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- Cable drawing beltsManufactured spliceless to measure Breaking tension Carcass Up to 2 500 N/mm - Rolled on fabric up to 5 plies - Rolled cord (Rayon

or Aramid) - Metallic cables - Poly-V synchronous hot vulcanized rubber covers Rubbers from 40 to 80 Shores A - abrasion resistant (excellent abrasion index of 50 mm3) - oil and grease resistant, in particular for copper (index 115 mm3) - heat retardant up to 200°C (abrasion index 115 mm3) - white - non stain - (abrasion index 110 mm3) Up to 20 000 mm Up to 300 mm - No splice = no belt opening risk - Homogeneous belts = no extra thickness - Run around really small pulley diameters - Straight pulling under differents speeds - Grooves into shape : grinding, grooves, half moon, V, poly-V....



Endless length Width Advantages

Belt on a caterpillar machine

3 available carcass constructions

Belt in cable manufacturing plant


Breaking tension


Up to 1500 N/mm Polyester-polyamid fabric, rolled spliceless - Spliceless and vulcanized under tension - Homogeneity

Up to 2 500 N/mm Carcass Rayon or Aramid cord, rolled spliceless Advantages - Spliceless and vulcanized under tension - Carcass for working under constraints and pressure - Homogeneity - Very high breaking resistance - Recommended for captans or caterpillar machines working under high constraints

Up to 500 N/mm Cable warp and fabric weft

Belt with white cover

Belt witht oil and grease resistant cover Top side V grooved at different angles
Bottom side grooved with poly-V.

All our special belts are manufactured on demand, corresponding to your specific needs

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