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Examples of perceptive analysis for 10 things I hate about you

Talking about how two or three different film techniques work simultaneously in a shot to create or reinforce a single effect. HOWEVER: HOW they work together to create the effect must be really clearly explained AND analysed. For example:

Before Kat begins her transformation she is depicted as being a girl so hideous in personality that even boys who look and act like social rejects, refuse to date her. This is exemplified in the scene where Michael has assembled a collection of losers for Cameron to consider as candidates to date Kat. However, as it turns out Kat is such an unappealing girl that no consideration occurs, either from Cameron or the boys selected, as all of them immediately refuse. The editing, lighting and setting of the scene all work together to support the idea expressed explicitly in the dialogue; that Kat is scary and unlovable. In this scene the editing between shots is fast paced, cutting between mid-shots of the boys standing together in a dimly lit underground corridor, with each of them, in turn, being placed in the foreground to express his personal alarm and disgust at the idea of dating Katerina Stratford. One boy shrieks with terror while another suggests he might date Kat, but only if We were the last two people alive and there were no sheep The fast pace of the editing

suggests that the boys, desperate as the audience might assume that they would be from their odd appearances, dont need any time to think about the offer Michael and Cameron propose; The answer is no. Furthermore the idea that dating a farm animal such as a sheep would be preferable to dating Kat suggests that Kat is worse than a beast- she is wild and terrifying. The dim lighting and underground setting reinforce the idea that these particular boys are social scum, hiding in the shadows and in underground caverns like rodents. If even these boys take only seconds to respond with a resounding NO to the idea of dating Kat, then Cameron and Michael have very little chance of finding someone willing to take on their challenge. Kat is THAT horrible a person. This is extreme dating at its most extreme!