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On the Book, The Tipping Point By Malcolm Gladwell.
On the Book, The Tipping Point By Malcolm Gladwell.

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Published by: WorkPeace on Jul 04, 2009
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The Tipping Point

Written By: Malcolm Gladwell

Tipping Point???
= Critical Mass


• Contagious Behaviour • Little Changes But Big Effects • Changes happen in a hurry

Tipping Examples
Hush Puppies:
almost dead in 1994; > 10x sales increase by ’96 no advertising or marketing budget claim: “viral” fashion spread from NY teens to designers must be certain connectivity and individuals 1992: > 2K murders; < 770 five years later standard socio-economic explanations:

NYC Crime:

but these all changed incrementally alternative: small forces provoked anti-crime “virus”

police performance, decline of crack, improved economy, aging…

Technology tipping: fax machines, email, cell phones

3 Laws of Epidemics
• Law of the Few •Stickiness Factor • Power of Context

Connectors Social Glue –

Spread Message

Data Banks – Provide the Message Persuade Us



Law of the Few…
•There are exceptional people who are capable of starting an epidemic •People with a special message bring the world together •Stay connected-know lots of people •Master the weak tie-a friendly or social contact •Manage to occupy many different worlds and subcultures. •Acquaintances are social power •Social glue helps spread the message

Who are the Connectors???

•Know lots of people •Fit well into many different groups or cultures

Example: Kevin Bacon, done many movies but many types of them


•Gather a lot of knowledge on particular topics and become experts •Love sharing this information with other people

(They don’t persuade people, but teach and explain) Avid readers of consumer reports before
they make purchases

Example: Bill Gates


•Natural ability to persuade others •Beyond words, but character traits that impact others: charisma, body language etc. You draw others into your rhythms by your interactions
Example: Oprah Winfrey Tom Gau, a financial planner from California.

The Stickiness Factor
•Stickiness-the specific quality that a message needs to be successful Gold Examples: Box Theo Teenage Smoking ry

Sesame Street Vs Blue’s Clues

Is Your Idea Sticky???
•Is the message so memorable that it incites change? Spurs others to action? •It’s not the inherent quality of the idea, but the packaging of the idea that matters.

Qualities of being Sticky
Core message •How to get someone’s attention and keep it •Concrete – Help people understand your idea •Credible – Belief •Emotion – Care •Stories – Propel to action

Power of Context
•Epidemics are sensitive to the conditions and circumstances of the times and places in which they occur-the context

•Group dynamics and group pressure impact an epidemic •Community is important
Example: The Subway Story, Bernie Goetz, The Ya–Ya Sisterhood

Power of Context
The Good Smartian Theory
“The convictions of your heart and the actual contents of your thoughts are less important, in the end, in guiding your actions than the immediate context of your behaviour.”

Power of Context

•Channel Capacity Amount of space in our brain for certain kinds of information

Achieve Successful Epidemics???
•Change is possible. Leopards can change their spots. • People can radically transform their behaviour/beliefs if given the right kind of impetus. • Only takes the smallest infractions to cause the smallest changes. Just requires the slightest push in the right direction.


Successful change requires working through the : right people, with the right message, at the right time and


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