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Devi Amalia 126 D/141 Kiaracondong street 11st February 2017

Mr. Ferry Lukman Hakim Personal Manager Okefarma Corporation 171 Jakarta street

Dear Mr. Ferry Lukman Hakim I am replying to your advertisement in the February issue of Cosmetic Chemistry. I am 22 years old on i graduated from Pharmacy Bumi siliwangi Vocational High School and Padjajaran University in Pharmacy. My work with Basic Pharmaceutical’s Anasthetic and Analgesik Division consisted primaliry of developing and testing non-oleaginous bases for tropical anesthetics. The bases, of course, had to be broadly anti-allergic if they were to be of commercial value and were tested for the same. Our procedures, in both development and testing, were similiar to those used in the cosmetic industry, and our tests were at least as rigorous. My resume also shows, as your ad requested, heavy quantitative analysis quality control experience. I would like very much to continue my carrier. Here i enclosed : 1. A recent photograph 2. Curiculum Vite I would like to be available from on interview for any time. I am looking forward to hearing from you . Sincerely yours

Devi Amalia

com Researchand training : Education High school University : Pharmacy Bumi Siliwangi Vocational High School : Padjajaran .CURICULUM VITE (CV) Contact information Name Address Country Telephone Cell Phone E-mail Personal information Date of birth Place of birth Citizenship Visa status Gender Marital status Spouse’s name Children Employent history Work history Academic position : : : 10 June 1994 : Bandung : Indonesia : Active : Female : Single ::: Devi Amalia : Kiaracondong street 126D/141 : Indonesia : 022-7332852 : 087822503066 : devii_amaliaa@yahoo.

Graduated school : Kebon Gedang Elementary High School 22 Junior High School Pharmacy Bumi Siliwangi Vocational Higgh School Post-doctoral training : Professional qualification Certification and accredidations Computer skills Awards Publication Books Professional membership Languanges Interest : : : : : : : : .