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Thicket BY ATSURO RILEY We come gnawed by need on hands and knees.

As a creature (nosing) grubble-seeks a spring.

As bendy-spined as bandy snakes through saltshrub yaupon needlebrake.

For darkling green; for thorn-surround.

This absorbing

quaggy crample-ground.

Of   briar-canes (intervolved with kudzu-mesh) and mold.

and brailled).Of   these convoluted vines we grasp to suck. We grasp to suck to taste what light.’ In here where Clary set her cart-tongue down (and dug. To taste the pith — the lumen the cell-sap pulse. To try to know some (soursharp) something about something. In here where Tynan breathed. ‘A little room for turmoil to grow lucid in. Lumen is as lumen does. .

— Bow down.Let loose the bale that bows us down. .