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The future is likely to be created and modified by us. We cannot, as a country or as organizations; they will come to that positive change to help us grow. That is why it is necessary to conduct a prospective study to help create the necessary strategies for the UNAD through the use of ICT improves competitiveness in the Customer Service Cead students of Neiva. The work consists of a review of Art and Technology Watch, and the application of MicMac and MACTOR method which allowed us to identify key variables and actors link to life and to help realize the objectives of the Perspective Plan. Later, with the technique shafts Peter Schwarz scenarios were designed which gave us an idea of how would the UNAD in different contexts. From there, SWOT analysis was performed to know the status of UNAD internally and externally, which allowed the box to design strategies and the relevance tree that became the basis for designing the Action Plan, which drove us to design strategies prospective Plan to become reality. Hence, Foresight will become the tool to help achieve the UNAD be more competitive and more in line with the trends that the market offers today.