak Spanish.

2.com 8 . 3. 1. The English teacher will hand back the exams next week. 2. 2. Elizabeth got over the flu very quickly. I don’t think I will ever get over what you did to me. Hurry up and finish your homework. Hurry up! I’m tired of waiting for you. 1. Hold on for a second. 1. 4. wait 29 hold on 2. return 27 hand out distribute 28 head for/to go/move to 1. We’re headed to the new shopping mall. Hold on to my hand when we cross the street. Can you hold on to this for me? It’s really heavy. Nelson hands out the new homework on Mondays. 1. Mr. Hold on while I finish reading this page. I need to finish this email before we talk. 2. 2. 2. The principal handed out the new contracts this afternoon. Peterson handed back all of the completed assignments last Friday. grip/grab something tightly 30 hurry up be or do something quickly 73 Phrasal Verbs You Hear (almost) Every Day ©Copyright 2013 English-Tonight. Ms. I’m headed for my aunt’s house after work today.Phrasal Verb 25 26 get over hand back Meaning recover from/forget Examples 1. 1.

Phrasal Verb 31 keep on Meaning continue doing something have heard of something or have knowledge of Examples 1. 2. 2. I need help logging on. Michelle was laid off after they caught her stealing from the store. You need to keep on reading the story to see what happens. Class. 2. dismiss. I’m not feeling good. 1. Do you know of anyone else that is going to Betsy’s wedding? 1. We just don’t have enough business anymore. let go 34 35 36 let down line up log on/in disappoint stand in a row open or access a program using a password 73 Phrasal Verbs You Hear (almost) Every Day ©Copyright 2013 English-Tonight. 1. 1. We have to lay off 25 employees next month. I hate to let you down but I cannot go out tonight. 2. You have to come to the New Year’s Party! You don’t want to let the family down.com 9 . We need to keep on running until we get to the finish line. You have to log on to the computer to use the internet. please quietly line up at the door. I forgot my password. 32 know of 33 lay off fire. 2. Do you know of any good dentists in Miami? 2. Line up the books on the shelves. 1.

Did you log off? I cannot use it until you do. Stop making fun of him. 1. Can you help me make up a story about a man that knows how to fly? 1. I would hate to miss out on conference next month. 1. I can’t find my car keys. My aunt looks after my kids while I am at work.Phrasal Verb 37 38 log off look after Meaning close a password controlled program Examples 1. 2. 1. I’m tired of listening to the stories that you make up. Help me look for them. 2. I know they’re not true. I have to look for the recipe that my grandma gave me for the potato salad. Melissa always misses out when she is sick. She should try to miss less days of school. That is not nice! 2. I look after my friend’s cat when she is out of town.com 10 . 2. Abby always makes fun of her little sister. 1. 2. 2. You have to log off when you are finished. take care of/watch 39 40 41 look for make fun of make up try to find something make jokes about or laugh at invent 42 miss out (on) lose an opportunity to do something 73 Phrasal Verbs You Hear (almost) Every Day ©Copyright 2013 English-Tonight.

Phrasal Verb 43 narrow down Meaning reduce a list or the number of option available Examples 1. 2. 1. The new client popped in while I was out to lunch. The manager of human resources is narrowing down the list of candidates for the job. A problem with the new computer popped up while you were out of the office.com 11 . A question about the new marketing plan popped up during the meeting. 1. 1. You better watch out! I’ll pay you back for what you did to my sister. 1. The suspect owned up to committing five murders. The police are narrowing down the list of suspects. I will lend you five dollars but don’t forget to pay me back tomorrow! 2. 2. You have to own up to what you did. 2. I’m going to pop in a little later and ask you a few questions about the new contract. 2. 44 own up admit or confess to something 45 pay back reimburse 46 pop in quick/brief visit 47 pop up occur/arise/come up 73 Phrasal Verbs You Hear (almost) Every Day ©Copyright 2013 English-Tonight.

I’d like to point out that I have been working on this account for two years without any problems. 2. I ran into your aunt at the library yesterday. Ms. Willy loves to show off at the gym. 1. I have to pick up my son from his friend’s house at 5pm.Phrasal Verb Meaning Examples 48 put (something) leave/place something 1. My dad put my lunch out on the table to out 49 pick up collect something or somebody 50 point out call/direct attention to 51 rely on trust/depend on/ count on 52 run into meet unexpectedly or accidently brag or want to be admired 53 show off make sure I saw it. 1. 1. You can rely on me to take care of your dog. 73 Phrasal Verbs You Hear (almost) Every Day ©Copyright 2013 English-Tonight. My boss relies on his assistant to get almost everything done. Erica ran into her old boss at the new restaurant. My mom picked me up late from school because she was stuck in traffic. I put the bills out that need to be paid. 1. Don’t worry. 2. 2. 1. 2. Peterson pointed out the mistake I made on the exam. Mary was showing off her new purse to all the women at the office. in a visible place 2. 2.com 12 .

2. I had to stick up for Maria at work today. 1. 55 sign in register 56 57 sleep in stick up for sleep late in the morning or later than usual defend 58 take after resemble or look like (physically or personality/character) 73 Phrasal Verbs You Hear (almost) Every Day ©Copyright 2013 English-Tonight.com 13 . 1. 1.Phrasal Verb 54 show up Meaning appear unannounced or unscheduled Examples 1. I have to sign in and show my ID at the front desk every time I visit. She is always getting in trouble. My kids always wake up early and never let me sleep in past 6am. They both have big brown eyes. My husband showed up to the restaurant with flowers for me. Please sign in and get your name tag over there. 2. 2. My cousin showed up at the wedding even though he wasn’t invited. Harrison’s takes after his father. 2. 2. 1. You have to stick up for what you believe in. I love to sleep in on the weekends. She takes after her mom.

something useless or 2. I have to take this shirt back to the store. 1. I have to go home. 1. He threw away the old couch after he unwanted bought the new one. I am going to tell off the neighbor. He better not do that ever again. You better take back what your said about Sharron or I will tell her. Throw away the trash in the garbage can. He really is learning quickly now. I took back the swing to the store 2. I am so sick of listening to her dogs bark all day long. criticize/scold 2. 2. The dog threw up after he got into the vomit trash. 2.com 14 . 1. retract/withdraw because it was defective. I feel like I am going to throw up. 73 Phrasal Verbs You Hear (almost) Every Day ©Copyright 2013 English-Tonight. I told off the boy that threw a snowball at reprimand/ me. return (an object) It doesn’t fit. 4.Phrasal Verb 59 take back Meaning Examples 60 tell off 61 62 throw away throw up 1. discard as or dispose of 1. I take back what I said about Pablo last stated week. something previously 3.

The bouncer turned away the man that refuse entrance to didn’t have a ticket for the show.com 15 . put on something to see 1. I’m toying with the idea of going to Brazil next month to visit my friend Paulo. I’m toying with the idea of opening my thinking about own window washing business. 73 Phrasal Verbs You Hear (almost) Every Day ©Copyright 2013 English-Tonight. Can you turn down the music? It’s giving me a headache. 2. 1. I turned down the TV so I could hear what she was saying. 1. 1. I had to turn away two customers today that came when we were closing the store. I tracked down the best graphic designer in the city to help me with my new project. 2. 4. (without serious intent) 2. lower the volume 2. refuse 3. I have to try on the sweater you gave me for my birthday. Anna tried on 20 bikinis before she found if it fits you or if you like the perfect one. someone 2. I couldn’t turn down such a great offer. 1. They turned her down because she did not speak enough English for the job. I need to track down the book I got at the looking for library before they fine me returning it late.Phrasal Verb 63 toy with Meaning Examples 64 track down 65 try on 66 turn away 67 turn down 1. it 2.

there is none left to use 2. I don’t like to 1. My wife has to warm up to the idea of 2. 4. 73 Phrasal Verbs You Hear (almost) Every Day ©Copyright 2013 English-Tonight. Turn it up! I love this song. to feel more relaxed moving to New York. The class hasn’t warmed up to the new teacher at school. appear/arrive 3.Phrasal Verb 68 turn up Meaning Examples 69 use up 70 warm up 1. It will probably take a few more weeks before they get used to her. 2.com 16 . I hate to turn up unannounced to the party. The kids use it up in no time. raise the volume 2. She has never lived in or get used to another state before. What if they didn’t want me to come? 1. Can you warm up the leftovers for me? 2. 1. The music is turned up so high that I cannot hear what you are saying. Who used up all of the shampoo? I just finish a product/thing so bought a new bottle last week. reheat drink it cold. Mark turned up an hour late to work. Let me warm up my coffee. 1. 3. 4. I have to buy more toothpaste.

We went out to the new dance club downtown. I haven’t worked out exactly how much it will cost a month yet. 4. 2. The details for the trip will be worked out as soon as we figure out our budget. It is expensive to buy a new car. Watch out the window and tell me if you see her. I would love to try to do the new dance work out class at the gym. Watch out for the ice over there. 3. The doctor said I have to work out five times a week to get healthy. 72 went out to go out 1. 2.Phrasal Verb 71 watch out Meaning be careful of/ look out for Examples 1.com 17 . It was awesome! 1. It can be very slippery. I went out to dinner with my friends last night. 2. find a solution or calculate/figure out something 73 Phrasal Verbs You Hear (almost) Every Day ©Copyright 2013 English-Tonight. to do physical exercise 73 work out 2. 1.

6. 9. You need to ______________ and listen. they are too small. 73 Phrasal Verbs You Hear (almost) Every Day ©Copyright 2013 English-Tonight. You need to __________________ the presentation.Phrasal Verbs Practice Exercises: 1 broke down agree with applied for count on butt in call back Fill in the blank with the correct phrasal verb. 8. She has _______________________ a lot of problems in her relationship. 1. 7. Why do you always have to _______________________ her? 10. I have to ________________________ the shoes I bought. The old motorcycle ________________ on the side of the road.com back up calm down bring back dealt with 18 . You can _____________________ me to take good care of your cat. 2. 5. I ______________ a new job this morning. Don’t ______________________ on our conversation. Can you tell Amy to _______________________ when she has a chance? 3. 4.

Hector ___________________________ like a pirate for Halloween. You will learn how to do it if you keep trying. Sadie is __________________________ in class.com 19 . Her presentations ____________________________ forever.Phrasal Verbs Practice Exercises: 2 drag on dressed up figure out drop off falling behind give up Fill in the blank with the correct phrasal verb. 3. I am going to _________________________ on my way to the supermarket. Did he _________________________________ the boxes? 9. You need to _______________________ the details. My sister does not _______________________________her teacher. 4. 5. 6. drop in focus on fit in get along with 1. 2. 7. 8. 73 Phrasal Verbs You Hear (almost) Every Day ©Copyright 2013 English-Tonight. Did you _______________________________which computer to buy? 10. Carlos doesn’t _________________________ at his new school. Don’t __________________.

8. Marcela just ________________ an awful cold. get out of hurry up got over hold on 1.com 20 . My hands are full. Jackson will ____________________ the project requirements this afternoon. I will ___________________________ your papers on Thursday. 73 Phrasal Verbs You Hear (almost) Every Day ©Copyright 2013 English-Tonight.Phrasal Verbs Practice Exercises: 3 went through got into get on hand back hand out headed to Fill in the blank with the correct phrasal verb. Madeline ____________________ the best dance school in town. Stephanie ______________________ a lot during her divorce. My co-worker tries to ____________________________ cleaning the store. 4. I am ____________________ the new restaurant with friends from work. 10. 5. You need to _____________________ or we will be late. Mr. 7. 3. 6. ______________________ the train at Central Station. Will you please ________________________ to this for me? 9. 2.

73 Phrasal Verbs You Hear (almost) Every Day ©Copyright 2013 English-Tonight. 4. He had worked there for 20 years. The Bruno Mars concert was such a ____________________.com 21 . 9. 5.Phrasal Verbs Practice Exercises: 4 keep on know of laid off log on log off looking after Fill in the blank with the correct phrasal verb. Do you ______________ any good Korean restaurants in Chicago? 10. When you are done with the program you need to ________________. My grandmother is ____________________ my cat while I’m away at college. 3. It is important that you __________________ the books in alphabetical order. The marketing firm is ___________________ qualified candidates for the new job. Philip was __________________ from his job. 6. _____________________ reading until the end of the chapter. Please ______________________ to your computer and open a Word document. let down looking for line up make fun of 1. 7. Why do you always _________________________________ your brother? 2. 8.

6. You need to ______________________ to the crime you committed last night. 10. I _______ the dishes ______on the table. The New York City Police are _____________________ the list of suspects. Can you ______________________ the kids from school at 3pm? 3. Anderson ______________________ my errors on the history exam.Phrasal Verbs Practice Exercises: 5 narrowing down making up miss out on pop in popped up pointed out Fill in the blank with the correct phrasal verb. 9. 2.com 22 . I would hate to ______________________ the baby’s first steps. Why are you always ____________________ crazy stories? 5. 7. I will ___________________ for a few minutes this evening to visit. I will lend you the $50 but can you _____________________ soon? 8. Mr. 73 Phrasal Verbs You Hear (almost) Every Day ©Copyright 2013 English-Tonight. A lot of questions _______________ at the meeting this morning. own up pick up pay me back put out 1. 4.

Juan didn’t ___________________ for work today. 73 Phrasal Verbs You Hear (almost) Every Day ©Copyright 2013 English-Tonight. 3. You cannot _____________________ what you said to me. 7. 4. 5. 2. You can __________________ your assistant to get more of your work done. show up take back sign in told me off 1. I __________________ my uncle at the school carnival. My girlfriend __________________ during our argument last weekend. 6. You need to ________________each day so we can pay you for all of your hours. 10. Liliana __________________ her mother. My brother always _____________________________ me at school. 9. I love to ___________________ on the weekend.Phrasal Verbs Practice Exercises: 6 rely on ran into showing off sleep in sticks up for takes after Fill in the blank with the correct phrasal verb. I will never forget.com 23 . Amanda is always ________________ her new clothes. They are both beautiful. 8.

They said her dress was too short. 8. She was _______________from the dance club. I am ____________________the idea of quitting my job and moving to Vietnam. 7.com 24 . I cannot wait to __________ new clothes. My husband _____________________ all of the toothpaste. 73 Phrasal Verbs You Hear (almost) Every Day ©Copyright 2013 English-Tonight. You need to ____________________ all of your old clothes that don’t fit any more.Phrasal Verbs Practice Exercises: 7 throw away threw up toying with turned him down turned away used up Fill in the blank with the correct phrasal verb. I don’t remember how to play it. 3. She ___________________ at school today. They said he didn’t have enough experience with computers. 10. I need to ______________ the instructions for this game. Ameli is sick. We are going shopping this weekend. 5. _____________________________ ! It’s slippery out there. I _____________________ with some friends last night. 6. 2. 4. track down watch out try on went out 1. They __________________ for the new office assistant job. 9.

com 25 .hurry up 5.went through 10.count on 5.Phrasal Verbs Answers for Practice Exercises Practice Sheet 1 1.broke down 6.applied for 2.dressed up 4.got over 3.hold on 9.headed to 8.fit in 7.get along with 6.dealt with Practice Sheet 2 1.bring back 9.call back 3.drop off 9.drag on Practice Sheet 3 1.figure out 10.agree with 10.get out of * Could be either one 73 Phrasal Verbs You Hear (almost) Every Day ©Copyright 2013 English-Tonight.*hand out 7.butt in 7.falling behind 3.back up 8.*hand back 2.focus on 5.calm down 4.give up 2.drop in 8.get on 6.got into 4.

put … out 9.laid off 6.take back 6.narrowing down 1.turned away 8.try on 6.keep on 1.toying with 9.pick up 3.line up 9.told me off 9.sticks up for 2.pointed out 4.looking for 8.popped up 2.miss out on 6.track down 73 Phrasal Verbs You Hear (almost) Every Day ©Copyright 2013 English-Tonight.sign in 8.sleep in 5.used up 10.went out 2.let down 5.make fun of 2.rely on 1.making up 5.showing off 10.pay me back 8.know of 10.log off 7.Phrasal Verbs Answers for Practice Exercises Practice Sheet 4 Practice Sheet 5 Practice Sheet 6 Practice Sheet 7 1.turned him down 7.pop in 7.ran into 3.own up 10.takes after 7.throw away 5.threw up 4.log on 4.show up 4.looking after 3.com 26 .watch out 3.

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