Study of R. K.

Matthew Lee Knowles January 2009 Person III

You are sat in a chair Knee up Arms round leg Itchy fingers Elbow on knee Hand on wrist Jazz hands Moving thumb Squeeze wrist Legs down Itchy feet Tap feet Arms down Hands on crotch Knitted fingers Arms out and down 80’s hand movement Shine the floor in the air Open hand Hand Hand on thigh Tap fingers Tap foot twice Stiff hands Fingers together

together Just two fingers together thumb Rubbing thumb Fingers together on one hand Bite finger nail Point! Arm near crotch Rubbing fingers Stretch Tapping happy feet Shoulder up quickly Move knee Fidgeting Scratch back over head Holding a football Draw a house in the air with two hands Tap feet quickly discreetly Point discreetly Quick movements with hands Shoulder Shoulder up Raise body Shake Arm Arm up a little bit Playing drums for a second No! Head bobs up and down Back and front Scratch nose Head side to side

On a gentle boat Arms and fingers try to connect but miss Shake body Scratch nose Arm extends forwards Both shoulders up Scratch bottom of back over head legs Arms at home with legs Throwing paint on a canvas Lean far forwards Palms open Outstretched arms Outstretched Move body Finger under nose questioning Hands Open and close hands Lean very far forwards Hands on knees Lean back Tap hands and feet Scratch nose Leaning on a bar Touch face One hand rubs other arm Pretty lady Two fingers Rub two hands on legs