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Dhavalkumar Sakariya

5712 Sabetha Way Plano, Texas 75094 Cell: 972-352-3668

Technical Skills

Logic design Basic knowledge of Linux & Unix MS Office WINDOWS Mathematics (Calculus &differential equations) Science Monitoring

Fast typing Excellent Interpersonal & communication Skills MATLAB 7.5 Leadership PSPICE 9.1

Nimitz High School, Irving, TX, High school diploma 2005 San Jose State university, BSEE 2008-2010 -48 units Northwestern Polytechnic University, BSEE (2010-2011) (Graduate)


For final project at Northwestern Polytechnic University, I have built a traffic signal controller. The goal of the project is to design, test, and implement a Traffic Light Flip-Flop Controller. The Traffic Light Controller of this design is implemented using sequential circuit theory. A sequential circuit consists of a combinational circuit and the memory. This project is implemented by using basic memory components of a sequential circuit such as JK flip-flops with decoder, a multiplexer, and logic gates.


UPS (United Parcel Service) New Stanton, PA Scanning & truck loading


Scan packages and collect the data of right packages and wrong packages. Stack up right packages inside UPS truck. Need excellent communication skills and good team work to finish this task. This was a part-time job.

Halloween City Store, Mountain View, CA, 2010-2010 Customer service Representative Help customers to find their products and help to check it out. Good Communication, monitoring and mathematics skills are required to accomplish this position.