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Film Review Draft

Title: The new man of Steel! Name: Conscious Releasing: __/__/__ Cast: Ella Clare, Kieran Choudhury, Danny Deller, Tawanda Takavarasha Certification: 12A Running Time: 5mins Genre: Action/Spy

Tagline: Your mind is your greatest weapon

Plot: A retired agent is put to the test when an old enemy is back with

a personal vendetta, Jason is put to the test, but has he still got what it takes to stay alive

Action, thriller, crime, adventure all jam-packed into one epic film. Guns, explosions, combat, you name it, its all there! This story unfolds with the use of short cuts and exhilarating action. This heartracing, short yet plentiful film directed by Vishoswastik Ravindran will have the crowds coming in with ease. John Doe plays the central protagonist, Jason Steel, who is sure to make the ladies blush. A young and well-trained retired agent who clashes with some bad people is met with challenging obstacles to overcome leaving the audience on the edge of their seats. Hes lived most of his life staying at home and watching soap operas. Everyone thought he had lost his specialties, they soon find out that theyre mistaken, some worse than others. Mr Red (played by John Doe #2) is one of Jasons old enemies who has a personal vendetta against him. He finally tracks Jason and pursues him with Mr Black (played by John Doe #3). The clash of the characters creates a breath-taking experience for the audience as Jason is placed in dangerous situations where his training is put to the test.