April 10, 2013 To whom it may concern


I am Mildred Frontera Orta, mother of Emily Durán Frontera. Just recently my child fill out her CSC profile for financial aid in University of Michigan fall 2013. In an email we noticed that they were requesting noncustodial parent information and a application for him to filled. Since my divorce with Radamés Duran-Roman (father) on February 8, 2005, my daughter and I have no longer contact with him or him with us. We are requesting a fee waiver for noncustodial parent profile because neither I nor Emily have longer contact with Radamés Durán Roman since our divorce. Our marriage was not the best and it ended due to physical abuse by Mr. Duran. He had until a couple of years back a warrant order. Emily is currently receiving physiological treatment and her physiologist did not recommended her contact him father. Moreover, after our divorce we lost all contact and relationship with him. I no longer know where he lives or how to communicate with him. I don’t want to expose my child to a situation that will affect her emotionally. The last time I saw him was in court after the divorce and I lost all type of contact after that. I hope you can understand.


Mildred Frontera-Orta Mother of Emily Duran Frontera Phone: (787)- 519-6984 Email: mfrontera@larcoop.com

My mother and I are requesting a waiver for noncustodial parent profile because of my special circumstances relating to my relationship with my noncustodial parent. Emily Durán-Frontera (787)-371. my father got divorced. My name is Emily Duran Frontera. My mother and I both suffered from physical abuse form him (reason of the divorced) and our relationship was broke and affected even before of the divorce.com . In February 8. The last time that I saw him was before the divorce and the last time I had contact with him was seven years ago. Mildred Frontera -Orta and Radamés Durán-Román. We have no way of reaching him or knowing his phone or email. 2005 my mother. After the warrant order just a couple of months after the divorce we lost all contact with him. due to those circumstances and reasons. It was a very difficult process for me. Thanks. I currently don’t know where he lives or how to contact/reach him.8260 Email: ylime_1212@hotmail. I hope you can understand and help me.To whom it may concern.

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