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EC 135 T2 S/N 0473

First aid kit Slant panel Bleed air heating system Map case on instrument panel glare shield Reinforced rear landing gear cross tube Co-pilot pitot static system (electrically heated pilot tube) Avionic compartment Starter/generator (2x200A, 28V DC), instead of standard generator Landing and search light 450W Digital Automatic Flight Control Windshield wiper system Emergency Floats complete installation Engine compressor washing device Air conditioning system Carpet cockpit cargo Tinted sun windshield for cockpit Internal long range fuel tank, complete installation Co-pilot instrument panel extension 7 with glare shield Center console Map case in co-pilot door Illuminated chart holder for pilot side Engine fire extinguishing system Co-pilot flight controls AC system, including inverter Battery 4Oah, 24V, instead of standard battery Meghas sensor kit Two colours external paint Sliding windows in sliding doors Rotor brake system Wire strike protection system, complete installation Enhanced sound proofing kit Cabin/cargo compartment separation wall with smoke detector Covers for co-pilot flight controls

LIST OF AVIONICS: Dual or single/dual pilot 1FR package - Avionics Solution 7 consisting of:
Avionic solution 7 interconnection wiring Flight Control Display system 2nd system MEGHAS 1 x SDM68 (PFD,ND) VHF AM/COMM, system 2nd system KTR 9O8IKFS 598A Intercom select panel VOR/ILS navigation system KNR 643A IKFS 564A DME DMS 44A Transponder control unit P5578A (Honeywell) 2ea radio master switch ECD Moving map system EURONAV IV RN6 (EURO AVIONICS) ADF system DFS 43A ELT C406-N HM (Artex including nav option) Flight Control Display system MEGHAS 2xSMD45 45H (PFD,ND) 2xIPC/RCU VHF AM/COMM, system KTR 9O8IKFS 598A Comm. control system, 2 stations + AS31 00-XX (Becker) IC amplifier 1C31 00-XX VOR/ILS navigation system 2nd system KNR 643A IKFS 564A Transponder mode S MST 67A 2 standby horizon A1804C VRU for weather radar or DMAP indication Radar altimeter KRA 405B Exchange of 2xSMD45H to 1 SMD 68 on co-pilot side GPS 2101 1/0 approach +


Airframe (hours or years) Main Rotor Head Main Gear Box Main Rotor Blades Main Rotor Servos (X 3) Intermediate Gear Box 243:03 TSN --3756:57 12156:57 19762:32 --Tail Gear Box Tail Rotor Head Tail Rotor Blades Tail Rotor Servo Engine N1 Engine N2 2756:57 --7756:57 --3256:57 3256:57